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लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स
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  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स

लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स

धावसंख्या - 87
Highly Recommended
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पॉल धावसंख्या फोन ते किती चांगले आहे हे निर्धारित करण्यासाठी वापरकर्ता रेटिंग संख्या आणि एक स्कोअर उपयुक्त users.This करून दिले जाते सरासरी रेटिंग वापरून मोजला पूर्णपणे सत्यापित वापरकर्ते सामान्य रेटिंग आधारित आहे.
सर्वात कमी किंमत
9,995 28.96 किंमत%बंद
+ पर्यंत 1.6% कॅशबॅक
स्टोरवर जा
प्रमुख वैशिष्ट्ये
  • Logitech
  • Return Of Ghajini
  • Home Audio Speaker
  • 5.1 Channel
सर्व वैशिष्ट्येपहा
  • विहंगावलोकन
  • किंमत यादी
  • वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने
  • तपशील

लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स किंमतIndiaयादी

यानुसार क्रमवारी
  • शेंग
    वितरण: Usually Delivered in 7 - 8 days.
    Shipping Charge ₹123
    + पर्यंत 1.6% कॅशबॅक
    स्टोरवर जा
  • ईएमआय
    वितरण: Usually dispatched within 1-2 business days
    मोफत शिपिंग
    कॅशबॅक उपलब्ध

किंमत अस्वीकार

  • वरील टेबल मध्ये लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स किंमत ## आहे.
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स नवीनतम किंमत Mar 30, 2020वर प्राप्त होते
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्सफ्लिपकार्ट, ऍमेझॉन उपलब्ध आहे.
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स सर्वात कमी किंमत आहे, , जे ऍमेझॉन ( 11,990)
  • किंमत Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, NCRसमावेश India सर्व प्रमुख शहरांमध्ये वैध आहे. कृपया कोणत्याही विचलन विशिष्ट स्टोअरमध्ये सूचना वाचा.
  • PriceDekhoवरील विक्रेते कोणत्याही विक्री माल जबाबदार नाही.
  • लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स दर नियमितपणे बदलते. कृपया लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स नवीनतम दर शोधण्यासाठी आमच्या साइटवर तपासणी ठेवा.

लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स - वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने

खूप चांगले , 170 रेटिंग्ज वर आधारित
5 105 
4 31 
3 10 
2 7 
1 17 
आपलाअनुभवसामायिक करा एक पुनरावलोकनलिहा
Mission accomplished!
by Andrey Konstantinov on 2014-07-04

I wanted a proven-good 5.1 sound system and was surprised to find that Logitech Z506 is one of the best rated for the price. I trust Logitech when it comes to mice and keyboards, and SOMEWHERE I've

Read More
Very good product
by Jaydeepsinh Jadeja on 2014-02-17

This is a very good product. Sound quality is descent, no hissing or background noise. This speakers are great for watching movies or playing games and OK for music. Subwoofer is just enough if kept

Read More
This is just an awesome product.
by Ritesh Sharma on 2011-11-01

This is just an awesome product if you need for a PC in single room. Great audio quality and surround effect for the price paid. would be surprised if anyone is disappointed with these speakers, they

Read More
one word: awesome
by SHIVAM SRIVASTAVA on 2013-12-20

i bought this product 2 years ago from local market, and all i have to say is that quite an awesome product it is and i am its proud owner, but my review is dedicated to those who are having problems

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Awesome 5.1 speaker setup for the price!
by Shanmukhi Goli on 2012-02-19

Bought this for my dorm room and let me tell you, worth every penny. I could not believe how good of a system it is for such a small price. It was super easy to setup and sounds great. I use it with

Read More
Great performance
by Dheeraj Arun on 2014-05-05

The speaker performance is very good. It will give you 3D effect in watching movies even with stereo output. The speakers do not have any option to mount on the wall so remember this before buying.

Read More
Masterpiece !
by Manjunath G on 2015-06-05

I didn't bought this speakers from flipkart but from my local place called sp road 2 year back. I bought this cause I saw online review and explanation about this speaker mainly regarding BASS, after

Read More
The best in the budget :)
by Shriom Manerker on 2012-05-17

The best speakers i've got till this date ! they're much better than the others in the same range of 5.1 surround sound speakers ! the surprising part was when i connected my Galaxy S to audio out and

Read More
Not as expected
by Ayan Nandi on 2016-03-06

Not as expected, their are many better options available at low price, it dont worth this much, and mostly not compatible with some pc / mobiles, etc. Sound is OK, bass is shaking but not clean.

Read More
real good
by Viren Dhamaskar on 2012-07-26

Gr8 speakers for the price u pay...zero distortion, good bass for multimedia speakers...amazing sound clarity....however dont expect sound quality like bose or jbl...coz if they were any of these, it

Read More
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लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स वैशिष्ट्य

General Features
  • ब्रँड Logitech
  • मॉडेल नाव Z506
  • तुपे Home Audio Speaker
  • कॉन्फीगुरटीओं 5.1 Channel
  • कलर Black & Silver
General Details
  • तिथले Return Of Ghajini
Audio Features
  • टोटल पॉवर आउटपुट रुम्स 75 W
  • मॅक्स आउटपुट रुम्स सुबवूफेर 27 W
  • मॅक्स आउटपुट रुम्स साटेललिते 16 W
Structural Features
  • सुबवूफेर डिमेंसिओन्स 40 x 28.2 x 18.2 cm
  • साटेललिते वेइगत 5.1 kg
  • टोटल वेइगत 6 Kg
Other Features
  • ड़डिशनल फेंटुर्स Total Peak Power: 150 W

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लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स लॉगीतेचं झं५०६ मल्टिमिडीया स्पीकर्स
4.2/5 (170 रेटिंग )
स्टोरवर जा