Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB
  • Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB

Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB

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Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB - User Reviews

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After this music will not sound same.
by Amit kumar on 2011-10-11

I have been using Ipod touch 8GB since 4 months. other than this device got excellent sound clarity and bass. it is also
1) One of the greatest touch screen known to man kind that is retina display with capacitive multi touch.
2) greatest attention grabber, head turner 16K can buy.
3) HD Video recorder too.
Well you can play all the common formats in music. But for videos it is highly restricted to a few. but you can convert videos then can play. The device shows real power and greater usability even as a computer when subjected to a Wi-Fi network. i mean this is great device you can surf watch videos, facebook and now twitter introduced in the latest update of iOS.
Sound and video quality are unmatched so even if you listen to your normal songs on this device they will sound more beautiful and pleasant and you may also notice some depth (of music not the lyrics side) that you never knew existed in that song.
Awesome graphics engine same as iPhone 4 so you can even play games and all stuff App store has to offer.
In all if you are a music lover and can afford this then my friends it is a no brainer deal. just go and purchase this bad boy.
Cons : 1) NO FM
2) Shiny back Chrome portion looks very good but is prone to scratches and finger prints so first thing is to buy a cover.
3) NOT User serviceable. If some thing wrong happens rush to service centre even for changing batteries (Not cheap at all).

Mindblowing device
by Jay Jani on 2014-02-11

Often we make a mistake of writing reviews and judging products immediately after purchasing. Whenever you purchase a new product, it's novelty and passion for that device makes you feel extremely good although with time, your views tend to change quite a lot.This is what happened with my last smartphone purchase. Therefore I decided to write a review on iPod Touch 5th generation after using it for more than 3 months. Let us first think why do people purchase iPod Touch. Going by the definition of iPod and what it initially meant for can easily be summed up as a 'portable music player'. But trust me you will use for numerous other purposes. I will start with the most mind boggling feature of iPod touch that will change one aspect of life and that is - photography. With an absolutely stunning 5 MP camera, you will fall in love with capturing images. There are tons of awesome apps on appstore that you can use to turn your pictures into magical moments. I didn't think much about the camera aspect while purchasing iPod touch but photo capturing & editing has become my biggest use on this device (Thanks to Instagram !) Trust me, you will laugh at 5 MP quality of any other smartphone after using iPod touch. Next, music !!! It is the best way to create a playlist that you can keep for a long time and don't have to select songs from PC again & again. Although I won't call Apple's in built music app as something exceptionally brilliant but still it's a great way to keep your most loved songs in one place. Earphones are good & so is the sound quality. Gaming --- Apple will provide you most wonderful games in all genres and iPod to me is one of the best gaming device on planet earth. You don't have to worry about battery too much. Games run flawless even if you load it heavily with voluminous games. Screen size, graphics, screen touch quality - all turn your gaming experience into a sheer pleasure ! Movies - Watching movies offers a similar experience that other smartphones do. Other utility apps such as reminders, notes, scanner, etc. too are extremely useful. Haven't read much but iBooks is pretty good. So, to sum up, it is the most gorgeous beauty in the world of technology. A splendid piece of work. Oh wait a minute, I forgot one of the most fantabulous experience that u have just after buying this gadget - lifting it ! Yes, it is so light, that you don't feel any strain on your arms holding it. Some of my recommended apps - 1. Music - Beat, Music Stats, iTuner Radio, My Artists, VLC, PlayerXtreme 2. Games - Mars Miner, Asphalt 8, Pumped, Octagon, Cut the Rope, SSG2 , Chess Free, Subway Surf, Darklings, CubeRacer, PureSkate, FlyRight, Space is Key 3. Photography - PicsArt, WoWCamera, Burst Mode, Touch Color, Slideshows, PhotoFunia, PhotoStudio, Snapseed, Awesome Camera, Pic Jointer, Sketch, Simply HDR, Toon Cam, PopAGraph, Dblcam, photo2cover, Pix, Action Movie Fx 4. Utilities - Pocket, AppofTheDay, S. Folder, KyCalc, JotNot, iTorch 5. Social Media - Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Seene, Telegram, BBM, IMDb Also a major question that people will tend to ask.... why iPod touch in this rapidly evolving smartphone market ?? My answer to that: 1. For those, who either can't afford or don't want to spend huge bucks on iPhone go for this one. Also for those who work at fields or factories where they can't afford to take too expensive phones with them 2. A spare gadget apart from smartphone, so that you don't have to worry while playing games & listening to music. 3. Flawless performance. It just doesn't hang. Also, on iOS 6 vs 7 debate, I feel iOS 6 was better in terms of look, speed & accesing features. But iOS 7 is also not bad, certainly not a messy monster that people often portray it. Regarding delivery, it was quick and perfect. Have full confidence in flipkart service. Warning: It's a lethally addictive device & has killer looks. Unfortunately my reading time has gone down after purchasing this gadget !

