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जेब्रॉनिक्स नोड एमपी३ प्लेयर - पिंक

स्कोर - 89
Highly Recommended
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nice one
by anish sinha on 2014-11-25

i am reviewing this product after 1 year of use , best MP3 player for the given price. no problem till now!

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Superb Mp3 Player for the amount payed...
by Sreehari Katageri on 2013-03-07

This is realy awsome product. For this rate its realy worth. I bought this two days back. Thanks for flipkart for quick delivery..
1. Nice plastic material
2. Good battery backup. I

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nice product in this price
by sabarna hazra on 2014-05-27

flipkart delivered the product within 2 days . packaging and delivery was absolutely okay. it took almost 10 min to cut the seal and open the mp3 player . hats off to flipkart. i am using this for 5

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Pleasantly Thunderstruck
by Anonymous on 2014-02-11

Damn, this little sucker is quite the deal. I suppose I say the information was misleading, because it isn't just a USB player. It's a micro-SD card reader, a USB disk, a wired computer remote, and an

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Awesum mp3 but earphones not cool at all........
by Rohan Pardeshi on 2014-11-03

the audio quality of this little boom box is beyond comparison but only if u use it with the other earphones not with the ones u get with it........
1. Light weight
2. Good built

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Average MP3 player.
by Debashish Rana on 2014-12-27

Let me talk straight, initially I got the one which wasn't recognized by my laptop but I got a replacement within 3 days which is good.
1.Small,nimble and dead cheap.
2.Loads of

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tiny boom box
by Ankit Singh on 2013-02-21

I can say it a nice buy,, sleek and small ,,,,,avg quality plastic body,,,,, external memory support upto 32 gb(enough for any music lover).....gud battery backup....charge time maximum 10 hrs....but

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Zebronics Node MP3 Player Player
by soumyadeep sarkar on 2015-12-30

Very good, although the first one flipkart gave me was DOA(Dead On Arrival). I needed a replacement, when they replaced it, it was very good. Headphones aren't much strong though. But allover the

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good and bad things about this product
by HARINA SHARMA on 2014-12-04

good :- good sound clarity
good memory
good quality product
good working system
bad:- when u charge it u will never know when the charging is over the light will always be blinking

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Awesome Player
by Rajesh Andhavarapu on 2014-12-03

really nice player. only if user with your own good brand ear phones. Good music output. Battery back up should be more some what.

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