Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop
  • Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop
  • Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop
  • Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop

Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop

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Key Features
  • Processor type Pentium Dual Core
  • Operating System Free DOS
  • RAM 2 GB
  • HDD Capacity 320 GB
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Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop - User Reviews

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Though ..... Still Worth Considering!
by Shashi Kanth Kasam on 2011-11-26

Delivery from flipkart is simply fantastic. It was delivered in 2 two days. Neatly packed. Company sealed box with user manual. 5 STARS to flipkart service.

About the laptop:

Consider these points before you go for this laptop.

1. Keyboard doesn't give you that good feel. Keys look very delicate. You dont get that feather touch feel as u generally get in Dell laptops; Ofcourse, u have Numpad.

2. This laptop doesn't come with 'Drivers CD/DVD'. So have to get them from toshiba website.

3. If you are planning to install Win XP, drivers are really a big problem. I initially installed Win XP sp2, but could not find any drivers for display, ethernet, sound etc.,. Even toshiba customer care people were unsure of the drivers to Win XP. They could not point to right drivers. I could only get couple of drivers. Then I finally went for Windows 7.

4. This is a 64 bit processor, so you would enjoy better performance with a 64 bit OS. I went for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit OS.

5. Even with Windows 7 Ultimate, the display drivers, network controller drivers as obtained from toshiba website will not be sufficient. They do not have HD graphics drivers as required by this system. You got get it from the net after choosing to update the drivers from 'Device Manager'.

6. You could still see some "?" marks mentioning 'Unknown Device'. You again have to do some research here.... :(

But, finally, I could set up my system after spending almost a day.. :)

7. There are no direct buttons or sliding swtiches to on/off bluetooth and wireless.

8. No HDMI port. Only 2 USB ports.. But can live with it..!

Now some good points ...

1. Tops pattern - Good that you cannot have problems of scratches so easily, though finger prints are slightly visible.

2. With 64 bit OS, my system is showing a good performance. Am satisfied on that part.

3. Battery life is impressive. Close to 2.5 to 3 hrs. Good for a 15.6 inch laptop.

4. Weight of the laptop is something that you can take on a very positive side. It is really lighter for a 15.6 inch laptop.

5. LED display is really cool...!

6. Sound is also good. Definitely enuf for a laptop..; but HP's Altec Lansing speakers are always my favourite. (Only this - I like about HP, after having had one for 3 yrs now).

Finally, here is the windows experience ratings of this laptop:

Processor: 5.7
RAM: 5.5
Graphics: 3.9
Gaming Graphics: 5.0
Disk transfer rate: 5.9

Pretty good ratings for a laptop in the price range of 19k. So, still worth considering this laptop...!

Thn Q.

by Sudipto Chakravarty on 2011-08-08

I was looking for a laptop that would play DVDs, allow me to surf the net, keep my music and photos neatly arranged, and facilitate social networking & video chats without much fuss. My friends and folks advised me to go either for a Dell, an HP or a Sony Vaio. Fair enough. Those are big names, and have an established market. However, I chanced upon this beauty while flipping through Flipkart pages. At 16.6K, this was mouth watering. I am not much into gaming, graphics or rigorous multitasking on the computer, so the configuration and price appeared just right for me. Okay, the Intel T4500 Dual Core Processor isn't exactly brand new and that it may not cook my food or mix a drink or two for me, but what the heck, even the i3 and the i5 couldn't do that either. So Toshiba Satellite it was. Received it spot on time with cash on delivery. Super packing. Got it configured with Windows 7 on a 32 bit platform. The driver CD came with the laptop. No hassles at all. Heartily recommend this model to everyone who wants a laptop for casual use.

VFM Product
by S Roy on 2012-06-24

Flipkart delivered the product in 48 hours. Brilliant!

To start with, the C850-P5010 laptop has been updated, and the photograph you see is no longer reflective of what you'll actually find in the package. So check out the latest product shots from the Toshiba website.

Secondly, this is a value-for-money ("VFM") machine. Most of us for all of the time, and all of us for most of the time would not require a laptop with a faster processor than this. You could do better with another 2GB of RAM just to ease out any minor speed-traps.

