जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा ४जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर
  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा ४जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर

जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा ४जीबी एमपी३ प्लेयर

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Bought 2 Days ago!!!!
by Pankaj Sharma on 2011-07-21

Amazing work by "FLIPKART.COM"...
No Word to Say about Them ie; the flipkart team....

The Zebronics mp3 player is amazing product to buy with such a low cost...
Nice product....

One msg to one who buy this mp3 player, ie; use sony headphones costing Rs. 250 model No: MDR-E9A/B & Rs. 390 model no: MDR-E818LP for experiencing sound like SONY or APPLE Ipod's....
Or purchase higher range of sony headphones for more better sound...

Worst Cheap and high priced
by Jerry Berc on 2013-09-29

First of all if u think to buy this product then u'll be the biggestttt Idiot on earth...Me being one of those idiots brought this piece and u know wht i returned it in just 5 days tht too used for 4 hrs totally.....
Sorry cant say any pros

Only Cons :
1. Sound its not sound actually its Noise
2. No indications for anything....for battery for pause play nothing....if u put the headset in ur ears u'll better look like a deap body listening to music...
3. No shuffle...if u think u wanna hear ur fav song then this player will make u to put it down ur shoes and finish it off.
4. Charger u can easily make AN EGG OMELET above it...
5. Clip design...u'll get better quality in ur normal cloth CLIP....if u use the player's clip for 30-40 times it will open its mouth like a SLEEPING CROCODILE.
6. u'll get a "piece of paper" called User MANUAL which is not enough to explain wht the bloody hell is happening inside....
7. Memory looks 4gb but if u fill above 2.5gb it starts to give EXTRA TERRESTRIAL Sounds in ur headsets tht u'll mistakenly Curse the Music Director of tht song u hear.

after reading all these GOOD comments and and if ur ready to invest ur money.....then plzzzzz go ahead

thanks for Flipkart team to Retake this "Devil" frm me...love u guys thankuuuuuu soooooo much

Headphone quality
by kailas kadam on 2011-08-08

I have purchased this product before 2 days And I found this
product quality is good but headphone quality is very poor.Within
2 days I have a problem with the headphones.

Please do not buy this!!
by Cheated Buyer on 2014-10-14

I actually have several points to make to flipkart about this product:
1. The product packing itself was broken on the side.
2. The charger does not work. Period.
3. You can't pause the music.
4. The headphones are cheap and the wires show through the headphones.
5. Finally the greatest cheat, the mp3 doesn't work unless you keep it on charge using your laptop or change the adapter because the original one does not work.

All in all, the product is a RIP-OFF . Do not buy this product.

very bad
by Flipkart Customer on 2011-09-13

its really a waste
i hav orderd it on 11 aug
with it a month it has shown me its real face
battery is not so good
its push keys have stoped working
now it got getting charged as well
also the sound is cracked
pls dont buy it

Having a prob with earphones
by Nipun Jain on 2011-08-27

its a nice product it worked so damn goood but after 2 weeks its earphone are not working and battery backup is not very goood but good....... When it was arrived it was exiting and sound was awesome.....no words to describe..

good for the price
by sulabh chopra on 2013-08-20

it has been 1 month since i bought this and its working fine.although the supplied headphones were very bad.but you can always buy good pair.sound quality is ok not very good but its loud.if you are looking for a really cheap mp3 player you can go with this

Not upto the mark
by Vijay Bharati on 2015-06-28

This is an average product but price is very high. I once bought it from retailer shop, used it but it wore off when I didn't use it for a long period, now it won't get too long for charging 3/4 hours

1. Looks good
2. Good plastic material (shock proof)
3. Good output
4. In built memory, don't have to buy external chips, just plug & play
5. Can be charged by plugging into USB port

1. Charger stopped working after 2 months
2. LED Light always blinks
3. Speaker doesn't work when plugged into computer
4. Data transfer rate is slow
5. You have to use it on a regular basis or it's in-built battery will wear off.

not a good buy at all....
by Avinash Petla on 2013-01-08

bought it from flipkart whose delivery service was impressive.. but the product is not at all good.. within 3 months of buying, it stopped working completely... the battery was never good... no idea what the blue or red light on the sides meant.. no use at all...

Zebronics Sigma One 2 GB MP3 Player
by Mahadev Pote on 2012-03-20

I am using this Product it very Comfortable to use and


Zebronics Sigma One have very attractive tiny look.

with good sound Quality and affordable Price.

If additional sound Quality Samsung headset is recommended.

Thank you Flipkart.

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