ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले)
  • ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले)
  • ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले)
  • ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले)

ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले)

स्कोर - 86
Highly Recommended
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  • Transcend
  • 8 GB
  • MP3
  • 1 inch
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  • विवरण
  • मूल्य सूची
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  • मूल्य ग्राफ
  • तकनीकी विवरण

ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले) भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले) - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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Best in 2k Range..!!!
by Aniket Apte on 2014-06-08

I have been using this MP3 player for more than One n Half year now. Bought it from shop for 2k from retailer. I am bass lover and I used to listen music on my Sony phone with HPM70 Earphones before this. The headphones comes with it are Shit. After some research I bought Sony XB30EX In ear Earphones for 1.5k.
I will directly get to Pros & Cons of this product-

1. Works as Pen-drive.
2. Works fine Connected with Aux cable or Directly in Car Audio players via USB 2.0 slot. Just Plug & Play.
3. Lightweight 25g.
4. Decent Audio output. Tested with Samsung in Ear Earphones (which ships with S4, grand) doesn't felt that good. Samsung ones sound better with Samsung smartphones. Sounds Great with my Sony XB30EX though Also sounds good with Sennheiser ones.
5. Tested with VBR (variable bit rate) songs which worked fine. Has capacity of 32-320kbps.
6. Battery life lasted for 13.5 hrs. with continuous playback when fully charged, with screen saver on and with VBR songs.
7. FM quality is decent, have 87-108 MHz band capacities.
8. Have six equalizer settings with one custom setting.
9. Bass response is good not great (tested with Sony XB30EX & Sennheiser PX80 & CX300-II).
10. Great feature set in this price range like Screen saver, Date and time display, contrast adjustment, Lyrics Sync, Sleep timer, Auto power off, FM Recording, FM Band settings, Rec. Settings etc.
11. The best feature I believe is Play speed in which you can increase or decrease speed of song while playing & External Audio Recording feature with Line In or with build in microphone.
12. Good user-interface and cool small animations while starting & shutting down.
13. There is clip inside USB Cap which holds it tight on USB slot. Cap didn't have loosened up after 1.5 year of usage.
14. Never used recording feature also I don't use FM much so cant say much @ that.

1. Only one custom equalizer setting is a con for me may be not for some people.
2. Symbols on buttons are totally faded. For a new person my mp3 player looks like totally white player with lots of buttons with nothing written on them.
3. If unplugged directly from laptop/Pc it will not start. Then you have to again connect it & remove it safely (Safe to remove hardware function).
4. Takes 18-20 sec. after start-up to be fully operational.
5. Doesn't start easily sometimes have to use lock-unlock button it for couple times while holding play/pause button then starts, if this lock-unlock button trick doesn't work then have to connect it to Pc/laptop.
6. Doesn't give good output with all headphones brands as per my experience. As per my tests works fine with Sony and Sennheiser In the ear & Over the ear headphones.
7. Full battery charging takes approx. 45min. to 1 hr. never checked properly. I think I overcharged it.

After all pros & cons I think this is best MP3 player you can get if you are on budget with decent quality.
Apple, Sony, Phillips MP3 players comes with 2GB in this price bracket with some plus/minuses in feature sets. This comes with 8GB with lesser cost then the competition. If yow want to take most out of this then you will have to buy good quality headphones. No Regrets.
Thanks for your time.

Buy With Closed Eyes
by Rueben on 2014-09-17

Im a user of this product for the last 3 years. Absolutely top notch it. Superb build quality. Attach these to a good pair of earphones and you have ipod quality music. The music processing is that good!

Iv taken care of my battery as per instructions and its almost as good as new.

The design and build is solid. Mumbai's super crush locals have not made it bend down. Its durable and slips easily into the pockets. Its lightweight, comes with a sturdy hook and is perfect for running and jogging (the reason i bought it).

OLED screen is beautiful. Its bright, clear and gives all necessary info.

Additional features include mic recording, line in recording, FM radio and equalizer settings.

Its an all rounder and total value for money. Its the best for runners and no worries of broken screens and uncomfortable weight of a player hanging onto you.

Pair this with Creative EP 630 and you cant go wrong with this player.

