Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver
  • Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver
  • Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver
  • Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver
  • Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver
  • Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver

Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver

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Key Features
  • Processor type Core i5 (3rd Gen)
  • Operating System Windows 8
  • RAM 6 GB DDR3
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
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Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver Price List in India

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Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver - User Reviews

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I'll keep it short
by Mikael Chuaungo on 2013-12-16

Just wanna say the specifications are amazing for this price. You are getting a GT650M which outperforms the newer GT 740M found in most Indian laptops in the range of Rs 60-70k so thats a big deal.
The GT 650M will consume more battery than the GT 740M but i think gamers are not concerned about that.. moreover its 1600X900 pixel display...not bad eh?
Most underrated laptop of 2013 !!

Gaming, multimedia, entartainment powerhouse!
by Prasenjit Chowdhury on 2013-10-05

Really powerful 3rd gen 3230 i5 processor, and 2 GB NVIDIA GeForce 650M card: this is outstanding and undoubtedly THE BEST you can get in this range. Most games run like a breeze in full resolution and AA on. I seriously recommend this laptop, though I didn't get it from Flipkart (I bought it for 51k only). The display is so so awesome, and so is the JBL speakers.

Just for two small cons, this laptop would've been 100% incredible:
a) Backlit keyboard
b) Bigger arrow keys, better keyboard layout (but you'll get used to it slowly)

Awesome all in one
by Sabyasachi Mondal on 2013-09-09

I will straight go to my pros and cons section!


1.Awesome gaming performance-Nvidia gt-650m handles all LATEST games like a breeze
2-HD+ LED display with great brightness
3-Blu-Ray drive makes it future proof to latest media
4-Keyboard layout is great.
5.Good multitasker.
6.Doesnt heat up during heavi gaming-still a cooling pad is recommended.
7.Awesome JBL speakers


1.Build quality not great. Its ok-ok if u are not a rough user.Creaky monitor panel
2.Touchpad butons make a hell of "click" sound.
3.No caps lock,num lock,scroll lock indicator.

I wold recomment this laptop to anyone anyday with a budget of this range

Happy shopping! :)

update problem with service centres,atleast not here in kolkata.They kepy my laptop for 2 days to repair my keyboard(read change). not listen to people claming samsung to a "china" product

Trust Me.DONT Go Anywhere
by shardul on 2014-09-17

I am using this laptop from last 1year. Gamin is my main task on this lapy. Until now i didn't get any trouble from NP5..6IN. The performance of it forced me to post the review bout lapy.

For Gamers--
Lapy is quit powerful with gt 650m, on which you can play all high graphics games. Till now i have played many heavy graphics games such as Wolfenstien N O, Crysis3, Metro Last Light, Max Payne 3,Bioshock Inf, COD Ghost, Battlefield 3 4, NFS Rivals etc. ''WITHOUT ANY TROUBLE''.

Few people talk bout battery backup and heatin issues while gamin--
There is no any lapy within rang 1L which don't gets heated n will give you huge battery backup....ha ha ha ha

For Multitaskers and Multimedia users--

Lapy is

Sufficiently faster
Energy efficient
Display is super-bright and nice looking

Note-If want, you can upgrade ram to 8gb also

by Nithin Narayan on 2014-02-15

I have used the laptop for about 2 weeks now.I bought this after considering so many laptops. This by far the best in the price range.I should specially mention the quality of jbl speakers+ subwoofers.

1.GT650M graphics + corei5@ under Rs 55,000/- (when I bought it) was a sweet deal.(core I5 gives less heating issues)
2.Jbl speakers are loud and gives rich sound( it's just mindblowing ..)
3.Samsung inbuilt control panel has some great tricks up its sleeve like Soundalive, battery life extender,controlling fan speed etc.
4. Looks sleek and sexy
5. Screen is and always has been Samsung's main plus point. It's pretty good.
6. Has a bluray drive,I might not be using bluray disc but it makes it future proof+ it comes with the whole package
7. Weight is less compared to other models with same specs

1. No numlock, capslock and scroll lock led indicators
2. Trackpad could have been better
3. Laptop heats up.(it's obvious since it is powered by GT650M.. have to invest in a cooler)
4. Some bloatware needs to be removed

The one I got had white spot on the screen. Seller didn't replace it and that dumba** who made the bill invoice typed the wrong model number number. This means I can't claim the warranty.I have contacted flipkart and the issue is not yet resolved(under process).I am hoping to get a new invoice through mail within a week.

