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आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन
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  • आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन
  • आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन
  • आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन
  • आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन
  • आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन

आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन

आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन किंमत
28,500 - 48,900
आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन वरIndian बाजारात सुरू 2013-10-19 आणि खरेदी करण्यासाठी उपलब्धआहे..
प्रमुख वैशिष्ट्ये
  • 9.7 Inches
  • Calling
  • 64 GB
  • Apple iOS 5
सर्व वैशिष्ट्येपहा
  • विहंगावलोकन
  • चल यादी
  • वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने
  • तपशील

आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन - चल यादी

आपापले इप्ड 3 ३२गब ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार व्हाईट

आपापले इप्ड 3 ३२गब ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार व्हाईट

सर्वोत्तम 28,500 तपशील पहा
आपापले इप्ड 3 १६गब वि फी ब्लॅक

आपापले इप्ड 3 १६गब वि फी ब्लॅक

सर्वोत्तम 28,900 तपशील पहा
आपापले इप्ड 3 ६४गब वि फी ब्लॅक

आपापले इप्ड 3 ६४गब वि फी ब्लॅक

सर्वोत्तम 34,999 तपशील पहा
आपापले इप्ड ६४गब ३र्ड गेन ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार ब्लॅक

आपापले इप्ड ६४गब ३र्ड गेन ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार ब्लॅक

सर्वोत्तम 41,395 तपशील पहा
आपापले इप्ड 3 ६४गब ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार व्हाईट

आपापले इप्ड 3 ६४गब ३ग वि फी सल्लूलार व्हाईट

सर्वोत्तम 48,900 तपशील पहा

आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन - किंमत अस्वीकार

  • वर उल्लेख केलेल्या सर्व दर ## आहे.
  • नवीनतम किंमत आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन वर 07 2017 डिसेंबर प्राप्त होते.
  • किंमत आहे _SEO_CITIES_ समावेश India सर्व प्रमुख शहरांमध्ये वैध आहे. कृपया कोणत्याही विचलन विशिष्ट स्टोअरमध्ये सूचना तपासा.

आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन वापरकर्तापुनरावलोकने

चांगले , 1317 रेटिंग्ज वर आधारित
5 757 
4 210 
3 80 
2 60 
1 210 
It has Retina Display but it still isn't iPad with Retina Display :P
by Shrainik Jain on 2012-11-23

Guys this is actually the 3rd gen iPad. Apple introduced 4th gen iPad in a surprise move which is not so surprising if you understand the differences between both generations. As any company with

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Ipad 3..its obsolete now
by Sunil Kumar Billavara Govinda on 2012-11-09

Thank you flipkart for bringing in the Apple Ipad products. this was really a longtime awaited products in flipkart.

this particular new Ipad is Ipad 3 which is after the release of

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Great but outdated one, bring the new one and mini.
by Arijit Banik on 2012-11-09

This is just the older version of Ipad which comes with Retina Display,5Mp cam on the back and A5 processor at the back, but with regular apple connector as well as IOS 5. So this means all previous

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Using 2G or 3G on Ipad
by Raj Kiran on 2012-11-16

Guys...if you take Ipad Wifi + Cellular model..you will have to suffer a lot in using 2G or 3G
because Ipad plans are different in India...it is expensive than normal rates( please confirm)...So

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by HITESH CHAWLA on 2012-11-30

i personally feel ipad 3 is more than enough for my work going on... but with the new ipad on its way in india, i expect ipad 3 prices to fall .....

i will be waiting for this product to fall

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No Sense of Technology
by Akshat Shukla on 2012-11-27

Guys,the New Ipad is the 4th generation one and of near about 40k-45k for the same model(64gb wifi)...so,dot be fooled buying an older version...its the 3rg gen one with A5X processor and not

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older one
by Raja Ranga Bupathi kamani on 2012-11-17

this a older version. A newer version is already released with double speed processor. Dont buy this. Also for a older version cost is too much as cost is reduced for older versions in usa by $100.

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Obsolete Model with A5 processor and 30 pin connector
by Bikram Singh on 2012-11-09

Guys do not buy this obsolete model with A5 chip and 30 pin connector. Apple has updated the newer version with A6 chip and Lightning connector. Its a shame that Apple using India as a dumping ground

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Awesome device but some glitches
by Amit Ranjan on 2013-05-20

iPad is a beast. No doubt about it. Awesome experience and a good companion when you are on move. Only thing that slightly disappoints me is reduced battery life. On continuous 3G it barely last 5-6

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Read Between the Lines before Purchasing
by Saurabh Gupta on 2012-12-16

This is an iPad-3, 16GB(of-course with flagship Retina Display) working on iOS-5 (definitely upgradable to iOS-6). It cost around 36K discount included.

Now, The iPad-4, 16GB (again with

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आपापले इप्ड ३र्ड गेन - वैशिष्ट्य

General Features
  • टॅबलेट ब्रँड Apple
  • टॅबलेट तुपे Calling
  • मॉडेल नाव iPad 3
  • सिम Yes
  • टॅबलेट कलर White
  • कॅल्लिंग No
  • डिस्प्ले सिझे 9.7 Inches
  • डिस्प्ले तुपे IPS LCD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • रेसोलुशन 2048 x 1536 Pixels
  • डिस्प्ले कलर 16 M
  • डिस्प्ले फेंटुर्स Oleophobic Coating, Scratch-Resistant Glass
On Site OEM Warranty (Year)
  • On Site OEM Warranty (Year) 1 Year
  • डिमेंसिओन्स 241.2 x 185.7 x 9.4 mm
  • रिअर कॅमेरा 5 MP
  • फ्रंट कॅमेरा Yes, 1.2 MP
  • इंटर्नल मेमरी 64 GB
  • रॅम 1 GB
Data &Internet
  • ३ग ४ग Yes
  • वि फी Yes, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • छ्द्मी No
  • रेडिओ No
  • ब्लूटूथ Yes, v4.0
  • उब V2.0
  • ब्राउर Safari
  • नफाच No
  • नेटवर्क तुपे Wi-fi + Cellular
  • नॅव्हिगेशन टेकनॉलॉजि Yes
  • बॅटरी तुपे Non-Removable Li-Po
  • बॅटरी कॅपॅसिटी 11560 mAh
  • टाळकं तिने Up to 10 h
Other Features
  • सेन्सर्स Accelerometer, Compass, Gyro
  • सिम ओप्टिव Yes
  • तौचस्क्रीन तुपे LCD Assistive
  • डोकमेण्ट विजेवर Yes
Additional Features
  • ऑपरेटिंग सिस्टिम Apple iOS 5
  • प्रोसेसर मॅनुफॅक्टरइर Apple
  • प्रोसेसर Cortex A9
  • प्रोसेसर स्पीड 1.0GHz
  • टॅब्लेट्स गंपू PowerVR SGX543MP4
  • जावा No
  • Brightness -
  • Processor Core -
  • 2015
  • सर्वोत्तम तुलना साइट
  • 155+
  • ऑनलाइन स्टोअर
  • 800
  • उत्पादन श्रेण्या
  • 23000
  • समाधानी ग्राहक