Value for Money!!
by Pradeep Kumar Soman on 2014-07-26

The product comes with all the features you can ask for Rs 2K. Stores up to 2000 Mp3 songs, data transfer speed is quiet good. other features include.. Radio, Voice recording, Shuffle play, repeat play, Equalizers, timer, clock, screen saver, power saver, 8GB USB storage, OLED display and quick recharging (6-8 mins) through laptop/desktop.
The sound quality is good. however, the headphones are not upto the mark. The overall design of this product is good. i give it a 5 over 5.

Chota Packet, Super Value
by Manjunath Laksh on 2014-08-16

This is a very practical music player. Practical means, it has all meaningful and required features, not just bragging rights-features. It is feature rich and small to be used in any place.

Note, this player is very attractive in real life than how it appears in the pics. It has a glossy Piano black finish. (Not the matte finish as it appears in the photos)

* Build quality is a good.
* 8GB space is double the competing products (Sony, Philips)
* Simple to use, not very sensitive as it does not have touch screen.
* Display is bright and serves its purpose.
* I can operate perfectly without seeing the player. Buttons are placed logically.
* Plugs to PC without cable (Super convenient). One cable less.
* Decent sound quality, right for Indian music (Switch on EQ for this).
* FM radio recording, LineIn recording, Mic recording works well
* Recording creates .wav files that can be transferred to PC
* File transfer is super easy, as soon as I plug in, it acts like a pen drive, shows all files, cut and paste any file(s) you want. No fancy sync software required.
* Sleep Timer, Power Save function is thoughtful.
* Packing is good as well.

* As everyone knows, ear phones are not much worth.
* Glossy finish is a finger print magnet and might scratch if not taken care.

Overall excellent buy at this price. Very much I can recommend this product. The Product Manager has worked smart to put the right things in this player.

Everything good, except the earphones.
by Vibhas Kulkarni on 2014-08-10

I bought it when price was 2249.. I did not considered at all the earphone. It has got recording option, good display with maximum details, different sound settings, good output ets..

It would be best in that price range if it had in the ear headphones.

Not bad
by Murali on 2014-07-19

Product is good..equalizer and sound effects are good.... but the earphones are too worst.....i am using it with skullcandy earphones which is good to hear......my rating is above average....if they give good earphones then it is very best to buy

Good experience so far
by Anoop Keezhillath on 2013-11-05

Superb product. Only problem with earphone. Its not as good as i expected. So, better purchase a new earphone. Apart from that defect, everything is awesome with this product .

Awesome! Handy!
by Seyed Ismail on 2013-10-22

Hi, I have bought this a couple of years back. I am still using it. Very compact and worth your little money.

Go ahead with no second thought. As usual, the earphone will be of low quality and buying an extra good (panasonic) headphone will support you. Enjoy rocking!

Good product at a reasonable price
by Arumugam Krishnan on 2014-08-31

It is the best ever music player in this price tag since it comes with an enormous capacity of 8GB storage which is a best ever option in this price tag for a music player.


*More space for storing music files
*Can also be used as pen drive ( Beware of viruses )
*Marathon battery that can last long for several hours, even in full volume although it is not necessary to have this in this level


*User interface is very difficult to operate where it requires hard press for making it functioning
*Display is so small that people need to look more carefully while song selection

Nice player but the headset provided is nuts
by Bharath Rangasamy on 2013-10-19

Player satisfies the conditions written in it and is worth for the cost. The transcend headset provided is waste

reliable product
by Suhita Ghatak on 2013-08-23

i bought this one some 4 or 5 months back.. i was really very worried that how this one would turn up cuz it was my first online buy.. well the mp3 player really good... i'm happy ... also it is shock resistant.. my lil sis drops it off very often.. but it still works well.. but yes the head phones are not good enough.. you need to keep a budget aside for your new headphones...

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ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले) - मूल्य ग्राफ

ट्रांसेंड एमपी३३० 8 गब एमपी३ प्लेयर (ब्लैक, १ इंच डिस्प्ले) तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Transcend
  • मॉडल नाम MP330
  • मेमोरी 8 GB
  • टाइप MP3
  • डिस्प्ले 1 inch
  • एक्सपेंडेबल मेमोरी MicroSD, up to 1 GB
  • कलर Black
  • सपोर्टेड फोर्मट्स MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10, WAV, FLAC
  • प्लेबैक टाइम 12 hrs
  • बैटरी टाइप Lithium Polymer
  • वेट 25 g
इतर फीचर्स
  • सेल्स पैकेज MP330, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Earphones, Neck Strap, Line-in Cable, Sport Clip
  • वारंटी 2 Years Transcend India Warranty and Free Transit Insurance.
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