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Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
  • Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
  • Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
  • Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
  • Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
  • Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey

Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey

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Key Features
  • Processor type Atom (1st Gen)
  • Operating System Windows 8.1
  • RAM 2 GB DDR3
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
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Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey Price List in India

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  • The latest price of Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey was obtained on Jul 11, 2016
  • The Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey is available in Flipkart, Snapdeal.
  • The lowest price of Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey is 26,999 in Flipkart, which is 38.57% less than the cost of Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey in Snapdeal ( 43,950)
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Windows tabs transformers/hybrids/covertibles are here to stay n grow - Asus T100
by Saptarshi on 2014-02-16

Was out in the market in search of a replacement for my 3 years old HP Pavillion DM3.

The primary usage for my home PC is:

- Media consumption (YouTube, downloaded mkv/avi movies, music files/internet radio etc.)
- Torrent downloads
- Some MS office processing (create word, excel, PPTs)
- Casual browsing, mails, social networking, bit of news, blogging and online banking
- Some photo editing (Picasa, PhotoShop)

I believe the home usage pattern covers the need of 90% users for 90% of time.

Was looking for convenience of a tab (light weight, long battery, good touch n display) along with functionality of a PC (moderate multi-tasking, connectivity/ports, ability to run windows desktop applications). So it has to be a windows, creating/editing office files are still the best in good old MS Mr. Gates and had to be a 10 inch one.

There came the weekend and I found myself in the hunt already. Lenovo lynx, HP hybrids, Dell Venues - well all in contention. Internet reviews revealed about the 2nd gen of Intel Atom Baytrail CPUs that they made a giant leap towards future and the UI experience is no more limited. Found the Asus transformer T100 being the only one in India released with the configuration, rest aren't.

Off I went to the Asus store, let the fingers dirty the demo unit and positive, it was not launched @flipkart yet - so 32.5k it was from the store.

Using it for more than a month now and here are my takes on it:

- Even though Not full 1080p, the display is vivid n bright with good viewing angle being a capable IPS
- Touch response is good, no less than android smart phones
- Surprisingly good sound from speakers, loud too
- Even better when you connect your trusted pair of headphones (paired with my Sony in ear-phones and Bose AE jugs, acoustic!!)
- Handles 1080p videos at ease with nice saturation (plenty of options to control resolution, display properties in Intel graphics SW)
- Multi-tasks pretty efficient, running 6/7 IE/Chrome tabs with one playing a HD video from YouTube, couple of PPT/word processing, Picasa and uTorrent running at the same time - no stutters.
- Very good wireless reception with dual band WiFi, at par with high-end HP/Lenovo laptops
- Office home 2013 full edition
- Perpetual battery life, lasts whole day
- Ability to connect USB external HDDs, USB DVD drives with the tiny micro USB using an OTG micro-to-USB female cable
- Micro HDMI can connect to HD TVs
- Bundled keyboard touchpad doc can turn it to a laptop whenever need be, comes with additional full USB 3 port
- Supports all kind of USB hubs for more options (can connect wireless mouse, keyboard, 2 1 TB drives, LAN converter and what not)
- Full Windows 8.1 ensures your favorite legacy windows apps aka Winrar, Winamp, VLC, Photoshop runs fine
- Portable 2amp mobile style charger, not brick like laptops which means you can grab any USB to micro charger handy. The charging times are longish though.
- Love the large onscreen keyboard, typing is breeze and using it right now

Don't asks:

Gaming - I don't play games, but low to mid end games should be ok
Camera - The single front cam should be fine for your Skype/Hangout chats but nothing more.

Gives, throws and wish-lists

Memory - why on earth a 32 gig version in India only, we are ok to pay 2.5k more for a 64gig or even a 128 for that matter. After all my usual installs about 13gb is free. Plus I have added another 32gigs of micros. Thankfully options are there to install apps on SD card.

Build - could have been better with an all plastic body, glossy back n front panel that contributes to a very reflective display. Manages to look decent enough though and also solid to hold.

Touchpad - not the kind of preciseness you look for, the keyboard is fairly alright

Ports - one more USB would have been useful

Windows app store - Mr. Gate's office has to do a loot of catch up to do with Android and iOS here.

Accessories - hope this product gets popular enough to get mat finish screen-guards, cases etc.

