जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा तवो एमपी३ प्लेयर (ग्रीन)
  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा तवो एमपी३ प्लेयर (ग्रीन)
  • जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा तवो एमपी३ प्लेयर (ग्रीन)

जेब्रॉनिक्स सिग्मा तवो एमपी३ प्लेयर (ग्रीन)

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must buy
by Navi Mumbai 400706 on 2012-12-26

i purchased this player from outside flipkart as flipkart had discontinued the product.its been 9 months but till now no problems.it is capable of following things-
1)music player
2)voice recorder
3)fm player
4)txt document support

its a steal for this price as it is of a good company Zebronics a company that makes world class pc components.the build quality is awesome

but the only thing is that that if u have a huge collection of songs(approx 300-400)its become difficult to search and play a particular music.please do not go fo ATK brand in flipkart.

total Waste
by Gautam on 2013-10-04

Don't buy this useless gadget. total waste of money.fount following cons.
1.poor sound output
2.worst head phone quality.
3.horrible battery backup
4.too much slow
I have brought this product few days back in Rs 1000 and now, i want to kick off this garbage in Rs 1 only.

So far so Good
by Siva on 2013-09-01

Mp3 player is good, compact in size with clip on.
It has FM. Battery life is decent(Dont expect too much). Headset is ok, but i dont recommend using it. Use a better one.
Can create sub folders, play songs in random order, has equalizer, has replay and repeat option, Volume can go pretty high(max 40).
Build of the player is good. Faced no issues with player so far. Best in this range.

Using from 6months
by Abhi N on 2013-02-26

1. Battery backup is good: Even it shows 2 bars, the battery life is good even after 6 months.
2. No Heat even long hours of listening
3. Ear phones clarity is good
4. You can pause and play
5. Volume control
6. If you pause it and wait for 1-2 min, it will automatically switch off and when you switch on again then the song will continue from the paused position. I liked this.
7. Voice recording
8. Radio mode
9. Text.(I dont know abt this)
10. Small and easy to carry and Solid body

1. You cannot do rewind/forward. (Note: No MP3 player is giving this facility, pls check)

Worth it!!!!
by Hemanth Kumar Devangam Karna on 2014-05-07

Its on 24*7 almost!!!! ( have connected it to speakers and kept in puja hall where in chants are played 24*7). Its been around 5 months I bought this product from Flipkart and its still playing without any complaints... Great product..

i will say cheeeee
by Kuldip Das on 2013-11-19

i previously owned a transcend mp330 4gb player which got stolen so had to get a cheap alternative with a screen. so i will give a idea whats missing in this one and old player.
single pros -
lots of cons-
not good battery back up, approx 4-5 hrs of fm on full charging, music would be an hour of more playback time. transcend transcend mp330 gave 12hrs+ playback
cant say if the battery is fully charged or not, one moment it will show battery full reconnect charger again take ages to show full again.
doesnt have user equalizer mode, only hav to do with useless presets, and dont ask about supplied headphones they are pathetic.
cant navigate between tracks when music is plaiying (1 big disadvantage) u hav to pause music first then navigate, transcend mp330 had no such probs
user manual is useless , no support from manufacturer website so no firmware upgrade, transcend mp330 firmware upgrade is only 10mb of download
keys are so hard it doubles its functons a tic tac to, no keypad tones required you will hear keys tapping even with ur headphones on
useless player only bought this because of low cost and a screen, highly disappointed. :(

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