Rated this 4 only purely because of the seller and the trouble he put me in.. and yeah the flipkart delivery didn't impress me neither. Shipment got delayed by 3 days. Normally flipkart service is good..I hope this is just a oneoff incident..

The best deal on internet!
by Rohan Deshpande on 2013-12-24

Let me just say this again: AWESOME.
• Processor: Core i5-3230M. This is a proper M series fully powered mobile processor and not like U-series (Ultra low power) present in most laptops today that sacrifice half the performance for battery life. This one is a fast one!
Also, I would take a moment to say Battery life is NOT the most important thing in a laptop, that is true only for mobiles.
• Graphics: nVidia 650M. It is a class 2 graphics card. Plays all the games smoothly at the high resolution screen of this laptop. I have been able to play only Assasin's Creed 3, NFS Most Wanted 2, Battlefield 4 till now. If you are playing on med-high settings like me, you will get around 40+ fps in such games.
• RAM: 6 GB DDR3. Superb for multi-tasking. Now I can open 30 tabs in the browser and Windows does not hang.
• HD: 1TB. All I can say is that I parked my plans to buy another external hard drive.
• Screen: This is the second best thing about this laptop. It has 1600x900 resolution and not 1366x768 as most laptops. The better pixel density is great for reading text like ebooks, newspaper etc.. That high pixel density was a key reason why I bought this laptop.
• Spekers: I am dumbfounded at the quality of the speakers! Seriously it has two speakers on top and one WOOFER at the bottom (check out the pics, looks great). That is crazy!! I (along with my friends) can't believe all that sound is coming from a laptop. This is the best thing about the laptop (especially if you play games and watch a lot of movie/series).
• Optical Driver: It has Blu-Ray. Period.
• Build Quality: The keyboard keys are a bit small. But you can get used to it. Also metal finish is really stunning. It does not attract finger print as much as a hard plastic chassis does.
• Software: It has some bloatware. You will have to uninstall it for optimum performance. But I was surprised to see some really nice Samsung Software in it. One I can mention here is 'SoundAlive', it changes the sound to have many effects for different types of music (yup, it has the Concert Hall mode for 3D sound). Apart from this there are softwares to increase battery life, to keep fan sound in check, multiple gestures for mousepad etc. As much I dislike Bloatware, I couldn't bring myself to uninstalll a few Samsung Softwares. Kudos to Samsung.
• OS: Pre-installed Windows 8. You can upgrade it freely to 8.1. The new UI takes a few days to learn and hence not appreciated by everyone as like Windows 7, but it is much faster than Older Windows and that makes up for everything!! It has new feature that were never a part of other Windows OS like Multi-copying. You can pause one copying for another and check speeds, the Task Manager now tells you the processor frequency and many more settings etc. I would prefer Windows 8.1 just for the boost in performance.
• Warranty: Since this is an expensive product I am getting an extended warranty for 2 more years. The costs are 4.5k for Carry-in and 5.5k for On-site warranty (both for additional 2 years). This is nearly half of the extended warranty costs of other brands.
I got this laptop for 49,500 after 10% discount on SBI Cards. I can't believe I got such specifications at this price. The other brands give similar specifications at much higher price: Lenovo Yoga Y510 - 77k, HP Envy - 68k or check any other brand.
I would say one thing, If you are looking for a laptop with a better configuration than average (even a little bit), this one is for you. Whatever you do on a laptop be it Gaming, Movies, Reading ebooks, browsing this one has it covered in a better way than any other would. This is my dream come true, hope it is yours too!

Don't buy samsung laptops
by Radhakrishnan Rajendran on 2014-04-21

Flipkart is a best site. Excellent service. Fast delivery.

