Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow
  • Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow
  • Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow

Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow

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Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow Price List in India

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  • Price of Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow in the above table is in Indian Rupee.
  • The latest price of Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow was obtained on May 26, 2016
  • The Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow is available in Flipkart.
  • The lowest price of Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow is 10,650 in Flipkart, which is 0% less than the cost of Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow in Flipkart ( 10,650)
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Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow - User Reviews

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Good buy
by Sagnik Bhattacharya on 2012-11-27

1. If you are from India and want to spend 13k on an Apple product go for the previous generation iPod Touch, its worth it.
2. If you are from India and want to spend 13k on a Nano, don't, go for a Sony Walkman or a Cowon product.
3. If you are a from India,and a die-hard Apple fan-boy, its not my forte to convince you, go for it, but try to get it from USA via friends/relatives, which I did. It cost me $149 + 3% of the cost for exchange price(total around 8.6k).
4. If you are not from India and the price of this Nano isn't THIS HIGH then go for it its a very nice product.
5. And I am not one of those people who rate a product one star because of its price. This is a very nice product, its very light, very touch-friendly, earpods are definitely better than the previous gen earphones and the Bluetooth is a nice addition.

by Charvi K on 2011-08-31

When I pay over ten grand for a music player, I expect it to be phenomenal. Imagine my surprise when the music quality turned out to be the same as my Blackberry (and BB isn't even a music phone!) I've been told that the real difference between the two would become apparent if I shell out another 8k on really good speakers but frankly I can't be bothered. Oh, and the Genius playlist feature that they advertise so much? Non-functional, unless you happen to have an Apple account, which you can't have unless you want to give up your credit card information, and that's the last thing I'm going to do.

Stupid, over-hyped, over-priced product. But the music quality is decent enough if you don't like listening to music on your phone or your phone is an old Nokia S40. Still, you'd be better off buying one of those Sony MP3 players. At least when their music quality turns out to be average, you won't want to cry at all the money down the drain.

The tiny player in your pocket..!!
by Varun Joshi on 2014-03-06

I have used ipod nanno 5th generation before and it took me some time to get used to this little beast.
The pros -
(1) Just 30 grams.
(2)16GB is more than enough for my music collection.
(3)EarPods are a nice addition, it fits in your ear like a charm, even a bumpy bike ride couldn't get this out from my ears.
(4)The touch is great and the screen resolution is perfect for the screen size.

The cons -
(1)Missing a video camera, though I didn't use the video camera in 5th generation but it could have been an added advantage.
(2)Apple should have supplied EarPods with volume control.
(3)You can watch movies as well, but come one, movie in 2.5 inch screen, thanks.

For anyone who is comparing this with other players, come on guys, this player is so light weight that I do not even feel that it is in my pocket, so damn light.

The other cheap players are quite heavy when compared to this one. IMO there is no point in buying an MP3 player that is heavy, we have phones for that, don't we?

WS retail did a great job too, I opted for in a day delivery and it was delivered as promised with proper packaging.

Small IS Beautiful!
by Rajat Sharma on 2012-05-31

I bought this ipod nano ,though not from flipkart, and it turned to be an excellent product.Being an Apple product,you obviously have many expectations and i must say that it did stand upto my expectations.I would briefly describe its features--

1)First of all , its size.Its so convenient to handle and carry just because its so "nano".
2)The earphones are fantastic and the sound quality is awesome.Moreover,the length of the wire is pretty long which is very convenient.The earphones can also be loosened with the help of a "adjuster" on the earphone wire.
3)It has a clip which is very useful.You can either keep the ipod in your pocket or just clip it onto your T-shirt or shirt neck or even the breast pocket and roam freely.
4)It has maximum(as far as i think)useful features that one could possibly have in such a small gadget.It has radio,alarm,stopwatch,Clock , equalizer,different wallpapers ,maximum volume lock (which i find the most important option)and many more.You can also store photos in it.

There are many more features available in it --- will leave something for the buyers to find!

So,Overall the product is fantastic for those people who love to listen songs occasionally.Also good for people who travel a lot and like to relax themselves with a quick round of their favorite songs.And as far as the quality,etc.... etc.. is concerned i would say JUST RELAX....its APPLE!

Very nice
by Parimal on 2013-03-14

First, this ipod nano may look pricey in India, but I got it from US for around 8.5k all inclusive. I have a ipod shuffle, which itself is great product but wanted something with screen. The ipod touch has lot of goodies, but the size is so big that it can't be practically called portable !! And we have iphone, so ipod touch didn't make any sense either. Some may say buy 4g ipod touch than latest nano but then what they don't see is the size. The large size of touch makes it like a phone, which spoils the utility, atleast for me, especially when iphone is there.

What I suggest is, if you are into gym, running etc. opt for ipod shuffle & if you need something really nice, powerful yet small with a screen, opt for nano. If you can get it from US, its absolute VFM.

I just hope apple incorporates 2 things in new nano (whenever they launch it) -

1.) Volume should be adjustable from earphone or these earphones should be atleast optional,
2.) Clip should be provided like previous gen nano/current gen shuffle, so that in closed area (dust free), you can clip it on your shirt & use it. This clip is very useful if you wear t-shirts, which normally don't have pockets.

Overall, this is fantastic product, very compact, great sound quality & yes, its a ipod at the end of the day ! I will rate it 4.5/5. Could have given 5/5 if above 2 points would have been incorporated in it. Hope new gen takes care of it. :)

Totally Rubbish
by Kaustav Bose on 2012-11-17

Looks can be deceiving. This is not worth it if u can get the touch 4g for just 1 k extra. U want sound quality, get cowon. U want to show off like those sorry guys, get this, use the bundled earphones and go around saying u have an apple.

(Edit : I love the fanboys rating this comment down, thanks all. In this era of low rupee value, failing economy, where people dont get money to eat, you fanboys support the economy of this company by buying these products at 120% higher prices.. kudos to you all)

by Dhruv Shah on 2014-07-09

Battery is still little lesser then expected. Over all very good product. extremely light weight but too pricey.

Thanks flipkart
by Piyush Gupta on 2014-05-18

I had actually ordered nano 6th generation a year ago, but due to some issues i accidentally received ipod nano 7th generation (which is actually 1500 cheaper. lol! :p). So thanks flipkart for that!!
About the product, its simply amazing. There is no doubt about the sound quality of apple products. If you ever have to compare ipod with any other mp3 player, use your favourite song for comparison using different equilizers, because since its your favorite song, you are well aware of all the beats and lyrics. In any ipod you would find all the songs crisp and clear and will just take you alon with it.
People would say go for ipod touch by adding 2k extra. But make your reuirements clear. This serves the purpose of small and handy mp3 player only and only for music, and videos for some. It is really small and slips along with my big smartphone in the same pocket. During gym its really handy while running on trademill. Its very light and the metal body makes it look rich.
If you love music then go for it. If possible throw in a pair of earphones or headphones of some other quality like noise canceling or high base and it will be like cherry on top...

A good product for music and workout!
by Abhishek Uday on 2014-04-25

Recivd a damged product by flipkart got it replaced dat took delvry tym of arund 16 days.!
No offenc by product its just awesum go fr it suprb music qulty, touch, headphns, luks, lite wght, nike+!
only negtiv is the price..its too high!

nice product...not a nono anymore
by kranthi elluru on 2012-11-26

latest gen ........... topnotch product with ipod ever made ...though the previous gen nano was handy this one is worth the size and a power packed product with all latest features and the next generation headset

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Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow - Price History

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Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow Apple iPod Nano MD476HN/A 16GB - Yellow
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