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Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black
  • Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black
  • Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black
  • Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black
  • Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black

Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black

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Key Features
  • Processor type Core i7 (4th Gen)
  • Operating System Windows 8.1
  • RAM 8 GB DDR3
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
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Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black Price List in India

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Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black - User Reviews

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Best gaming laptop below 1 lakh.
by Kartik Sriram on 2014-06-21

I've been using this laptop for 5 days and here is my opinion about the laptop:
First of all the build quality and external appearance :
The build quality is really good. The case doesn't deform when pressed by hand. The hinges are also sturdy and a bit tight.The lid is made of brushed black aluminium with an Asus logo on it which lights up. Keyboard is red back lit with adjustable brightness.
The display is matte 1080p IPS beauty. The viewing angles are great,the screen is sturdy and doesn't wobble. Although the numpad is a bit cramped up, it is still workable.
The air vent is located on the left side and it really gets hot under load.
i7-4700HQ is a speedy hyperthreaded processor and it is more than enough for gaming and other activities. It has a 100 mHz more clock speed than the 4700MQ but that is not noticeable.
Nvidia GTX 760M is an upper middle class performance card. It has 768 CUDA cores clocked at 657 mHz.This card can offer decent gaming perfomance.The next better card is the GTX 765M present in the alienware M14X which is priced at 1.2 lakhs. It is just a overclocked version of the 760M. It has the fast GDDR5 VRAM.
In BF4 and CoD Ghosts at 1080p with everything at high and AA turned off I am getting around 33 and 40 fps average respectively. Since Anti aliasing doesn't make a huge difference when playing at 1080p, it is not much of a concern.
In CAD in 3D modelling,although it is not as good as the Quadro or Firepro cards which are found in workstations, this card can easily handle the stuff engineering students do.
The RAM is 8 GB of Dual channel 1600 MHz DDR3 and it is more than enough for pretty much all they day to day tasks.
It has a 6x Blu ray writer which is quiet and SonicMaster speakers which are really great compared to speakers in other laptops.
It has 4x USB 3.0 ports, 2 on each side and a 720p webcam.
The battery lasts upto 4 hours on general use and medium brightness.
Bundled goodies:
Gaming mouse - The bundled gaming mouse is great. It has 5 keys and adjustable sensitivity ranging from 1250 dpi to 5000 dpi.The ergonomics are great.
Sub woofer - It is quite good for its size and will come in handy while watching movies or playing games without headset.
120W charger - It is a bit bigger than expected but charges the battery faster than compared to the standard 65W charger.
Laptop bag - The supplied laptop bag was light and plain.

Why I bought G56JR over Y510p:
First of all I don't have anything against Y510p or Lenovo nor am I affiliated with ASUS.
Here we go,
First of all I was planning on buying the Y510p and an extra GT 755M ,but it was not available in India.The improvement in performance will be significant but adding another card in SLI will require a bigger 180W power brick. So importing them from the US will cost around 20K for the card and power brick with taxes which is out of my budget. Also Dual GPUs will produce a lot of heat and can suffer from micro stuttering compared to a single premium accelerator.
- The CPU is slightly better.
- GTX 760M has twice the number of CUDA cores than the GT 755M and it clocked at a lower frequency. This gives more headroom for overclocking and the 760M is faster.
- Way better matte IPS display than the glare wedge display in Y510p
- Touchpad is better.
- Bundled gaming mouse and subwoofer with G56JR.
- All four USB ports are 3.0 compared to 2 USB 3.0 ports in Y510p.
- Newer than Y510p. Lenovo has already released their next iteration in the Y series. The Y50 in the US.Which will be available in August.

Also MSI will be launching GTX 860M laptops in India sometime in the near future. But I was skeptical about the price since the Indian correspondent said that the laptops will come with an additional $150 extended warranty in addition to the import duties etc.. So I think the 860M laptops will be priced near 1 lakh.
Therefore, for the time being G56JR is the best gaming laptop in this price range.

Awesome gaming performance at this price .
by Vivek Ray on 2014-06-12

Pros :
1.Nice build and finish , product does look worth its price and glowing Asus logo on lid brings out the overall premium finish.
2. Processor - i7-4700 HQ - It's better than MQ series , even by slight margin .
3. GPU - GTX 760M - this one performs much better than similar priced GT 750M machines.
4.It has DDR3 1600 RAM - much faster than conventional DDR3 1333 or slower ones .
5.Comes with nice freebies: gaming mouse , sub woofer , bag , and in game currencies for Warframe and Marvel's Hero
6.Screen - It's awesome !! so many pixels cramped in 15.6" , every thing look sharp and brightness is high enough to use this laptop outdoors .
7.BIOS is pretty nice , can be flashed via desktop utility and few ROG software brings in nice enhancements .
8.Gaming experience - I don't do benchmarks , so here are in game performances : LoL - All setting maxed out with Vsync on - never saw it drop below 60 fps ; Rift - Nvidia optimised setting for this game and all was good with eye candies at 1080p , fps never went below 30 , did 20 man raids w/o hiccups ; Loadout - worked pretty well with all eye candies and no stutter or fps drop to be notices .

