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पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32
  • पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32
  • पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32

पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32

स्कोर - 80
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PD स्कोर =कुल ग्राहक (जिन्होंने रेटिंग दी)+औसत रेटिंग। यह स्कोर आपको मोबाइल खरीदिने मैं मदद करेंगा क्योंकि ये रजिस्टर्ड यूजर की रेटिंग्स पर आधारित है और पूरी तरह वास्तविक हैं
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  • 32 Inches
  • HD ready
  • 16:9
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  • विवरण
  • मूल्य सूची
  • ग्राहको की समीक्षा
  • मूल्य ग्राफ
  • तकनीकी विवरण

पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 भारत मैं मूल्य सूची

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  • पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 की सबसे नवीनतम कीमत Aug 25, 2016 को प्राप्त हुई
  • पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 इंफीबीम, स्नैपडील, फ्लिपकार्ट पर उपलब्ध हैं
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पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 - ग्राहको की समीक्षा

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Amazing Quality. Decent Price. Awesome Service By Flipkart.
by Priyank Parikh on 2015-03-02

I made a lot of research for buying the LED TV.

Checked various Features like IPS LED, Audio Output, HDMI Ports, price(Ofcource) and so on.

Well I shortlisted this as I was getting better scheme. Bought this @ 16911. Thanks to CITIBANK and Flipkart for AMazing discount.

My budget consisted of Videocon, Micromax and Panasonic in the range upto 18k. For some more bucks LG was the other option.

Micromax: I doubted its service and I saw it in the retaild store. It was terrible in Quality.

Videocon was a decent with Optimal Price and along with 3 Years Warranty. Unfortunately it cant be delivered at my location by Flipkart.

Finally Panasonic was the only 1. I saw other model in the retail store and compared with LG and SAmsung. Did nt noticed any Difference apart from Price.

Finally I selected this model with Fingers crossed.

The Service Given by Flipkart was undoubtedly to its highest standard. We can schedule the Delivery. Very humble delivery staff (Customer Associate). Delivered on time as Scheduled. They dont accept the Tips as well even if we insist. Keep it up Flipkart.
Always Thankful to You. You have fulfilled my home needs. Now whereever I see the Digital/Electronics Item, I see you because its has been purchased from you ;).

The model: Its non IPS. Though it doesnt make any difference as viewing Clear from every Angle. The strenght of IPS is no doubt better. but so is the Price. (4K Extra if thinking for IPS)

The Display is Basic LED Panel. (Dont Doubt about LG or Samsung) Their Basic models are also the same.

Clear Picture. Color and Contrast is Well Tuned. HD Channels (Airtel, Tatasky) are well delivered. Standard Chanels will have a deteriorated Quality due to its lower resolution signal to Higher Resolution Display. (So get a HD Set Top Box with HD Channels)

You can tune the Brightness, Sharpness according to your Requeirements.

The Tint is 50% (Not Adjustable) which makes the Skin tone Pinkish if you watch daily sopas on Starplus with Characters wearing tremendous Makeups. !! ( I bought this for Cricket Of Course)

The Predefined Settings are well adjusted.

4 Stars for Display as the Picture is Clear and Crisp. If you want more Crisp you can increase Sharpness.

Audio: 5w + 5w.

It is optimal for 250 Sq Feet Room. Doesnt require an Speakers unless you are movie Freak which requires Woofer Effect. You can buy it at 5k.

Audio is Clear and loud.
Dont Expect Stereo Output on Any LED's. You need and Additional Speakers for that.

Connectivity. : If you are going to use HD Set Top Box, you have to use HDMI for better Picture.
You can also Connect it through AV cable (Yellow, Red, White) with AV adapter provided but Picture Quality is compromised.
You can connect Laptop or any other Device with HDMI Feature.
Since there is only 1 HDMI Port you have to adjust accordingly.

1 USB Port but as USB can be expanded, you can Plug USB hub with multiple Drives( 1TB HD as well).

Can Play almost all the Formats. Audio will be decreased in some formats. If you are a Movie Freak, I suggest you go for 2.1 or 5.1 Channel Additional.

Remote is Decent and the IR receiving Signal is average. Internal Software is OK. Not Quick response. (Who cares for that?).

The Bottomline is you can buy with 100 % Confidence. You wont regret as Price is Decent and so is the Quality.
YOu can also go for Extended Warranty from Panasonic if you have concerns.

best for its price
by Aashish Shah on 2015-01-24

I am happy with the promptness of delivery and installation. Happy with th product. I have taken the product by exchanging my old crt tv. everything went smoothly. I had a very good experience buying this product from flipcart. Keep it up.

Panasonic A301 - 32 Inch
by Bryan Rodrigues on 2015-02-09

Well Well Well.