Thirdly, the drivers (to Windows 7 32-Bit) are all available on the Toshiba website. Or you may also try DriverMax to identify missing or outdated drivers and install the same. No problems faced there. Sadly, Ubuntu 12.04 did not recognise the Realtech Wifi card (but otherwise ran blazing fast otherwise from a USB Drive).

Fourth, this laptop comes with a dedicated numeric keypad to the right, and the touchpad is aligned to the left. This will take time to get used to.

Fifth, the Windows experience index (Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit) for this laptop is a 4.4 (Processor 5.9, Memory 5.5, Graphics 4.4, Gaming Graphics 5.5 and Primary Hard Drive 5.9)

The laptop is incredibly light, and at times may feel a bit flimsy. The speakers are pathetic if compared to a Compaq F700/ C700 which had Altec Lansing speakers. But the Realtech Audio driver coupled with the Toshiba sound enhancement driver gives better performance on headphones than the Compaq.

Conclusion: I put my money on it. My 5/5 is based on the bang-for-buck scale. Considering that I've had the laptop for about 4-odd days now, it is too early to provide a comprehensive report. With all electronic products these days, it's a gamble you're taking. Some might pay off in the long run, others might not. You choose.

a good starting range model
by abi on 2011-10-24

This is a good model for 18.5K, but you should be aware that it does not include any OS, AGP card (required for 3D games etc) or laptop bag. Otherwise good enough for any basic user.
I uploaded Linux Mint 11 on it and it worked beautifully, all the drivers worked, so no additions were required.

Installing Windows was quite a nightmare for me, Toshiba India website only provided the Windows7 drivers, so I couldn't use any other windows OS (XP or Vista). No driver CDs included. Eventually gave up on trying to install windows and went for linux mint. Ofcourse, you will need a good high bandwidth DSL (2Mbps ) to download the linux OS or the windows drivers, if you're doing it yourself. So it is not a model that can be used off the shelf.

The laptop build is quite good, sturdy plastic frame and nice finish. I would have expected some switches for Wi-fi, volume control and blue-tooth, but nothing like that available on this model. You need to use the function-key combinations for everything.

Surprisingly this model did not have any reviews on non-India websites. the model was probably built for the Indian market.

On the whole a good model, if you know how set it up yourself and want something below 20K INR.

Details of C850-P5010 driver
by RANJEET KUMAR on 2012-11-06

The laptop was received well before promised schedule time.
Installed Window 7 (32 Bit) OS along with other utility software.
The salient features of Laptop is: -
1. Look is good at this price.
2. Keypad is average (Plastic look and creates sound when pressed).
3. Keyboard is bigger than the standard one.
4. No direct key/ switch for WiFi or Bluetooth (However, the WiFi can be accessed by pressing Fn+F12 but, Bluetooth with installed software)
5. The mouse sensitivity is excellent (Very light touch is sufficient)
6. The biggest problem is that of installing driver. In Toshiba India website ( Computer&series=Satellite&model=C850&cat=0&os=Windows 7 32 Bit), the list of all driver (Including laptop user manual/ guide in software form) is given. The same can be found for Window 7 (64 bit) OS. The main issue I found in installing driver for WLAN, LAN and Bluetooth. (For WLAN, I installed Realtek Wireless LAN Driver (V2.00.0020) uploaded on 22th Oct,2012, For LAN -Atheros LAN Driver and for Bluetooth -Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba v9.00.00T both uploaded on 9th May, 2012.
Note: - Kindly download only those drivers which are needed for your lappy.
Best of luck. even if you find problem, kindly raise the query through this website.

For Linux users
by Siddharth H on 2012-11-16

The product first- it is undoubtedly a value for money,but no drivers from the manufacturer means trouble.

This product works clean with a Windows 7 and above only.For every other OS( older versions of Windows and Linux) ,you may encounter issues with sound and wired internet connection.

I struggled for 2 full days mining the web trying to fix the wired connection problem and also finding out a compatible linux distro.The story did have a happy ending and I am sharing my experience here solely for those who want to install Linux OS on this.

1.Best OS in my view -Linux mint 13 (aka Maya)
You will have no issues with the sound ,the settings are more user friendly than Ubuntu.In fact,Mint is built on top of Ubuntu .

