HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver
  • HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver
  • HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver
  • HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver
  • HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver
  • HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver

HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver

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Key Features
  • Processor type APU Quad Core A8
  • Operating System Windows 10
  • RAM 4 GB DDR3
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
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HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver - User Reviews

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No brainer really at 20 K....only Flipkart can do it
by Sourabh Soni on 2015-11-29

Bought it in Big billion sale and got it delivered in 2 days. Have been Using it for around 1.5 months now. Coming to point the positives apart from price are --
1. Top of the line specs at this price.
2. comfortable size of keyboard and screen
3. battery life
4. upgradable ram and 1tb hdd
5. No vents get blocked even if you keep it on bed. So no over heating
The cons being --
1. position of speaker is at bottom so sound quality is average
2. Touch pad will take some time getting used to.
3. No office installed.
Final Verdict---
for first time buyers and average users.
If u get this within 23k go for it. Do no fall in trap of Intel vs AMD. As a user u wouldnt know the difference. if u are contemplating bw buying a tablet vs notebook. A notebook like this will serve you more than a tablet double the price.

Best Value for Money
by Alfred Thomas on 2015-10-08

I have purchased this laptop on 22/09/2015. It was delivered to me on 25/9/2015 and I have been using this ever since.



Performance is OK for basic office applications, I am even running another OS inside vmware and it runs very smoothly.
Build quality is good.
No heating issues encountered in normal usage (No gaming).
Additional software from cyberlink is pre-installed along with some other bloatware.
Excellent after sale service by HP


No VGA port
HP Support assistant shows this product is no longer serviced by HP when I check support options. I called them in this regard and they told me that is not true, this laptop is supported by them & I can get extended warranty if required.
Display brightness ok, but too much glare.
Only 1 usb 3.0 port
No laptop bag

Good budget option.
by Soumen Naskar on 2015-09-01

Pros :
For 27k this is the best you can get.
1TB Hard Disk,
Windows 10,
and AMD APU A8.
Good one.
Cons :
No backlit keys,
Speakers placed at the bottom
Other than the above mentioned cons, overall a nice product,

Good Product !
by ABHIK JAIN on 2015-09-26

I purchased this laptop at Rs. 25690.
I must say first of all that i was impressed by its body build when i first opened this laptop.
The touch paid quality is also good.

The performance of the laptop is also upto the mark.
I think anybody can buy, it will satisfy everybody's needs.

Only cons I say is the speakers are placed at bottom.

and please remember that you people have to buy laptop bag separately, it comes for around 500-550.

Review of HP 15-af114AU- A8 processor ,4
by srikanth gc on 2016-08-15

This laptop is worth 5star.
Bought this laptop after 1 month of survey.
Observations after 3 days of use.

*Excellent build quality in the same price range of laptops.(checked dell,asus,hp,acer and lenovo in a mall : Range:Rs.20k to 30k).
*Processor is equivalent to core i3 and decent performance.
*No heating issue.
*4GB DDR3 1600Hz ram is pretty enough for this APU A8 processor capacity.
*1TB hdd is a bonus as all others are offering 500gb hdd for the same price range.
*Genuine Win 10 OS. Drivers are working fine.

*No led light on power button
*power on led and hard disk led is placed somewhere in the side.
*Speakers are located in bottom side of the laptop

Overall these negative points are not much of a concern
Suitable for Web browsing, Youtube , Multimedia usage (Audio ,Video, Movies). No need to go to big budget laptop . If not this then consider laptop having full hd display(1080p), some 8gb+ ram, 1tb+ hdd space, Core i5 + processor -> price starts from 40k with warranty in india.
For those who dont want to spend unnecessary money on performance I suggest you to consider as a right choice of laptop.

I bought this laptop on Independence day offer for Rs.22.5k. Even a price of 25k is a deal on this laptop .

RM is 1600 MHz and not 800 MHz as posted by Awijeet
by Flipkart Customer on 2015-11-03

In response to Awijeet's comment, when you buy a RAM, it is always listed as DDR, DDR2, DDR3 etc. Here, the DDR stands for double data rate. So, the RAM sends twice the amount of signals as that of the base clock. So, technically speaking, even though the FSB operates at 800 MHz, the RAM operates at 1600 MHz.
A simple google search gave me this answer. Do your research next time before misguiding people.

Don't think, Just buy it
by Vijay Gajera on 2015-10-23

I ordered this on 15th and got delivery on 22nd

I got this at 21k only in BBD. So i think i am very lucky to have
This laptop at this price.

I used it for two days and found below things.

1.When you open the box you will amazed by its look. It is very much stylist.
2.Battery backup is very good
3.Easy to setup Windows 10
4.I am new to Windows 10 but i just like it. It is very user friendly.
5.I didn’t find heating issue with normal usage(didn't try any game)

Overall you will not find all this things in 30k price range
Like it have 1 TB hard disk, 4 GB RAM,AMD A8 processor, windows 10
Very attractive look.

So don’t think much if you want to buy in 30k range.

Thanks flipkart for this amazing product.

Great for the price but watchout ..
by Kaushik Somaiya on 2016-09-08

So whats the difference if AMD is offered at cheap price on same features compared to Intel Processors ?

The difference is in stability and support !

Intel is responsible for future updates and compatibility with the underlying hardware.