ALL I wanted was a LED TV with basic features but with good quality video output and viewing angles. I purchased this from Flipkart for INR 16191/- (After Applicable Discounts) and got it delivered at my door step within 36 hours.

I unboxed it and MY GOD!!! A 32inch Slim, Narrow Bezel LED TV was in front of my eyes. I connected it to my Airtel HD+ and I was dumb-struck. The picture, audio quality was way too good. I walked around the room and was able to see the same picture quality from every angle.

I was able to play AVI, MP4, MKV - format movie from my pendrive without any lag/latency or audio problem.

For such good service from Flipkart and a Quality product from Panasonic at this price, its a steal.

Good TV
by Mihir Keshav on 2015-03-08

Aug 13, 2014
Satisfied. Money well spent
*************AWESOME TV***********
I have been using this TV since 2 weeks, and I am quite satisfied with its performance.
I bought this TV from a retail outlet and not Flipkart, so cannot comment upon the packaging or delivery of the product, but as I had no issue with Flipkart's orders, I can say with confidence, it will be smooth.

I wanted a 32 inch TV in a budget of around 25k. I have gone through reviews and saw live demo of many TVs in the malls for about a month. I have compared brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Toshiba and Panasonic side by side. Sony is good, but little out of the price range. Toshiba picture quality is not so good when compared to other brands. LG is good but I was not satisfied with the sound (only 5W+5W for 32 inch under 25k)
I zeroed in onto Samsung 4100 series and Panasonic A400 series. I compared them side by side, and the deal breaker was the panel and viewing angles. Panasonic uses IPS panels which offer excellent viewing angles. Samsung uses TN panels which when viewed from angle such as 160 degrees, causes color deterioration, black gets whitened etc.

Panasonic 32A405D uses a tough IPS LED LCD panel which has 100 Hz BLB. Now the supposed BLB is just a marketing tactics to hide the real refresh rate and is followed by all such as Samsung???s Clear motion rate (for eg 100 CMR=50Hz), Sony's MotionFlow (100, 200 MF = 50Hz), Toshiba Active Motion Rates (120, 100 AMR = 50 Hz). This TV though advertised as 100 Hz BLB, the real refresh rate is 50 Hz. Which is not a big deal as its smooth and hard to notice a difference between 50 Hz or higher. Also all the HD ready TVs in India are of 50 Hz. If bought from US or outside, it can be of 60 Hz. This is because, the satellite TVs signals and the cable signals in India are of 50 Hz. Some satellite TVs do offer an option of 60Hz signal, and if this option is selected the images will stutter.

All this technicality aside, the picture quality is awesome, and watching HD channels on this TV is a treat. Again HD channels are of 1080i resolution which is designed for 720p TVs. This TV offers the top range if not best image quality among the competing HD ready brands. I would rate this TV as 9/10 in picture quality. (1 point reduced for just not mentioning the real refresh rate anywhere)

The TV uses 2 down firing 10W speakers which are rich and loud (Better than Samsung). But if the TV is mounted and surround is on, it echoes a little bit around the house. The default modes are good. Audio - 8/10

The TV design is minimal with thin bezels and not too shiny screen. The TV is little thick as is the case with all the Backlight lit TVs. All the common connectivity options are present on the back as with four holes for wall mounting. The USB, component and audio out ports are easily accessible and are along the right edge. Headphone jack is not present. The single HDMI slot (not 2 as mentioned) is not along the edge but inexplicably placed behind near to the ports, but facing to the wall, though it is not a problem as we dont need to remove HDMI cables frequently. Overall the build quality is nice and looks sturdy and durable without being too bulky or blocky or plasticky. Remote is simple and durable with big buttons. It is not cluttered with unnecessary buttons which we wont use. Physical build 10/10. Remote 8/10. Connectivity options 9/10.

The Media player has a nice interface, will make you wait if you have too many image files or videos on your flash drive as it parses thumbnails for all the contents. It even plays media files smoothly from my 1 TB portable hard disk, so it does draw sufficient power from the USB 2.0 to power hard disks. I played some 720p movies and some 1080p movies. The video quality is excellent but the sound is little on the lower side. But I am sure it is because of the low sound output of the ripped movies. The TV plays 1080p videos very well, the interface lags a little while playing them. But still watching HD movies on this TV was awesome experience. Music player and Image viewer worked fine as well. Media player -9/10

Please use a voltage stabilizer while using any LED TV unless specified that it has an inbuilt stabilizer. As fluctuating voltage can fry up your panel. A good option is Sollatek TVGuard available on flipkart. Its easy Plug mounted device with sensitivity toggle.
This TV comes with a 1 year warranty with additional 2 years for the IPS LED panel. The service guys were very quick to respond to installation request and gave a good demo. He wall mounted the TV too. They have a helpline number and the support staff is quite helpful and polite and called me multiple times to make sure I was satisified. I havent gotten any reason to call again for further service as I had no problem. Initial Service 10/10

Overall 9/10. Recommended

Great TV in this price range.
by Shivakumar Annamalai on 2015-01-31

I got this TV at a much lower price on daily deals coupled with credit card offer and exchange offer. Picture quality is good and audio quality is decent. I am totally satisfied with this TV. Delivery by flipkart is fast as usual.

