जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर
  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर

जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर

स्कोर - 79
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PD स्कोर =कुल ग्राहक (जिन्होंने रेटिंग दी)+औसत रेटिंग। यह स्कोर आपको मोबाइल खरीदिने मैं मदद करेंगा क्योंकि ये रजिस्टर्ड यूजर की रेटिंग्स पर आधारित है और पूरी तरह वास्तविक हैं
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  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत May 21, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • यह कीमतें सभी प्रमुख शहर जैसमुंबई, नई दिल्ली, बंगलौर , चेन्नई, पुणे , कोलकाता, हैदराबाद , जयपुर, चंडीगढ़ , अहमदाबाद , एनसीआर मैं वेध हैं। कृपया स्टोर पर कीमतों को जाँचे ले (अगर कोई अंतर हो)
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  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर की कीमतें बदलती रहती हैं. जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत जानने के लिए हमारी साइट पर विजिट करते रहें।

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Excellent Services...
by THIRUCHELVAN S on 2011-11-17

Regarding Flipkart services,
I have purchased this product for "OCT 25th 11" and it was not worked and i have complained to customer care they have replaced new one within next three days.

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Overall a good product, audio controls need improvement
by Neeraj Gupta on 2012-03-27

Overall a good product, plays most of the video formats avi, mpeg, mkv etc.

The only thing that bothers a little is the audio controls while listening to radio. As per the documentation,

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nice PMP
by jagadeesh nellore on 2012-01-10

i get the product on 7 th of this month, its look amazing thanks to flipkart..nice looking slim and portable sound quality is average with the supplied earphone if we change the earphones to sony it

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Good Product
by Vivek Dungdung on 2012-06-23

Fast Delivery by Flipkart and Good Product.

The handling of this PMP is extremely simple. It has inbuilt 4GB storage which can be expanded to 16 GB using a microSD card. The Lithium-Polymer

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Excellent product
by Harish on 2012-08-14

Well.. this product was more than what I expected out of it.. Its output is as good as any high end mp4 players. The picture clarity is too good. There is no lag during the playback which is more

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Good one
by Nikhil Komath on 2012-07-20

I have gifted this to my sister. She is more happy and I am happier that I could give her something which has more features than a normal ipod. Completely economical and worth the price. This is a

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Useful & Durable...
by Gautham Padmanabhan on 2012-04-15

Its so...cool & awesome.....with touchscreen & MP4 Player....but it does not have a camera..........
At the same time...JXD MP4s have cameras.....
So.....Zevronics must try to

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value for money
by PUSHKAL KISHORE on 2012-03-21

I have recently purchased this product everything is good, it's a value for money gadget good touch and interface is also user friendly....

the only thing is missing is battery backup it

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Everything is good. Touchscreen should be improved.
by Raj George on 2012-02-01

It has a good sound and has good video display for such a low price. It plays most of the formats, so that there is no need for conversion.
Touch screen has to be improved, not so sensitive as

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Product worth its money
by Prasad Jaiswal on 2012-01-06

I purchased this product from flipkart (dont need to say anything about the service offered by flipkart) and is quite happy with it. It delivers whatevers it promises

Pros : a) Plays all

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जेब्रॉनिक्स सिनेमा 3.0 4 गब एमपी४ प्लेयर तकनिकी विवरण

  • अपर्चर रेंज f/3.1 (W) - f/5.8 (T)
इंजन फीचर्स
  • मैक्सिमम पावर 174.33bhp@3750-4200rpm
जनरल फीचर्स
  • इंट्रोडक्शन डेट 2007-11-08