Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black
  • Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black

Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black

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Key Features
  • Processor type Intel Core i5
  • Operating System Windows 8
  • RAM 4 GB
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
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Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black Price List in India

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Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black - User Reviews

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Great product, read on for full review.
by Soham M. on 2016-08-13

So, I generally don't write reviews, but since I have ben satisfactorily using this laptop for 5 months now, often for several hours a day, I thought I should write one.

First, the cons:-
1. The keyboard color. It's deep red lettering on a black background. Sure it looks cool as all hell, and all my friends oohed and aahed when they saw it, but anything remotely resembling low light conditions and suddenly you have to squint at the damned thing from 2 cm away to make out what key is what. I had a bad experience early on, where I set up a password and then found myself locked out of my laptop, because what I typed wasn't what I thought I typed.
2. The piano finish on the back. It scratches easily. Again, looks cool, but really could have done with a matte finish.
3. The bloatware. Why ASUS why? What would happen if you didn't pre-install loads of bloatware that nobody wants? Pretty sure your stock wouldn't crash.

Then the pros :-
1. Hardware. 4th gen core i7 CPU clocked at 2.60 GHz, NVIDIA GTX 950m graphics card, 1 TB HDD (not SSD, but that's okay, because a 1 TB SSD would probably cost both of your kidneys), 8 GB RAM expandable to 12 GB, all-in-all, at this price point, this laptop is probably one of the best performers. I mean the best I was able to get from HP and DELL at comparable prices were a gtx920m and core i5. It runs Witcher 3 at med-to-high settings, and that's quite good, in my opinion. The only thing I would really want improved would be the HDD. I could have done with a 7200 RPM one instead of the 5400 RPM that we get.
2. Looks:- Have no doubt about it, this laptop is stylish. And the pictures don't do it justice at all, because the red design on the back seems to just blend into the black background. Trust me, it looks way better up close. Maybe it doesn't have the over-the-top brushed metal slickness of the higher end ROGs, or Alienware's cool futuristic look, but it looks the part of a gaming laptop pretty well.
3. Keyboard:- Yes, I know what I said about it in the cons section, but when you are not struggling to see the lettering, typing on this keyboard is an absolute joy. The keys are well-spaced, so little chance of accidental key presses. And they have this good, satisfying tactile feedback when you press them.
4.Cooling system :- I have seen a lot of complaints in the review sections about how this laptop overheats. Let me clear this up once and for all, either the problem is in the particular unit that those people received, or else they have no idea how much heat is actually generated by computer CPUs. When I am using this laptop for non-gaming purposes, like web browsing,reading, listening to music, I can put this on my lap, actually on my lap, and use it for hours on end, with no discomfort at all. But it's while gaming that the efficiency of the cooling system really stands out. Obviuosly, a lot more heat is produced during gaming, especially if I am playing something like Witcher 3 (duh). So much so that once I put a plastic pen near the exhaust vents, and after about 45 minutes of gaming, when I tried to pick up the pen, it was really uncomfortable to hold it. But the laptop itself, keyboard, palm rest,and all, had barely heated up. I noticed that on longer sessions, heat buildup happens around the 'G', 'F' and 'D' keys. But it's not enough to be uncomfortable, and dissipates within minutes after you close the game(s). So have no doubt, the cooling system on this laptop is more than efficient.

One problem I seem to be having is that I can't disable the trackpad using the fn+f9 shortcut. I have to depend on the ASUS Smart Gesture software to do it.

Battery life and screen:- I haven't included these in either pros or cons, beacuse I wasn't sure they belong there. FIrst the screen. It's decent, the colors are as sharp as any I have seen on an LCD. Black levels and contrast are decent too. Not a great viewing angle though, even if they do claim 178 degree viewing angle in some places. For a single user, it's great. If someone else wants to see your screen, they are probably going to have color and contrast problems, unless they are leaning over your shoulder. As for battery life, well, it's a gaming laptop, and you are not really supposed to be using it awy from a power supply. Still, in case you need to, it does give almost 3.5-4 hours of backup for normal use (wifi on, screen set to 50% brightness, watching the occasional video or listening to music). With continuous video playback, wifi on and brightness set to 25%, I get around 3 to 3.5 hours. Don't bother gaming on battery though, if the NVIDIA card is being used, it will drop the battery form 90% to 25% in under 30 minutes.

In summary:- If you are like me, and are looking for a desktop replacement that can play most recent games at mid-to-high settings, but also need to be able to carry it around and use it for day-to-day work, and have a budget of 60k-70k, I would say go for this one. Don't think you will regret it. I certainly haven't.

Hope this helps the people who are in two minds about buying this laptop to decide one way or the other. That's all folks!!

Its a good buy and value for money considering the price
by Amazon Customer on 2016-10-25

No doubt it is a solid performer when it comes to gaming.
Its a good buy and value for money considering the price.
Value for money
Great performance
Great sound ( Love the Sonic Master)- (watching insidious with a good headphone will surely light things up !!)
Love the design
Heating: It tends to heat up a bit even if you are just surfing the web or watching a movie .
Keyboard: the red color is very difficult to work with in dim light .
Attracts fingerprints
A bit on the heavier side .

If you are a gamer its more than capable of giving you great gaming experience
For all other users not so much. !!
Cheers .