About samsung:
Never ever buy any of the samsung products.It is just like worst quality china product. No proper customer service. Once the product is under problem thats it you have to through that . It can be any cost starting from 5k to 100k. Waste of money waste of time. Be careful don't make a big mistake of buying samsung product.
continuously i have been taking my laptop to service center. all these problems within 10 months of purchase. i have been visiting service center for past 8 months still under problem.
1st time usb port changed (20 days laptop held in service center)
2nd time dvd writer changed (15 days laptop held in service center)
3rd time again usb port changed (30 days laptop held in service center)
4th time motherboard problem
(I have complained and given laptop to service center it has been there for more than a month)

by Raja Kumar on 2015-12-19

This is an amazing product. I have been using this laptop for more than 1 year. I am fully satisfied.

best bang for buck
by Luckysingh Atwal on 2014-03-13

no other notebook will provide such gaming performance ,not even 70000 will get you anything like this

Best laptop for the price, but ...
by Kiran D on 2014-02-11

The best configuration available at this price range.
Processor is very impressive and gives good performance.
Not complains with RAM and HDD.
Screen is very good, very bright, excellent clarity.
Haven't yet put the graphics card through it's pace, but video quality is excellent.
JBL speakers are 'THE BOMB' ... the best speakers I've seen in laptop for this price.

But the battery is not "90 W" the AC adapter is 90 W. The battery is 6 cell 48W 4400mAh. I didn't understand it until I bought the laptop ... so heads up to others.
Battery shows no problem, charges quick, would expect not more than 2 ~ 3 hours out of it ... don't expect more from stock laptops.
The price for which I bought it was Rs.54890/- ... the very next day after placing the order the price changes to Rs.58490/- ... Rs.3600/- increase. Maybe because I bought it and left fewer with the seller or the seller just wanted to increase the price as there's good demand.
Either way I'm damn lucky as I bought this for not just the specs but the specs at a good price.

View all 16 Reviews

Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver - Price History

Samsung NP550P5C (S06IN) Notebook (3rd Gen Ci5/6GB/1TB/Win8/2GB Graph) Titan Silver Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Samsung
  • Laptop Type Notebook
  • Series Series 5
  • Laptop Color Silver
  • Lifestyle Performance, Gaming
  • Processor Brand Intel
  • Processor type Core i5 (3rd Gen)
  • Processor Variant 3230M
  • Processor Chipset Mobile HM75 Express
  • Processor Cache 3 MB (L3 Cache)
  • Processor Clock Speed 2.6 GHz
  • RAM 6 GB DDR3
  • Expandable Memory Upto 8 GB
  • Memory Slots 2 (Unused Slot - 0)
  • Operating System Windows 8
  • System Architecture 64 bit
  • OS Architecture 64 bit
  • Hardware Interface SATA II
  • RPM 5400 rpm
  • HDD Capacity 1 TB
  • SSD Capacity No
  • Screen Size 15.6 Inches
  • Screen Resolution 1600 x 900 pixels
  • Screen Type HD Plus LED, Super Bright 300nit, Anti-Reflective Display
  • Touchscreen No
  • Height 29.9-30.4 mm
  • Dimensions 367.9 x 242.8 x 30.4 mm
  • Width 367.9 mm
  • Laptop Weight 2.5 Kg
  • Depth 242.8 mm
  • Ethernet 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
  • Wireless LAN Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Wireless WAN Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Yes; v4.0 with (HS)
  • Internal Mic Yes
  • Speakers Yes; JBL Stereo Speakers
  • Laptop sound Stereo Speakers (2 x 2 Watts) with Sub-woofer (5 Watts), SoundAlive, Max Bass Boost Subwoofer
  • Graphics Memory Type GDDR3
  • Graphics Memory Capacity 2 GB
  • Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
  • Web Camera Yes; 1.3 MP (HD)
  • Pointer Device Touchpad
  • Laptop Keyboard Island-style Keyboard with Numpad
  • Battery Backup Upto 3 hours
  • Power Supply 90 Watts AC Adapter
  • Battery Cell 6 Cell
  • USB Port Yes; 2 x (USB 3.0), 2 x (USB 2.0)
  • Mic In Yes
  • RJ45 LAN Yes
  • HDMI Port Yes
  • VGA Port Yes
  • Multi Card Slot Yes; 3-in-1 Card Reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC)
Optical Disk Drive
  • Optical Drive Blu-Ray Drive
  • Lock Port Yes
Other Features
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Sales Package Laptop, Battery, AC Adapter
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