Great Value for Money
by Srinivasan M R on 2015-02-17

As always prompt delivery by Flipkart, followed by an even prompter call within hours of delivery from Panasonic, for installation. Got it for under 18k when there was an additional 1000rs off. Excellent deal, albeit on an older model. But the picture quality can never be questioned when it is Panasonic. Those that overlook this model for want of more USB/HDMI ports, you can always get a 3-port HDMI hub AND a 3-port USB hub for under 500rs. This model was certainly available for a steal.

good television
by A.Mohammed Meeran on 2015-05-11

as on date good, fine going on. Sound is little be low on Digital TV.
lower end model on panasonic good.

Avg TV. Not satisfied with picture quality
by Vd Lathiya on 2015-05-03

I received delivery on 5th day but i cant blame flipkart as they already mention ..Only thing i like in this TV is PRICE..i bought it in 17100 Rs. Even its HD ready , i am not satisfied with picture quality..Whenever i changed channel, i got 2 sec. interval means TV pause 2 sec in black screen and then i received in different channel. I complaint about it in panasonic so i need to wait for it..Sound is also avg. If you ask me to buy this TV. i simply said NO..I didn't check how Toshiba TV but Toshiba is a good alternate choice..

Brilliant smart TV with non intelligent software
by mainak ghoshhajra on 2015-04-28

Excellent display with good sound output . After using more than a year . I can tell this is the best . THough the smart TV apps are not helpful much is klinda sluggish and stops working. Samsung is better. BUt having WIFI and Ethernet both in this TV helps a lot .

IT does not have VGA/ DVI which is kind downside but I am using HDMI converters for all applications.
DIgital audio port . So u need a converter for connecting normal sound boxes.
The USB access time is higher they could have used multiple kernel thread for reading. The embedded software is a disaster. I would suggest buy a non smart TV and add chrome cast . It would be far more easier option .

Georgeous Panasonic
by SACHIN SUNNY on 2015-04-16

1)Good picture quality
2)Excellent angle view
3)100% satisfied with HD vedios
4)picture quality is amazing

1)Sound is too high,but the problem is sound quality is too bad
2)Short site is very bad
3)Composite audio cable is not good for this option

View all 17 Reviews

पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 - मूल्य ग्राफ

पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 तकनिकी विवरण

जनरल फीचर्स
  • ब्रांड Panasonic
  • स्क्रीन साइज 32 Inches
  • मॉडल नाम 32A301
  • डिस्प्ले टाइप LED LCD
डिस्प्ले फीचर्स
  • व्यइंग एंगल 176 degree
  • डिस्प्ले रेसोलुशन HD ready
  • आस्पेक्ट रेश्यो 16:9
  • कंट्रास्ट रेश्यो 3000:01:00 (Static)
  • ब्राइटनेस 250 cd/m
  • ३डी No
  • सराउंड मोड SRS Surround Sound Mode
  • स्पीकर्स 2
  • ऑडियो आउटपुट पावर 5 W + 5 W
  • पिक्चर मोड Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Game
  • वीडियो सिग्नल HD Ready
  • एडिशनल वीडियो फीचर्स Tuner
  • उसब 1
  • हदमी 1
  • ऑडियो आउट Yes
  • कम्पोजिट वीडियो इन 1
  • डायमेंशन 48.3 x 30.5 x 5.3 cm
  • वेट 5 Kg
  • वेट विथ स्टैंड 6.1 Kg
  • वेट विथौत स्टैंड 5.5 Kg
  • पावर कंसम्पशन 58 W, 0.5 W (Stand By)
  • पावर रिक्वायरमेंट्स AC 110 - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
इतर फीचर्स
  • एडिशनल फीचर्स VA Panel
  • इन थे बॉक्स Main Unit, Remote Control, Batteries for Remote Control, Power Cord, Base Stand, User Manual
  • वारंटी 1 Year Panasonic India Warranty

तुलना पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 और

पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32 पैनासोनिक 32 इंच लेड टीवी ३२ए३०१, ब्लैक, 32
4/5 (85 रेटिंगस )
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