Serious heating and throttling issues, Not recommended
by Amazon Customer- Sahil on 2016-10-19

Some says that this is bang for buck or value for money, but believe me guys u should not buy this.
I have been using this notebook for more than a year, there are many problems u will encounter
1. There is very very bad cooling on this notebook, cpu and gpu seriously start throttling after just 2 -5 mins of heavy usage.
My motherboard got fried 2 times , and new motherboard will cost u around 45-48k .
Yes my friend it is very expensive and not suitable for long term usage.
2. Only u can upgrade ram upto 12gb, well 8gb is enough but for video editing and heavy games u must consider for more ram.
3. No backlit keyboard , also letter are written in red hence u ll require some lamp or good light while typing.

I recommend go for ASUS ROG or something more better , they are made specially for gaming and heavy usage , and will make u no room to go again and again to service centre.

Thanks guys, make a right choice !!

Beast of a Machine !!!
by Alexander on 2016-09-18

This laptop packs in enough punch to play any games till 2013 at 1080p with smooth 50+ fps . More modern games run smoothly at 45+ fps at 900p . Hell it even plays Halo 5 : Forge at 40+ fps at 720p . Laptop does get heated , but as long as it is plugged in , fps doesnt drop . So plug in and keep playing !
No other brand would offer such specs for such a decent price so go for it . I bough it from local seller but Amazon is about 3k cheaper so go for it !

Beast at this price segment ! Unbeatable
by Janardhanam on 2016-10-17

Hey guys
Im jana i brought this laptop for my youtube channel "bossforareason" majorly for video editing purpose

Display : this one has a good antiglare fhd display i have no regrets in display dept
Colors are accurate and is enough bright

Speaker : the sound quality is amazing as it has sonic master speakers which givs stereo effect

Procesor : this comes with a core i7 4720 hq procesor which is quadcore. It is amazing guys believe me it is pucca

This one can handle any games without any lags or whatever heat dissipation is very good and so coool

Win 10 startup takes long time due to the 5400rpm hdd

Nvidia gtx950m rocks in all dept

My suggestion is blindly go for it

It has no display flexes . Keyboard is very good

by ravi on 2016-08-16

Worth Every Penny!
Probably one of the best mid range GAMING laptops out there.
and all those HEATING issues
yeah there are no issues

I received laptop with weak Wifi, but fixed with driver update
by Vivek Jayachandran on 2016-10-10

I received laptop with weak Wifi, I is unable to connect to wifi from reasonable distance. Other than that no issue.
Update on 12 Oct 2016
After updating the windows 10 driver for Broadcom 802.11n wireless adapter driver from drivers.softpedia the issue with Wifi got resolved.

Five Stars
by Sohail Inamdar on 2016-10-20

Want for gaming just order it without any second thought.

by Balaji on 2016-04-03

The packaging was not good enough.
Using it for almost a month.
Feels awesome watching 1080p videos on this laptop.
No lagging in older games(NFS rivals) at highest settings.
But even with cooling pad, it gets overheated quickly while playing games.
Laptop feels a bit heavy. A drawback for travelers.

Perfect for Gamers and Photographers.
by puneet vikram sinngh on 2016-09-04

Finally purchased it after going through long process of internet research from other site due to cash back offer. As this laptop has already been reviewed by other users I am keeping it very short and specific to some issues.
1. Played Crysis 3 with NVIDIA optimized settings. Wonderful experience.
2. Photoshop is taking very less time while processing almost 50 RAW files (20MB file size each). Blending and Stacking of multiple files are butter smooth.
3. Antiglare screen is good for watching movies and for daily work.
4. Build quality is good.
5. No heating issues.
6. good battery backup.

1. Every thing is fine except red colored keys.
2. Faced Wifi connection issues which was resolved by updating the drivers from asus website.
3. Screen had yellow tint/warm colours which is a problem if you are a photoshop user. Tried color calibration but it restored the warm colour after the restart. Google search did help and it was the ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology app which was responsible for it, Uninstalled it and it worked.

If you are a photographer this is a very good laptop to process heavy RAW flies.

Good Quality, Low price, its a steal
by Amazon Customer on 2016-09-11

The best in the market, really amazing for gaming and high graphic IDE coding(Android Studio).

Three Stars
by Amazon Customer on 2016-09-27

Battery life seems to be disappointing.

by Amazon Customer on 2016-01-08

Bought just 20 days ago.The performance so far is quite well,but the build quality is a bit to worry.the pros and cons I've observed are:
Great gaming performance
No heating issues
audio is not bad
Win 10 (many say it's a con,but still)

Screen is utterly weak enough so that you can break it by a hit
Speakers are underneath the keys
The red keys (may be a sign of gaming) are a great discomfort, its almost impossible to type in dark.
The glass panel sort of having the asus logo at the center, is a fingerprint magnet.

Four Stars
by Amazon Customer on 2016-09-25

A good entry-mid range laptop for gaming. Can run modern games on high to medium settings.

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Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black - Price History

Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Aspire
  • Model Number R510JX-DM230T
  • Laptop Color Matte Black
  • Processor Brand AMD
  • Processor type Intel Core i5
  • Processor Clock Speed 2.6 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB
  • Operating System Windows 8
  • Hardware Interface Solid State Drive
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
  • Screen Size 15.6 Inches
  • Screen Resolution 1920x1080
  • Height 32 Millimeters
  • Dimensions 25.1 x 38 x 3.2 cm
  • Width 38 Centimeters
  • Laptop Weight 1 - 1.4 kg
  • Speakers Speaker
  • Graphic Processor AMD Firepro
Optical Disk Drive
  • Optical Drive DVD-RW
Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black Asus R510JX-DM230T (Ci7/4GB/1TB/Win10/15.6 inch) Black
4/5 (10 ratings )
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