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सोनी B सीरीज नब्ज़-बी१७२एफ २जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर विविद पिंक
  • सोनी B सीरीज नब्ज़-बी१७२एफ २जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर विविद पिंक

सोनी B सीरीज नब्ज़-बी१७२एफ २जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर विविद पिंक

स्कोर - 89
Highly Recommended
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सोनी B सीरीज नब्ज़-बी१७२एफ २जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर विविद पिंक भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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सोनी B सीरीज नब्ज़-बी१७२एफ २जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर विविद पिंक - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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I am lovin It
by Radhakrishna Tripathy on 2012-07-03

I was very much confused between the Sony Mp3 Player and Apple Shuffle. The price for Apple Shuffle is 3200/ while Sony costs you 2990/ Rupees. Only some 200 rupees difference. Price does not matter in this case but the Mp3 Player should be a good one. After so many research and reviews finally I decided to purchase Sony Mp3 Player and placed an order on 2nd July and got it delivered in 3rd July. Before describing this product let me Thanks to Flipkart for its awesome service. I compared between Sony and Apple and conclude with Sony because of its extra features. Extra Features: 3 Min Charge. (Very Useful) Bass (With ON or OFF: Useful for Me) FM (Sometimes) Recording (Sometimes) Zappin (Useful) I got the Mp3 Player and tested for one hour. I am happy with the product and the earphone quality is very good. I have done a good choice by selecting this MP3 player. The apple is only for show off.

Superb quality, life-like sound and worth the money
by Arup Dey on 2012-09-13

I got this gadget yesterday and i am enjoying its excellent sound quality which is miles ahead of iPod shuffle. The bass is very strong and each and every sound especially the guitar strings and cymbals appear to be playing in real life. I have been listening to my favourite songs in my lappy with a logitech earphone but now i rediscovered those songs again, just like the difference between watching a cricket match on cable TV v/s watching it on an HD channel.. Thanks to the crispness and amazing stereo widening of this music player. The build quality is good and the keys are highly responsive. The FM and voice recorder is an add on (since the sound quality overshadows them all). But yes, the earphones supplied are not the best. Since i carry a noise isolating logitech 200vi, it works GREAT. For less than 3k, this is an unbeatable product. And i know this review still din’t make sense to Apple fanboys... :)

Extol for Sony.....
by Soumya Dasgupta on 2012-02-29

Proud of this Gizmo....I own it,I flaunt it......and what not.
Amazing buy buddies...I own the Gold edition.
when its sony, you dont have to think over the sound....its like a dolby digital crescendo going in your ears. the sound headphones are very robust....the clip works fine and is detachable.

Plug and Play device...charges in an hour and supports upto 6 hrs. I train with this in the morning and I charge it once a week.

A Skull Candy Headphone or a Bose one will boost its performance.
The USB works cool.
Flipkart Delivers it within a couple of days.

But repeated use of the USB makes the USB cap a bit loose albeit it hardly falls off....Amazing Buy


Excellent sound quality!!
by Vishakha on 2013-07-21

i received the product through flipkart yesterday and m enjoying it.. it easily beats the ipod shuffle in sound quality...
let me mention some pros and cons for this product..

- quick 3 min charge
-on&off bass feature
-FM radio
-FM radio recording
-voice recording
- crystal clear sound
-the hold button.. (when you accidentally press any button the word "HOLD" appears on the screen)
-excellent battery life
-charges fully only in 1 hr
-LED lights (you can turn it on&off)

-Navigation.. (its confusing..when you have to turn the wheel clockwise or anticlockwise to go forward but you'll get used to it)
-earphones..( they could have been pains when you wear them for a long time)
-plastic wheel.. (the rotating wheel is made up of plastic and feels like it will pop out the next time you use it.)
-a bit overpriced
- the shinny wheel in the pic above is not that shinny in real
-less base (to me its less)
-the cap will eventually become lose after repeated use
- SONY does not provide any charger..(you have to charge it through your PC or laptop)
- the ZAP feature is useless and annoying

i hope this review helps the guys wanting to buy this product.. its a decent mp3 player.. if sound is all that matters.. go for it :)