Not only a MP3 Player but also a powerful PDA .... Brilliant piece of technology ... Must Have !
by Shubham Roy Ghatak on 2012-02-13

I must say I am a bit too late reviewing about this product but however , I am finally here . Had a few transaction issues before I actually got this in my hand from Flipkart in December , 2011 but Flipkart is really awesome . Spectacular service and quality . Before I go into the review , I would like to be frank . I used to hate Apple like 6-7 years back from now especially due to the price they generally set against their products . Moreover , I thought , Apple is only meant for rich people but I was proved wrong later . Steve Jobs and his garage-found-company turned into a global leader , really inspiring . I became an Apple fan , hence and long cherished to own an Apple product , so I finally join the league . Technically speaking , you would basically use the device for : 1. Entertainment - Music , Videos/Movies , Gaming. (Game center) 2. Everyday Activities - Messaging and Chat , Facetime HD over Wifi , Social Networking , normal Internet browsing and photography . 3. Reading newspapers and books . I have got the white version of this and I suggest you too get the white one as it comes preloaded with iOS 5 . Also , I think the 32GB is the best deal and 32GB should be enough for you , so you should go for the 32GB model . Things that you will fall for and would love in this device are especially , 1 . Its beautiful build , incredibly thin and lightweight (may trip off your hands) structure and elegant looks (something what Apple is known for) . However , the back is made of stainless steel with a nice Apple logo , but it tends to develop scratches over time , so get a decent cover . 2 . Entertainment - Music , Gaming and movies , everything that you love you will get it all on this device . The sound quality of the speakers , although is not good neither are the apple headphones . Therefore, if you are an audiophile or if you are a music/movie freak , I , suggest , get a Sennheiser or a Skullcandy and life is good . 3 . Photography and recording at 720p HD is an appreciably good experience . Camera not as good as in iPhone but still serves the purpose . The Retina Display , however is truly phenomenonal that makes reading books and newspapers an eye-popping experience . 4 . The itunes app store is really good and you will get tons of apps there . Go for the free apps and the paid ones if you want , some are really good but be careful some are also fakes . 5 . The battery life of the iPod is really good and edges past most of the other media devices available in the market . 6 . Don't forget to showoff this one to your friends and colleagues . You will become a celeb overnight if you are not one already.[:P] Last but not the least , I also did not like something about this device and I feel you also may not like that too . There are two things you possibly would not like - the cross-platform bluetooth sharing and the non-expandable memory feature , something which Apple never implemented . The first one is likely to bother you more because files can only be shared over bluetooth between iOS devices only and not any iOS and non-iOS pair , neither there is any app for that . That's really disappointing . The non expandable storage feature is ok until you still need higher storage (>64GBs). Overall , this is a hell of a device . Nothing less than a mobile phone except the calling capability . I have been using this one for almost 3 months now and it's going great guns and I am in love with it . I also feel proud to have it by my own salary . This is definitely something I would recommend . Do not wait , just go for it .

by Vivek Y on 2011-08-25

Don't buy!!!
You may(will) get addict to its stunning features.
If you use this one(or its big brother 32GB/64GB) you will never look at anything else. No mobile phone or MP3/4 player.
Can't believe HoW "APPLE" people make such things. Truely ArtistiC !!!
If you have slightly more money go for 32GB.

The biggest thing to happen to an iPod Touch since an iPod Touch!
by WALANTAINE on 2012-12-02