While this device comes with Windows 10, dont think you are on the latest. Because the AMD drivers that run with the windows 10 may be perfect when you receive this laptop..but when u try to update the AMD display drivers to the latest version, they are not compatible with the Windows 10 OS, I have experienced UI freezing issues when i updated the display drivers. Something that i never experienced with Intel based laptops. So i had to do a System restore to go back to earlier state. Now I am feeling bad to use old display drivers when the latest ones are out there.

Otherwise, laptop is fine.

Awesome product
by Aarav Raj on 2016-04-27

I purchased this product 4 months back in january 2016. After using 4 months i can say this with full assurity that nobody can provide such product at such a cheap price. The product was delivered in just 2 days with an awesome packing. I am a flipkart user since 2014, & it is a great experience in dealing with these people

Good performance with Windows 10 out of the box
by Satyabrata Panda on 2015-10-04

Liked -
* External finishing is good and the laptop feels solid in hand.
* Weight is pretty nice for the size. Does not feel very heavy.
* A8 with 4GB RAM offers decent performance for day to day work. Light games run well.
* Windows 10 was pre-installed which is a great thing as i don't have to go through the hassle of downloading and configuring stuff. In general, making Windows available at this price itself is a positive point of this laptop.
* Speakers are good - sufficiently loud and clear for songs and movies. If you are on the table, they sound good. On bed, sound may get blocked. The speakers are on the front bottom part of the laptop which is slightly curved. So, laying the laptop on the table does not cover them.
* Touchpad is large and supports gestures. I found the two-finger-scroll very nice to use with web browsing.
* Wifi range is good.

Could have been better -
* Keyboard layout could have been better. I do not like the small arrow keys as the are hard to use. HP has given a num-pad on the right instead of giving bigger keys. I personally prefer bigger keys as it makes it easy to type. But, people who use num-pad may like it.
* Screen could have been better. It is not very vibrant. It is sufficiently bright. Viewing angles are not great. For the primary user, it works well. But if you want to show videos or pictures to your friends and family members, they experience some darkness unless if they view it from side angles.
* The USB ports were not very smooth to use. It took me a lot of force to insert the usb drives. Hope this improves with regular use.

Overall feeling -
I am happy with this product performance and quality. The fact that it came with Windows 10 pre-installed is what i really liked. This may not be the right choice for a gamer but for all users who want a big screen laptop with good performance for office and home use, this is perfect.

Clarifying RAM specification issue
by Chitvan Gupta on 2015-10-30

Guys, Nothing to worry about, RAM is running at 1600. You need to remember DDR is double data rate, so 800 (frequency)multiplied by two equals the data rate which is 1600.

Also, to confirm your RAM type whether it DDR2 or DDR3, go to task manager and click on the performance tab where you need to select Memory. Check the right side top corner, there it is clearly visible 4.0 GB DDR3.

You can also install 3rd party software like CPU-Z to validate the RAM type.

P.S - Product is great at this price point.

Best Budget Laptop with great design !
by Rahul Pandey on 2015-09-10

1 TB hard disk at low price.
Windows 10, Edge and Cortana is simply awesome.
Great built, I mean cross brush pattern at back and keybard bulit is too good.
and last look up the weight only 2.19 Kg so ultra light..u will not get that much lighter laptop with the same price and specs
Speaker at bottom..difficult to hear under the bed.
No bag is provided

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HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver - Price History

HP 15-af114AU P3C92PA#ACJ Notebook (APU Quad Core A8/4GB/1TB/Win10) Silver Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand HP
  • Laptop Type Notebook
  • Part Number P3C92PA#ACJ
  • Model Number 15-af114AU
  • Laptop Color Turbo SIlver Color With Diamond & Cross Brush Pattern
  • Lifestyle Home
  • Processor Brand AMD
  • Processor type APU Quad Core A8
  • Processor Cache 2 MB
  • Processor Clock Speed 2.2 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 2.5 GHz
  • RAM 4 GB DDR3
  • Expandable Memory Upto 8 GB
  • Memory Slots 2 Slots
  • RAM Frequency 1600 MHz
  • Operating System Windows 10
  • OS Architecture 64 bit
  • Hardware Interface HDD
  • RPM 5400
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
  • Screen Size 15.6 inch
  • Screen Resolution 1366 x 768 pixel
  • Screen Type HD LED Backlit Widescreen BrightView Display
  • Touchscreen No
  • Dimensions 384.30 x 254.50 x 24.38 mm
  • Laptop Weight 2.19 kg
  • Ethernet 10/100 BaseT
  • Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Bluetooth v4.0
  • Internal Mic Single Digital Microphone
  • Speakers Yes
  • Laptop sound DTS Studio Sound, Dual Speakers
  • Graphic Processor AMD Radeon R5 Series Graphics
  • Web Camera HP TrueVision HD Webcam
  • Pointer Device Touchpad with Windows 10 Multi-touch Gesture Support
  • Laptop Keyboard Full-size Textured Island Style Keyboard With Numeric Keypad
  • Power Supply 65 W AC Adapter
  • Battery Cell 4 cell
  • USB Port 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0
  • Mic In Yes
  • RJ45 LAN Yes
  • HDMI Port Yes, v1.4
  • Multi Card Slot 3-in-1 Card Reader
Optical Disk Drive
  • Read/Write Speed 8x
  • Optical Drive SuperMulti DVD RW Drive with Dual Layer Support
  • Lock Port Kensington Lock Slot
Other Features
  • Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter, User Guide and Manuals
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