HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS)
  • HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS)

HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS)

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Key Features
  • Processor type Celeron Dual-Core (4th Gen)
  • Operating System Chrome OS
  • RAM 4 GB DDR3
  • HDD Capacity 16 GB SSD
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HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS) Price List in India

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HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS) - User Reviews

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Sold it after disappointing experience from HP and Flipkart
by Sushubh Mittal on 2014-03-14

I was hoping for great things as my previous machine was a Samsung ARM Chromebook. But I was largely disappointed. Even considered returning it. Anyways here are the issues...

Battery life is rated 9 hours but I could only come near if I had wireless turned off. I barely get 3-4 hours on my regular work usage. 5-6 hours of watching videos with headsets. Managed to get 8 hours while listening to music but with display mostly going off during no activity period.

Resolution is awful for a 14" display. Samsung has just announced a 1080p Chromebook. Bad timing!

It struggles to handle the load I throw at it. I was hoping for something better compared to the Samsung ARM Chromebook which is pretty low end compared to this one. Since all my apps are synced with the Chromebook, the end user experience is quite annoying. Need to turn off syncing of Chrome apps.

I was hoping to get a blue colored version but Flipkart never offered it. Missed out on the Standard Chartered cashback offer as a result. White one catches dust like anything.

Apart from that it is a decent unit. Build quality is good. Keyboard is average (I prefer the Samsung’s). In the end, not worth the price tag really. I plan to give it to dad in a few months who is now using my Samsung and get the newer Samsung with 1080p display when it launches in Indian market.


I have sold the Chromebook. HP refused to honor the one year accidental damage protection warranty. Flipkart also did not respond to my complaints. Both the companies basically claim that I am lying when I say that the laptop had a 1 year ADP offer on the day I ordered it. Very disappointed by Flipkart. Would never buy a HP laptop.

Interesting Laptop
by Harsha K on 2013-12-17

Chromebook was supposed to be a new form of using computing, an attempt to make computing as a utility. As such I always wanted to own one and experiment with it and try to attempt and see if can change my work to fit this. It is an interesting experience.

Calling it just a browser is a gross simplification. It does play videos, there is offline storage and there are tons of offline-apps to help you use this system. YOU DO NOT NEED INTERNET ALL THE TIME.

As mentioned above, it is a different way to think about a computer and this does put you out of your comfort zone. I have used this system and realised that not a lot of my everyday work activity needs a full fledged laptop.

I bought this for my parents as they do not care if they are using Android, Windows or Chrome OS to browse the internet, play movies or type simple documents and print them. They will not want to worry about updates, versions and viruses and therefore this chrome book delivers brilliantly.

As the Chrome OS is based on Linux, is digitally signed and updates itself, its truly a buy and forget type of a system.

It has a really nice display and is fast as hell. The boot is literally 1 sec. The battery lasts for 9 hours. I have used this over the weekend with a average internet connection (BSNL). Anyone can use the laptop using their gmail id. It means I can go to another Chromebook and login and I will get my desktop as I left it on my own system.

The only con I can think of is the limited local storage. It has a 14 GB SSD which explains its speed but it means you cannot store large files offline and you have to rely on the Gooogle Drive or carry a external HDD. The problem is if you have an average internet connection, this can be annoying.

I have used everything from SSH to office and even a replacement app for Skype (IM+) on this and it works perfectly fine.

- The laptop works best for people who do not care how the computer works but just want to use it as long as they are connected to the internet.Think "a more agile MAC".

- People who travel a lot.

- Advanced users who can use a remote server (VPS)

Do not buy if:
- you want to develop in Java offline
- develop c programs offline
- download and store lots of movies and music (> 10GB) offline without external HDD.
- need to work with other browsers offline.
- you are a gamer.

Lower the price and it will sell
by Utsav Chatterjee on 2013-10-25

I only give this product a 3 Star because of its high price. Now for the good stuff.
This is an amazing product. The only reason i say that is because you can install any Linux distro and TURN IT INTO A FULL FLEDGED LAPTOP WITH AMAZING BATTERY LIFE. The installation of linux is pretty smooth and easy.

AFTER installing linux you can do everything you could on your normal laptop like
-install VLC
-install Firefox Browser
-play Games(limited only by hardware)
-other cool things

IF your afraid to tinker around with your laptop then this is not for you. Otherwise give it a go and if price is not an issue(unlike me) then this would make a great first laptop for your kids.