I may have borrowed these words from iPhone 5. But this is truly an awesome product from Apple. It is a must have for those who are looking only for pure entertainment. In fact, not many are aware that the iPod Touch is the best Gaming device. It has almost all the features available on an iPhone. And most importantly it is available at less than half the price of an iPhone. Pros - Awesome touch experience. You can immediately find the difference between an Apple interface and other devices. Trust me you will love this. Very good Camera, especially when in good light conditions. The iPod Touch 5G has a 5 MP Camera with Auto Focus and the new Panorama feature also available in the iPhone 5. You may not require your good old Digicam as it is good enough for decent pictures. It also has a front facing camera which is very good for video calls. Amazing array of applications are available for this iPod. In fact, almost all apps made for iPhone 5 are compatible for this device too. There are numerous useful free Apps. The music quality is really good. This was the main reason to opt for this device. Managing your music is extremely effortless and easy. Retina Display makes watching movies on this device a delight. You will love to watch movies and play games on your iPod. The graphics are awesome and the A5 Dual Core processor does a brilliant job on this front. This iPod supports Air Play. You can watch movies or play games from your iPod to your HDTV (You must purchase an Apple TV to avail this feature). The much awaited Siri is now available in iPod Touch 5G. It is amazing to see how Siri works. Compared to the past, Siri is now much improved. It is very very useful particularly while composing e-mails and messages as it takes your dictation flawlessly (though not always but 95% accurately). The design of the iPod is fantastic. There is not a day I can't stop appreciating the device for its beauty, thinness and weight. Video calls especially through Facetime is extremely useful and excellent. You can call the concerned person whenever you want at your finger tips. Skype, is the other option. Finally it can be used as a pocket computer either for making purchases or making payments online effortlessly. Unlike an Android device, you can be safe to indulge in financial transactions without much concern. You will definitely find this useful. Cons - Internet is accessed mainly through Wi-FI. India is not a Wi-Fi country. Hence you may not be able to access the internet always especially when you are away from home. Apple supports limited Video Formats which causes much annoyance. Movies or Videos must be converted to iPod Touch supported formats in order to transfer and play them on the iPod. However it is best to use apps such as VLC Player which can resolve this issue at once. It features a 1030 mAh Battery which I felt is inadequate, as playing 3D games can kill the battery in less than 3 hours. However for other games, music and movies the iPod gives you a good deal with the battery. Camera performs poorly in low light conditions. Apple releases iOS updates from time to time. While this fixes some bugs, it can also result in side effects like battery drainage and other issues. It may be the affordable compared to a iPhone, but it is still expensive. But if you are looking to enjoy the apple ecosystem and cannot afford an iPhone, this is the cheapest all in one device from apple. My recommendation? Go for it! P.S.: In case, WIFI is unavailable, there is another way to access the Internet. All you need to do is turn on the Bluetooth on both your iPod Touch and your 3G or any internet enabled mobile phone. Once you connect the iPod Touch with your phone, you can happily start using the internet!

ipod touch 4g covers
by Aniket Vyas on 2011-09-25

hey flipkart! i luv ur service plz include ipod touch 4g covers too in ur website....

Best Portable Media Player!!
by Aniket Vyas on 2011-10-03

Got it 4 days back....still cant believe my eyes...
1. It's really really sleek, with an amazing display..u'll be amazed for sure, it sports better picture or video quality than any other hand held devices..
2. There's no competition for apple in touch panels till date..
Build quality is good though the back gets easily scratched...better put it in a cover n use a screen guard for extra protection...
3. Sound quality is good with the supplied apple head-phones but can be outstanding if u buy an in-ear head-phones..
4. This is the first iPod touch ever to come up with a speaker n camera, front n rear...
5. Camera is not good enough for still images but the video recording covers all flaws....It records 720p calling can be done through facetime or skype all u need is wifi....
6. Processor is really good, work gets done really fast....
7. Web browser is gr8...sometimes i dont feel the need of a PC...though there is no flash support but still its pretty good..
8. Apple apps are a'll never get bored....though many gr8 apps are paid but u can always jailbreak n use them for free...:)
9. Battery back up, it lasts a day with normal usage n 12 hours with heavy usage....charges in about 2 hours when u plug it in ur wall using an adapter..about 4 hrs on usb charging
10. Playing games on it will surely get u addicted...even after hours of usage your eyes wont feel tired or stressed..
11. It has almost all the features of an iPhone 4 but comes in half the price...definitely worth the money...soon iOS5 will be launched n its gonna bomb the smart phone market..:P

It surely is a Masterpiece...u wont regret buying it ever..!!
It can be used by people of all ages..the device is very easy to use....
If u find the 32 GB model or above costly, then go for the 8GB one....all r the same, only hard drive gets bigger..

Thumb's Up to APPLE..:)
Apple iPod Touch 4G

Not Gen 5
by Ankur Kaushik on 2012-10-27

While the itouch is well known for what it is, one of the best portable gadgets that can play music for you. However as far as this particular model is concerned.
Though it was announced along with the 5th gen for iTouch, This is merely a 'Gen 4' 16GB ipod. So don't get confused for it being lauched with gen 5. The 8GB gen 4(same dimensions as this one) ipod has been discontinued to support for 16GB variant.

5G(5th gen) ipods are available only in 32 & 64 GB variants.