Nice Product
by Ankur%20 Bhardwaj on 2012-04-06

Sound Quality: I would rate it 3.5/ 5- Its clear, bass is less (in-spite of using the bass button bass is less to my taste)

File Transfer: 5/5 Fast take 10 seconds to transfer 5 odd songs

Navigation: 2/5- Very frustrating and the person will have to get used to it, feels like that cheap sort of wheel will pop out in hands (one has to rotate that wheel for entire navigation)

Recording: 4/5- Excellent quality recording both FM & Voice

Ear Phones- Stock ear phones suck, can buy Sony Headphones MDR-EX60LP from Flipkart (990 bucks)or some other ones, stock ear phones are neither good nor comfortable to say the least

Overall- 3.75/5- The product is slightly overpriced (so is with all SONY products, however this one performs above average on critical aspects considered before buying such product

by Ashutosh Saxena on 2012-03-15

This is a purely amazing product and the way flipkart delivers it is also awesome. I am pretty impressed with flipkart's service and rate flipkart and this product both five STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes dont worry about the sound quality or battery life of this product they are both excellent...

Worth more than it's price, just go for it!
by Rudra Naik on 2013-09-04

I bought this stick after disappointment with the iPod Shuffle. I am an endurance athlete, and as such, my requirements were some kind of protection against or rather robustness against sweat. Even though they say that the shuffle is made for it, I personally disagree because I've gone through two iterations of both, and have been thoroughly disappointed with both. I won't deny the fact that iPod quality is easily amongst the best out there. But it just doesn't serve an athlete's needs. This guy on the other hand, I will go on to say that it is better than iPod in music quality as well as durability. I have run in the rains, have buckets of water poured over me while I was using these, and yet, against my all fears, this is running as good as ever. You can't beat sony in music quality, and you definitely can't beat it in durability. It isn't amongst the most usable of products out there though, the dial feels a bit plastic-y and there is no shuffle. Scrolling is a bit awkward, and buttons are difficult to use without devoting special attention to it while running. But even then, I still prefer this over the iPod shuffle. I was an apple fan boy till I used this, and I am not switching to anything else after this. Good volume, Amazing Bass, amazing durability and price, all in one. Just go for it. But I would suggest that you don't use the stock ear phones, they suck.

Pros and Cons
by sanjeev kumar rangasamy on 2012-11-08

Nice headset.
Good sound quality.
great battery life.
Good design.

Can't play .flac format, a big let down.
The Zapping feature is extremely annoying(my opinion)

Great service from flipkart

Good but not the best!
by Sourav Datta on 2013-12-06

I purchased this product with lots of expectation..hoping that the brand name Sony is enough to buy this product..but I was wrong...this device fails my expectation..the sound quality that this device same as many high end mobile phones I don't find any special reason to invest money for this device!

Awesome product
by Mayur Kumar on 2013-08-06

I am lover of sony brand for its music products. But my review would be completely independent of my love to SONY. Its a genuine experience based feedback.
So, first of all Thanks to Flipkart to give me this product in reasonable price, cheaper than market or any other online portal. Your service always surprise me. This product has all the quality what it commits, wonderful sound, beautiful design, convenient navigation, good storage space and long battery life. Only one thing should be changed or modified in it is its rotating navigation button. Some time its very difficult to operate while driving or moving.

Best choice for people who really love listening all sort of songs.

And hats of to SONY too, after 5 months from date of purchase, My device got some issue and its stopped responding to recharge and was not turning on. I was so upset, but when I took it too the Sony service center, they replaced the whole set (device & earphone) with brand new set. This was really surprising for me and my faith has become 200% on SONY since then.

unfortunate incidence can happen to any electronic device of any brand, but what makes a brand outstanding , is its after-sales service, which SONY really has it.

Go for it !!

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