Cons :
1. Images shows "Republic of gamer" logo above keyboard glowing , mine one is not . Not much of issue , I think this is specific region product related .
2.Keyboard - As I'm returning from Razer's Blackwidow ultimate, this keyboard does not meet the standards , the alphabetical side is nice spaced out . But the numerical pad is damn cramped with awkward positioning of arrow keys . Also I'm not able to notice if numlock is "on" or "off" .
The so called backlit key board is a disappointment , it's not bright enough .
3.Single heat vent , wished thee was 2 vents as right side also gets quite hot .
4. The so called smart key is more of a cosmetic just to meet the design. The company has made another key on opposite to power key which can be used to start software as desired .
5.There should have been lower amount of crapware installed and instead company should have supplied a OS only machine with drivers side loaded . Most people buying these notebooks know their business
6.Windows 8.1 - as a gamer - I HATE THIS OS .

Others :
Intel and Nvidia Stickers were not aligned properly , I know it's not much but for such price aesthetics should be taken care of .

At this price and at the time of writing of review , I don't see any product coming close to this notebook in terms of gaming performance .

Worst Customer Service and Products!!Do not buy
by Dr. Bhupesh Mansukhani on 2014-07-28

I bought this laptop from local reseller not flipkart (I do not buy stuff that is not being sold by WS Retail), got this laptop at Rs. 80,000/- for the first 15 days I was really happy and jumping with joys that I got a beautiful and feature rich laptop at an unbeatable price but then came the reality, on the 16th day I switched on the laptop and it was not booting up no power no charging lights and no activity at all (obviously the mobo fried) , completely dead then I tried the hard reset and everything I could to restart this laptop but it won't start. I was only left with an option to call ASUS customer care they logged my call and transferred the same to the service center for onsite warranty, its been more then 10 days and I am still chasing these guys to replace the laptop or the parts but yet they are taking this whole matter at a snail pace. Worst customer service I have experienced, I am now regretting my decision of buying this laptop , I should have gone with Lenovo (budget gaming laptop y510 or y50) or some other company such as Dell or HP atleast their customer service is acknowledged enough. Please my humble request, do yourself a favor by not buying this laptop, incase your laptop goes faulty then good luck chasing ASUS customer service. If you do not believe me see the negative reviews about them on the net, I ignored them and now I am repenting.

NIce build and performance for its price !
by Ram on 2014-06-14

This is the best budget gaming laptop for its price range ! Lenovo ideapad was know for its budget gaming technology . But this ASUS G56JR can easily beat it with best graphics.
the one laptop i would recommend for !

Best in class right now.
by seamon on 2014-06-03

It's nice to see that Asus finally decided to launch their 15.6" models in India again, the last one had a GTX 660m which was disappointing because it was just a GT 650m OC.

As sky770 mentioned, the GPU 760m has 768 Kepler cores running at extremely low clock speed. The GPU is same as the one is Alienware 14 (GPU=GTX 765m) sans the clock speed. Overclocking is extremely viable in this considering it has ROG cooling(considered one of the best in business right now). This GPU can be made to match GTX 765m clocks easily. TL;DR extremely potent GPU.
Even though Y510p has much higher clock speeds, the shader count is half and the SLI GPU is not available in India.

The CPU in this one is 4700HQ. H here stands for High performance. HQ processors have the slightest edge over MQ processors due to the inclusion of an extra set of Intel virtualization technology. The downside is that HQ processors are permanently soldered to the motherboard. This is not a bad thing as it improves cooling by just a little bit. Meanwhile MQ processors are upgradable such as core i7 4700MQ in y510p. The problems with that are:
1.Not available in india.
2.costs 25k bucks for the next upgrade 4800MQ.
3.Heating issues.
4.Warranty will be lost while upgrading as it involves opening the laptop.

core i7 4700MQ/HQ processors are themselves pretty powerful and don't need upgrading.

Better laptops are coming though. The hype is around Lenovo Y50 and MSI laptops. MSI laptops are sure to have maxwell cores.
Meanwhile, Lenovo Y50 will most probably have maxwell because the Kepler version of GTX 860m will produce way too much heat for such a thin laptop to endure.