Ignorance is better.
by Nuke Roch on 2011-11-08

While Apple fanboys will swear at the iPod touch revolutionizing the world and all things including your life, the fact is, it is a product for the uninformed public. Perhaps someone who is, among other things, ignorant.
The iPod touch fares well in every aspect except what its meant to do or assuming its role as a audio-centric device -what its supposed to do. But more on that later.

Build Quality and Aesthetics:

If there were ever a synonym for beauty and stupidity rolled into one, it would be the iPod touch. It is a beautiful device to hold, the build quality is premium and solid. A twin of the iPhone, the iPod touch fares very well. Sleek and slim, indeed a model of aesthetic brilliance, however there is a crucial flaw perhaps a fault of its own beauty -the iPod touch will threaten to slip out of your hands if your not ever so careful. Another bothersome flaw is the back chromed panel. While it does its part and looks brilliant, it scratches ever so easily. In fact a week with it and the panel looks like its a month old. Disappointing to say the least. Clearly Apple has gone form over functionality here, while the iPod is certainly a looker it leaves much to be desired.


Not for the discerning audiophile. The audio reproduction is "passable" at best, the tiny highs and over emphasized mids are frustratingly annoying. The bass is all over the place, what the hell Apple? You really need a seriously good pair of headphones that cost well over 18k rupees to even consider the audio as good. However, perhaps most average users wont complain here, on the contrary if you're looking for audio quality not better than the audio production of an entry level smartphone, the iPod touch will not disappoint you then. But for the man of measure who wants refined audio production, the iPod touch is mediocre at best.
Incredibly disappointing.

-No flac, ogg, etc support. Ridiculous.

Video & Apps & Misc

Here in lies the strength of the iPod touch. With the plethora of apps available on the Apple AppStore, you will not be left wanting for more. What more can be said?
One advice, do yourself a favor and jailbreak the dam thing and you will find yourself in app nirvana.
Video quality is indeed laudable, 720p is a welcome addition. Its by far offers one of the best video reproductions in pmp devices, actually the only credible video recorder in the pmp market.

- Coverts videos during transfers. Utter nonsense on Apple's part.

Battery life & Display & Extra

The battery life of the iPod touch outlasts its rivals by a safe margin, video playback is phenomenal and the iPod touch does not disappoint. On a day to day use, the iPod touch goes for a whole week! And that is indeed impressive.
The display is a thing to behold. Absolutely gorgeous. Sharp and eyegasimcally beautiful. Photos and videos are a joy to watch on the iPod touch. So is typing texts and using the plethora of apps. The high density retina display does not disappoint. No arguments here.

-bundled earphones are an insult to your ears, not only do they sound horrible, the dam things get discolored in a matter of days.

-Watch out as the chromed back is as delicate as it looks and gets easily scratched. Simply putting it on a table top and picking it up results in fine scratches. Buy a silicone cover.

-iTunes headache. Downsizes full resolutions photos. Irritating as hell.


The iPod touch is a device of multiple talents, it takes video brilliantly and the AppStore is a deal clincher for some, the retina display is addictive and the device on a whole exhibits a sense of premium finish. Unfortunately premium looks and finish aren't exclusive as rivals such as Cowon have pmp's that are equally classy and solid all the while poviding sublime audio reproduction -something the iPod touch fails miserably. The audio quality is disgustingly poor and for the discerning gentleman an insult at this price point. Average users will find the device restrictive.
Indeed, to purchase the iPod touch one has to be awfully ignorant or a fanboy and for some ignorance is better.

Ipod Rocks but in india... :/
by Tony Joseph on 2013-09-11

Definetely the ipod touch is a great device..and can be judged as a younger brother of iphone. what im trying to convey is that it is a weaker version of the flawless iphone..without calling or sms facility.
It looks sexy and is a marvellous device..i should give it a 5-star in general but in case of buying it in indian rupees...1 cannot be really motivated to do so :(
i mean seriously? u wanna spend 23K for a music player? u could buy an excellent smartphone at a lesser rate...and apple really should have kept lower storage opts like the 16 gb and 8gb as well in order to keep the price below 15K..and hence make it affordable and reasonable...thats all i have to say!

Best PMP ever
by Paul Ruolsangzuol on 2011-06-04

If you know the iphone 4G, this ipod is basically the iphone without the phone bit. If you can't spend the 35k for the iphone4,this is the best thing next to might thought this 'ipod' is too costly and that you want a cheaper smart phone...that's a good thinking,but if you want a smartphone,that means you want applications...and there's no place more stacked than the App Store which you can browse in this ipod over's got 2,50,000 applications which i don't think you can get to use all of them...c'mon,make up your mind and press the 'Buy This Now' button!!! ;)

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Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB Apple iPod touch 5th Generation 64 GB
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