If you are still reading this long write-up thanks for your patience and you are probably seriously thinking of buying the t100, well go ahead it won't disappoint you if your needs are on a similar tone.

Asus little beauty
by Flipkart Customer on 2014-01-29

I did not buy from Flipkart, here are the Pros and Cons (64GB):

1. Full fledged windows 8.1. Hardware permitting can run any windows application.
2. Ultra Portable, sleek light weight, around 0.5 kgs each.
3. The display is very good
4. The two in one roles are played very well. It feels completely like a netbook when you clam the Tablet and Keyboard together. Keyboard also contains touchpad.
5. Keyboard has USB 3.0 port, can use to connect to Internet using 2G/3G dongles. This is in addition to the micro USB on the Tablet.
6. Touch experience is pretty good and responsive.
7. Great battery life, much higher than the 3 hours in the specifications above, easily gives 8+ hours.
8. Extendable Memory using Memory Card and External Hard Disk.
9. No issues in streaming HD videos over internet
10. Speakers are very good and loud, upto about 75 percent volume.
11. Licensed Microsoft office 2013 included
12. Great Value for money

1. Despite being Quad Core not really for multi tasking. Begins to show some resource crunch on opening 4 to 5 windows, otherwise very smooth.
2. Rate of charging while using is very slow.
3. No Ethernet(LAN) connectivity
4. Micro HDMI port and not the normal HDMI
5. 32 GBs is not sufficient, as very less space is left for user, go for 64 GBs.
6. Video camera is a big disappointment, still pictures with web cam are just ok.
7. A little plastic feel, no complains though. Fingerprints though tend to stick.

Have not used wifi much, but looked good.

A Little Thing of Beauty
by Priyansh Dwivedi on 2014-07-21

1. The Design: Hands down, the most beautiful device I have held. I haven't been a fan of tablets per se, as I didn't find any use for them, but since this is a hybrid, I went for it and I am not dissapointed in any way. It is very lightweight and you probably wouldn't feel it on your lappy. The metallic finish on the keyboard dock is amazing and makes this device look a lot more expensive than it really is.
2. The Battery: This has a monster battery inside. I don't know how but I managed to complete a 4 hour skype video call from a full charge and still had 60% battery remaining. What else can one ask for!
3. The Touch and The Keyboard: The touch response is amazing. Windows 8 is tailored to be used with a touch screen. The keyboard response is also good but the mousepad is horrible. Whenever you start using it, you'll feel a tint of lag which kills the whole experience and you won't be using it much. Thank god for the touch screen.

Now some things I wish they had added even for this price point:

1. Charging: Simply put, you won't be able to charge this device while using it. The battery percentage will remain the same or sometimes, will fall very slowly even while charging. To use it, simply "Charge and Use" :)
2. USB Port: Just one USB port and that too on the keyboard. Quite irritating. Could've been so much better if it was on the tablet. But thank god it is USB 3.0. Atleast you won't get irritated by the transfer speeds.
3. Charger: My HTC Charger has a longer cable than this one. Seriously I need to glue myself to the wall if I think of charging and using this device simultaneously. Buy a good quality long USB cable.
4. Fingerprint magnet: Use the touch for 5-10 minutes and you'll start seeing greesy fingerprints all over the screen. Quite irritating but can be solved by a wipe. :)
5. Inbuilt HDD: You'll get just 26 GB of storage to use but if you're a light user, you won't be needing many softwares to be installed. I have all the basic applications installed (Office, Acrobat Reader, some Win8 games and apps etc) and still have 10-12 GB left. So not a big issue for me. And you can alsways use a Micro SD Card (upto 64 GB) or an external HDD for your use.

All in all, this device suits all my needs which are basically: watching movies and sitcoms, watching youtube, browsing, facebooking, e-shopping, applying for jobs, updating resume, downloading music etc etc.
And if your needs match mine, then go for this thing of beauty. You won't regret (much).