Disappointed in Google
by Aurum on 2013-10-17

The main pro of having a laptop without a hard disk and it's "ultra potability" should be its pricing, which they seem to have failed in miserably. The same laptop is available in the US for a 35-40% cheaper, then what's the point of us buying it here, especially considering India has one of the worst internet connections in the world, which is quintessential for this "laptop" to be of any use.


An Outstanding Device
by Shayon Pal on 2014-03-06

Screen: Good size, easy to adjust brightness with dedicated up and down keys at the top of the keyboard (just like Apple). I'm reading that the Chromebook 11 version has a nicer display and that the 11 was actually co-created with Google vs. the 14 which was supposedly designed solely by HP.

Appearance: I got the machine in white. Snow White to be exact. It looks awesome on the kitchen counter. The aluminum cover around the keyboard looks great and reminds me of much more expensive Apple machines. (OK I'll stop mentioning Apple, the whole darn thing reminds me of a Rs 70,000+ Apple in appearance)

Speakers: I'm listening to Grooveshark as I type this. Zero bass response but speakers still sound decent for listening to music, but if you want bass, this is NOT the machine for you. There is a headset jack.

Connections: Speaking of jacks, there are two USB ports on the left and one on the right. There's also a HDMI output on the left so you can stream video and audio to your TV.

Productivity: If you want to run M$ Word or Excel on it, you can easily do so from Office Online. However, I will suggest you use Google Docs & Spreadsheets, especially since Google gives 100GB free storage on the Drive to every Chromebook user for 2 years.

I can easily use this as my only computer since, with 2 minutes' worth of hack, I have also installed Ubuntu in it. And it's not dual boot, mind you. With a simple key combination (like Alt+Tab) I can alternately switch between Ubuntu and Chrome OS as if I am switching windows.

Battery Life: While browsing the web continuously, brightness on full, and listening to streaming music at 50% volume, this machine can easily chug out 8 hours of life, without needing a charge. It's a beastly work machine, that way.

Best thing I've experienced with this Chrome-book is the absolute SPEED! I lift the lid, and the system is READY to go in 2 seconds, or less! I do NOT have to worry and wait while that clunker Windows operating system takes up to 2-3 minutes to load. I do NOT have to wait for Anti-virus software to verify it's up to date, and if it's not, wait possibly 10-15 minutes for it to update. I so NOT have to wait to see Windows patches lining up for about 20 to 40 MINUTES of downloading, installing, re-booting. All that stuff made me loath even turning on a Windows based laptop (and the one I WAS using had a fast hard drive in it, and had 4 GB of memory in it, along with the second fastest Intel CPU.

All in all, it's a great little machine!!!

Too Pricey a Gadget
by naubal kaushik on 2013-11-05

It seems to be too pricey a gadget to have at this price point. Big companies like Apple and samsung are offering better configured and more durable tablets at this price point. i dont know which segment of customers this is aimed at because at this price point today the market is so competitive that you can get laptops and if one pay 5-10 k more one can get a very good laptop today with gaming cababilities and Hd content which is for one n all.
this product still uses celeron processors which are a thing of past now.no hard disk only ssd , todays mobiles have got better configuration than this laptop.

a lost s**t from google!!!!
by Deb gadgy on 2013-12-09

just for curiosity, never go for this product. This isn't a notebook at all. Even these smartphones come with 32 GB storage. Don't expect anythin beyond internet surfing.

by cbrcoder . on 2013-11-26

This is the most useless electronic device made till date. Why pay so much for just computer with a browser ?? Instead you can buy a tablet with a keyboard, atleast that will play games. Google is doing BETA testing on real money.

Excellent experience with Chrome OS, HP and Flipkart
by Janardan Revuru on 2015-03-24

Read lot of reviews before purchasing the HP Chromebook. My advice is not to go with most who rated "One star" without knowing the product. The analogy is like buying a different category product like Mahindra Reva and comparing it with regular cars. Chromebook is a different segment and not to be compared with many uses of laptops.

Understand the limitations:
1. Out of the box, it comes with Chrome OS which is Google product and tied with Google web apps. Chrome OS, though based on Linux, it is not full OS at least out of the box.
2. The disk space is limited to 9GB (usable, excluding OS space).

