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कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट
  • कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट
  • कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट
  • कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट किंमत
994 - 3,995
कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट वरIndian बाजारात सुरू 2011-03-30 आणि खरेदी करण्यासाठी उपलब्धआहे..
प्रमुख वैशिष्ट्ये
  • 55
  • 2.7 Inches
  • 12 MP
सर्व वैशिष्ट्येपहा
  • विहंगावलोकन
  • चल यादी
  • वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने
  • तपशील

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट - चल यादी

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट डिजिटल कॅमेरा Black

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट डिजिटल कॅमेरा Black

सर्वोत्तम 994 तपशील पहा
कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट डिजिटल कॅमेरा सिल्वर

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट डिजिटल कॅमेरा सिल्वर

सर्वोत्तम 3,995 तपशील पहा

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट - किंमत अस्वीकार

  • वर उल्लेख केलेल्या सर्व दर ## आहे.
  • नवीनतम किंमत कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट वर 07 2017 डिसेंबर प्राप्त होते.
  • किंमत आहे _SEO_CITIES_ समावेश India सर्व प्रमुख शहरांमध्ये वैध आहे. कृपया कोणत्याही विचलन विशिष्ट स्टोअरमध्ये सूचना तपासा.

कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने

खूप चांगले , 55 रेटिंग्ज वर आधारित
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Excellent Camera....
by Vardhan Bhatt on 2011-10-01

This is an excellent camera.... A must buy for beginners...

I had ordered it on 27th sept and on 1st of oct. It was at my doorstep..

Flipkart never compromise with its promise but

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Best for every day as well as Special day Photography
by Arindam Mukherjee on 2012-06-13

I was a little bit choosy for deciding which one to buy as my first Digital Camera.
As their were so many 'well known' Brand Cameras available in 3K-5K Price range (As my budget price is 5K) it

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Value for Money camera !
by Abhishek Kumar on 2012-03-15

This is a good camera for everyone looking for an affordable compact digital camera. this does have good macro performance , it is quite good. If you come to quality of photographs it clicks they are

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by Sushil Sudhakar on 2014-10-07

I love this Canon..Have been using it for more hat 2 yrs ..I would advise all to go for it. Very good pic quality

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WOW ... I love it
by Tushar Jaradi on 2013-08-21

After a year of its purchasing it is working much fine beyond my expectation and as I have purchased Cannon A400 some 7 years ago that is also working thus I am quite sure this will also work for such

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At Par than other cameras..!!
by Satirtha Dawn on 2012-10-26

So if u are in confusion between Nikon L25, L23, Other Cameras ranging below Rs.4500, thn please go for this one. Although I havent bought it from flipkart, but I can garuntee u that u wont regret. I

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Not a great Camera !!!
by K J Antony on 2012-09-25

The built quality is excellent but the picture quality is average.
i found weird image color. if you are on a budget this is perfect.Good for Youtube and FB. HD video gets very shaky while

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Awesome image quality...
by Roshan on 2012-07-29

I was looking for camera around 5-6k and was confused with canon A1200 and A2200 which got IS. However, finally I decided to get myself demo on both camera from Croma and I got so excited to see the

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by Sainiranjan Sharma on 2012-06-29

Awesome product.... thanks to flipkart to deliver it so fast
All features that is there are too less for a mere 4.3K and also the best part about this is it has a lever for the zooming of image so

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Amazing Camera under Budget (MY OWN EXPERIENCE SAYS)
by Robin on 2012-06-19

This Camera is Wonderful if You are seeing to buy this then don`t be hesitate go for it.When i buy this Camera from Flipkart i Really Amazed By seeing different Functions and the Quality of taking

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कॅनन पॉवरशॉट अ१२०० पॉईंट & शूट - वैशिष्ट्य

Camera Features
  • ऑप्टिकल सेन्सर रेसोलुशन 12 MP
  • सेन्सर तुपे CCD Sensor
  • ऑप्टिकल झूम 16x
  • डिजिटल झूम 4x
  • ऑडिओ विडिओ इंटरफेस Yes
  • Maximum Recording Resolution (Pixels) -
  • Housing construction Polycarbonate
  • Type of Camera DSLR Full Frame Format
  • Sensor Size for Interchangeable Lens Camera (mmxmm) 22.5 x 15
General Features
  • ब्रँड Canon
  • कलर Black
  • Maximum Operating Temperature (for land use) 55
  • Display Size (inch) 2.1 - 2.5
  • Minimum Operating Temperature (for land use) -20
Other Features
  • ISO (Sensitivity of the image Sensor) Max 1600
  • Frame Rate 24
  • Operating Humidity, Rh at 40 deg C 75
Convenience Features
  • मेटेरिंग Center-Weighted
Image Enhancements
  • रेड इये रेडुकशन Yes
  • फासे डिटेक्टिव Yes
  • स्क्रीन सिझे 2.7 Inches
  • ब्लूटूथ No
  • उब Yes
Images & Video
  • ईमागे फॉरमॅट JPEG
  • बिल्ट इन फ्लॅश Yes
Power Source
  • असा अडॅप्टर AC Adaptor Kit CA-PS800
  • बॅटरी तुपे AA (Ni-MH) Battery (NB-3AH)
  • वेइगत 185 gms

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