ASUS T100 TA Transformer
by johnyS on 2014-03-05

Its been almost 2 months since I got my transformer, and I have to say so far I am extremely satisfied it. I added a 32 GB Micro SD card to it as well and all media, docs are getting saved to the card now. Getting used to Windows 8.1 was not tough and I enjoy using it in the tablet mode. The system is quite responsive, though I am not planning to add too many applications/ games to it. It has quite a list of useful applications pre-installed. The fact that MS Office is pre-installed is quite a blessing. Also the free cloud storage offered by ASUS(though for a short time) and by MS OneDrive is an added advantage. I am getting into the habit of checking the news every night on the tablet, which I find quite convenient. It also boots up and shuts down quite fast, which is something I was looking for. The only downside, if I say so is that in tablet mode, unless you rest it on your lap or something, it can feel a little heavy after some time. Not much though. So far, the experience has been good. Hope it will remain that way and will get the support from ASUS when required.

A clever hybrid of netbook and tablet
by Saurabh Chandra on 2014-09-02

Asus transformer T100A is a very useful and handy product, esp for those traveling a lot. It comes with a full version windows 8.1 and installed MS office 2013. Being a full version OS one can even run legacy software, if needed. As a tablet it is as good as any other tablet of similar price range. Once you attach the keyboard it gives you all the functionality of a small notebook. The keyboard even comes with a USB port. The product is overall good looking, fast performing, and useful. On the flip side, the body finish is not that refined with a plasticky feel to it, the spacebar and the trackpad are not very responsive on the attached keyboard and like some other tablet does not have the option of cellular connectivity, so your only option is WiFi.

Eclinic needs to be blacklisted
by Rajiv on 2015-09-20

The seller sent a used tablet. Had profile and emails of the precious user. Flipkart to protect its reputation needs to ban the seller eClinic.

Good product specification gone wrong!!
by Raajesh on 2014-10-28

I bought this product from flipkart around 2 months back.
Worked fine for a month and then touchscreen stopped to work.
No replacement as it crossed 30 days and incorrect service centre information from flipkart.

The entire trust on this product is broken.
Given it to service centre in chennai. But not expecting the product to work beyond its warrenty period which is 1 yr only!

If you can afford the risk, its probably for you.

extremely worst experience
by Flipkart Customer on 2016-01-11

though I have bought many products through flipkart but this time i have faced my worst experience with flipkart & SAPL, the seller of the product ASUS T100 TA since buying. The invoice is not supplied though it is confirmed in delivary confirmation mail dated 28.11.2015. the product delivered 0n 03.12.2015 but the invoice send to me on 22.12.2015 & it is seen that the product has 10 days replacement gurantee but already 19 days gone.. facing some problem with the product I wanted an replacement but denied by flipkart as 10 days passed. SAPL the seller also never co-oparated. flipkart now advising for warrenty claim with an incomplete invoice that they have send in mail. In invoice no product neither IMEI no.

really disgusting & shamefull.

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Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey - Price History

Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Asus
  • Laptop Type Netbook
  • Series Transformer
  • Announced 2014, January
  • Model Number T100TA-DK002H
  • Laptop Color Grey
  • Lifestyle Everyday Use
  • Processor Brand AMD
  • Processor type Atom (1st Gen)
  • Processor Variant Z3740
  • Processor Cache 3 MB
  • Processor Clock Speed 1.7 Ghz
  • RAM 2 GB DDR3
  • Expandable Memory Yes; Up to 2 GB
  • Operating System Windows 8.1
  • Hardware Interface SATA
  • RPM 5400 RPM
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
  • SSD Capacity 32 GB
  • Screen Size 10.1 Inches
  • Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Screen Type IPS HD with Multi-Touch Screen
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • Dimensions 360 x 261 x 27.2 mm
  • Laptop Weight 1 Kg
  • Ethernet Integrated 10/100 Ethernet LAN
  • Wireless LAN Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Yes; v4.0
  • Internal Mic Yes
  • Speakers Yes; Built in Speakers
  • Graphics Memory Type DDR3
  • Graphics Memory Capacity 2GB
  • Graphic Processor Intel HD
  • Web Camera Yes; 1.2 MP
  • Pointer Device Touchpad
  • Laptop Keyboard Standard Keyboard
  • Battery Backup Up to 3 hrs
  • Power Supply 65 Watts AC Adapter
  • USB Port Yes; 1 x (microUSB)
  • RJ45 LAN Yes
  • HDMI Port Yes
  • Multi Card Slot Yes
  • Lock Port Kensington Lock Slot
Other Features
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide and Manuals
Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey Asus Transformer Book Duet Dark Grey
3.8/5 (22 ratings )
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