For above limitations, there are workarounds and solutions - but at your own risk. For example, if I install Ubuntu on existing SSD drive, the usable disk space shrinks drastically for me. Which means, I couldn't even use the Google Drive offline feature, which needs 1024 MB space minimum. Nor could I install all required Ubuntu apps like Eclipse for my development purpose. So, buying a Mahindra Reva and trying to make it look and behave like Hyundai i10, is with some compromise.

HP product -
1. I have used many HP products like printer, ultrabook, laptop, etc and it lives to the product of global brand and quality
2. The white Chromebook is good, though maintaining it clean is a challenge. The exterior design, keyboard, touchpad, build quality, screen size, resolutions.

Chrome OS
1. It boots so fast, you can forget words "hibernate" and "standby" of Windows devices. It is amazingly fast. TataSky set-top-box takes more time! Seriously. Great engineering work.
2. Best, if you 90% of the time what you use computer is for browsing. Though I bought it for myself, my wife and son use it more. They stopped using iPad or 6" mobile.
3. You are fond of Google Apps - Drive, Docs, Email, Calendar, all integrated
4. Google gives 1TB free for an year

Chromebook (this variant):
1. I prefer 4GB RAM to a 2GB models.
2. It comes with 2 USB 3.0 ports and one SD card slot to extend
3. Keyboard is nice with square keys and wide touchpad.
4. Large screen
5. Nice webcam
6. Good audio quality (sound)
7. 16GB SSD - fast and leaves with 9GB usable space
8. 3G Datacard usage is plug-and-play (worked with Vodafone)
9. Remember getting 8 to 9 hours of battery backup first few months. I has been 3 or 4 months, I see 6 hours on full charge. Mostly good enough for whole day use. Even 10% battery comes at least an hour. Charging time is just 1 to 1.5 hrs.

Really great product and would recommend it. For doing office work (VPN connection), or Development laptop or editing video/photos, you should look away from Chromebooks.

Wow Flipkart Did it Again!
by Triguna Mutuguppe Sripathi on 2014-12-06

They delivered on the same day... Cant believe!

Anyways on Review of Chromebook, this chromebook from HP is damn cool and very stylish... As of now its working in awesome speed and shutdown, restart happens in seconds which is like amazing!.

Need to check it after some days and see the performance however as of now I am pretty happy with this white milky laptop.

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HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS) - Price History

HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS) Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Intel
  • Laptop Type Netbook
  • Series Chromebook
  • Part Number F4A55PA
  • Model Number 14-Q001TU
  • Laptop Color Snow White
  • Lifestyle Entertainment
  • Processor Brand Intel
  • Processor type Celeron Dual-Core (4th Gen)
  • Processor Variant 2955U
  • Processor Chipset Mobile HM86
  • Processor Cache 2 MB
  • Processor Clock Speed 1.4 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB DDR3
  • Expandable Memory Yes; Up to 8 GB
  • Memory Slots 2 (Unused Slot - 0)
  • Operating System Chrome OS
  • System Architecture 64 bit
  • Hardware Interface SSD
  • HDD Capacity 16 GB SSD
  • SSD Capacity 16 GB
  • Screen Size 14 Inches
  • Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Screen Type HD LED Backlit, Bright View Display
  • Touchscreen No
  • Height 20.57 mm
  • Width 344.42 mm
  • Dimensions 344.42 x 239.77 x 20.57 mm
  • Laptop Weight 1.9 Kg
  • Depth 239.77 mm
  • Wireless LAN Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Yes; v4.0
  • Internal Mic Yes; Single Digital Microphone
  • Speakers Yes; Dual Speakers
  • Laptop sound HD Audio
  • Graphic Processor Intel HD
  • Web Camera Yes; HP TrueVision (HD)
  • Pointer Device Multi-Touchscreen Touchpad, Multi-Gesture Support
  • Laptop Keyboard Island-style Keyboard
  • Battery Cell 4 Cell
  • USB Port Yes; 1 x (USB 2.0), 2 x (USB 3.0)
  • Mic In Yes
  • HDMI Port Yes; with HDCP Support
  • Multi Card Slot Yes
  • Lock Port Kensington Lock Port
Other Features
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Sales Package Laptop, Battery, Power Chord
HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS) HP 14-Q001TU Chromebook (4th Gen CDC/ 4GB/ 16GB SSD/ Chrome OS)
3.3/5 (92 ratings )
Out of Stock
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