2.Step wise solution to establish wired connection-
a. Download compat-wireless-2012-09-25-pc.tar.bz2 from linuxwireless. Save this file.
b. Copy the file into any folder after you have installed Maya.
c. Open a Terminal
d. Cd into the folder containing the file .
e. tar -xvf compat-wireless-2012-09-25-pc.tar.bz2
f. cd compat-wireless-2012-09-25-pc
g. scripts/driver-select alx
h. sudo make
i. sudo make install
j. sudo modprobe alx

That's it.Your wired connection will be established.Reboot if it doesn't happen automatically.

No other complaints otherwise with the product.The look and feel couldn't be more in this price range

by rejeesh thampy on 2012-11-28

I bought 2 Toshiba laptops ,one for me and one for my brother.After 6 months my laptops bottom panel is damaged(It is made up with cheep plastic).I have to pay 3500 rs for this . Then after 1 yr its display got damaged(5500 rs for that). Toshiba laptop is a piece of bull shit...

This product is what we call "Value for money"
by Jana Sreenivasan on 2011-08-23

I brought this product. Contains everything needed for an average home user ( not gamers ). Well build , quality plastics ( u will be actually surprised by the quality compared to the price you pay) , Wifi , Bluetooth, Good screen ,multi touch- touchpad, an useful but not so great webcam, a quality backpack, Win7 Driver CD which includes lots of Toshiba's custom software which makes laptop usage much fun and great battery back up.

Highly Recommended!!!

Good laptop with complete features.....but with plastic body.
by Bhanu Gupta on 2012-08-30

I bought this product 1 month ago.....Product is good if you look at the price.....if it works fine for 2 years i am happy.

1. Features - 8/10
2. Price - 9/10
3. Look - 7/10
4. Performance - 7/10
5. Body - 3/10 (Plastic body)
7. Keyboard - 3/10 (Worst thing in the laptop, However separate Num pad)
6. Laptop Screen - 6/10 ( Sometimes give little blurr in some HD videos)
7. Ports - 7/10

But overall a good laptop in 20K.....

Nice, Value for Money laptop
by Natarajan B on 2012-01-05

I've ordered this laptop on 15th Dec and got the delivery on the next day (16th Dec) itself with the superb packaging.

Delivery was prompt and trouble free. Thanks a lot to Flipkart team.

Only problem I found with the laptop is "Drivers availability for Windows 7". By reading the reviews and searching the drivers for Windows XP in Toshiba website, I was really frustrated and dropped the idea of loading Windows XP in my laptop.

I bought the 'Windows 7 Home Premium' 64 bit edition and loaded onto my Laptop. Still Display and few other drivers were not working.

Toshiba customer care was horrible and they've no idea how this problem can be solved out. Though with the repeated attempts, no help.

But, luckily I found the complete set of drivers for this Toshiba laptop in USA website of Toshiba (with the similar config).

I've loaded and the performance is awesome. (Note: I've also tried Live CD of Ubuntu Linux and the overall performance is good)

Now, the PLUS:
1) Display is nice
2) Battery back up comes for more than 2.5 hours, though it is 15" screen
3) Build quality is good.
4) Overall performance is awesome (of-course in 64 bit Windows 7).

Overall, this is a very good Laptop and certainly value for money.

Awesome service & Hot Price!!
by veereshts on 2011-07-30

1) Ordered 29/7/2011 @ 11:41 AM & received on 30/7/2011 @ 12:40 PM.
2) Very good price & Value for money.
3) It has Win 7 driver DVD.

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Toshiba Satellite C Series C665-P5012 Laptop Specifications

General Features
  • Laptop Brand Intel
  • Processor Brand Intel
  • Processor type Pentium Dual Core
  • Processor Cache 3 MB
  • RAM 2 GB
  • Operating System Free DOS
  • HDD Capacity 320 GB
  • SSD Capacity 32 GB
  • Screen Size 15.6 Inches
  • Screen Type LED Display
  • Laptop Weight 2.4 Kg
  • Wireless LAN Yes; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Bluetooth Yes; v2.1
  • Speakers Yes
  • Graphic Processor Intel HD
  • Web Camera Yes; 0.3 MP
  • Battery Cell 6 Cell
  • USB Port Yes
  • HDMI Port No
  • Multi Card Slot Yes
Optical Disk Drive
  • Optical Drive DVD-RW Drive
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