Overhear issues
by Arunabh on 2014-07-03

The Laptop is fine overall looks good the performance is good, but there are overheat issues while gaming which can be a major problem in long term.

Lenovo ideapad y510p/y50 Killer
by Shabir Hussain on 2014-06-02

This laptop has got some guts........
Nvidia GTX 770 , Full HD IPS Screen has both Vertical and horizontal viewing angles great ........
And Red backlit keyboard wow....
3 hrs battery backup on normal use
And Screen is Anti no reflections.......
Just go for it....

Best value for money
by Shafqat on 2014-11-16

Using this laptop since 2 month, fully satisfied with laptop performance and design. Heavy 3D simulation softwares and games like Call of duty ghost(in full HD) runs smoothly. Its an excellent design by Asus.

Laptop is good but customer service is bad!!!
by Dibyendu Das on 2014-09-15

First of all the delivery was exceptionally well, received my laptop 4 days before the delivery time.
I had two laptops researched within this price range, this one and the Lenovo Y50. I chose this one because of the IPS screen panel and the blue ray disc drive as both of the are missing in the Y50. Also I get other accessories with the G56JR. Although the Y50 got a newer graphics card but since I m not a hardcore gamer it doesn't bother me much. Overall I am happy with my purchase and thanks flipkart for sending my shipment well before the given time limit.
After using 1 month the graphic card died, and the service centre was gonna replace the motherboard but due to unavailability of parts they are gonna replace it with a new now. But till now I havent received my new unit and it has been one and half month now the service centre is delaying and they have no value of customer what so ever. In my opinion the specs are good but once your unit runs faulty its gonna be very hard to get it repaired within a short time. worst customer service ever!!!!

Good Product under this price as compared with MSI and Alienware
by Nitesh Singh on 2014-09-06

1. Good Design
2. Backlit keyboard is impressive
3. Higher configuration(Ci7/ 8GB/ 1TB/ Win8.1/ 2GB Graphic)
4. Nvidia GTX 760m
5. Asus Built-in Features
6. Gaming Mouse and Subwoofer free with particular model
7. 178-degree viewing on a 15.6-inch Full HD IPS panel with 141ppi that is great vision

1. Somewhere performance is not up to mark
2. Boot-up (Start-up) time is about to 1,2-5 minutes(sometimes it startup in 1 min, sometime 2m and sometime for 5 to more minutes which I personally felt)
3. Lack of SSD.(not a Hybrid Drive)
4. 2.7kg somewhat may be bulky to handle
5. Produce too much heat during Gaming

The Lenevo Z50, Z510, Y500 having only demerit of lower Graphic Configuration
Afterall I love this product only Except the Cons. No. 1, 2 otherwise good product for personal use for gamers.
The Decision is up to your theory and understanding.

Thanking You
Nitesh Singh

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Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black - Price History

Asus G56JR-CN135H G Laptop(Core i7 (4th Gen)/1 TB/8 GB DDR3/Windows 8.1) Black Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Asus
  • Laptop Type Notebook
  • Series G
  • Model Number G56JR
  • Laptop Color Black
  • Lifestyle Gaming
  • Processor Brand Intel
  • Processor type Core i7 (4th Gen)
  • Processor Variant 4700HQ
  • Processor Chipset Intel HM86 Express Chipset
  • Processor Clock Speed 2.4 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.4 GHz
  • RAM 8 GB DDR3
  • Expandable Memory Upto 16 GB
  • Operating System Windows 8.1
  • OS Architecture 64 bit
  • Hardware Interface HDD
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
  • Screen Size 15.6 inch
  • Screen Resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Screen Type Full HD LED Backlit
  • Touchscreen No
  • Dimensions 380 x 250 x 20 - 30 mm
  • Laptop Weight 2.7 Kg
  • Ethernet Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet LAN
  • Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Speakers Built-in Speakers
  • Graphics Memory Type GDDR5
  • Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
  • Graphic Processor Nvidia Geforce GTX760M (N14E-GL)
  • Web Camera HD Webcam
  • Battery Backup Up to 3 hours
  • Power Supply 120 W AC Adapter
  • USB Port 4 x USB 3.0
  • HDMI Port 1
  • Multi Card Slot 3-in-1 Card Reader (SD/SDHC/SDXC)
Optical Disk Drive
  • Read/Write Speed 6x
  • Optical Drive Blue-ray Writer
Other Features
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Sales Package Gaming Mouse Subwoofer Carry Bag Laptop Charger Battery
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