6 Things to Know Before Buying a Refrigerator

Published On Jun 15, 2020By admin

Well, talking about refrigerators, they are one of the most daily used accessories in our daily lives. They are used to store our food and eatables safely, thus ensuring to keep them fresh as new. Refrigerators are used most in summers as compared to any other season. It does not just keep our stuff clean but help us to freeze ice and get cold water as well. If you are planning to buy a new one, here’s a list of things you should know before buying a new refrigerator.

1. Capacity

refigrator Capacity The very first thing, you should check out before buying a new fridge should be its capacity. You should keep in mind about how much capacity you need for your fridge and then should go for the desired one, fitting as per your needs. As of my view point, the size of the refrigerator should always be more as much as possible.

2. Frost free

refrigerator frost free This is one of the most common features available in almost every refrigerator, though the old models of the fridge do not have such features installed in them. The frost-free option avoids the whole freezer to get frizzed as hell. It only freezes the things which are supposed to be turned into ice.

3. Power saving/ energy rating

refrigerator energy rating The power saving or energy rating is one of the most important things to note down before making a purchase. You should see the energy rating of all the desired refrigerators you want and then opt-out for the one with the highest score. You should check this out at first because it can give you an idea about how much electricity you can save.

4. Compressor warranty

refrigerator Compressor warranty Almost every refrigerator brand in India installs the best compressor in its products. But, just in case your fridge stops working for no reason, then there are high chances it can be because of compressor issues, so it would be a great decision to go with the brand which provides with a max of compressor warranty.

5. Model Design

refrigerator Model Design Here, it is all your choice what you want to go for. Whether you want a single door fridge, double door, or maybe a multi-door fridge, you have a variety of options to select from in this case. And I would highly recommend you to have a refined idea about your refrigerators needs then choose the exact model fitting into your image. Also, you can note down or consider the size, shape, color and looks of your refrigerator as well.

6. Price

refrigerator Price You should know your budget well before you step out for shopping. Once your budget is fixed, your options will be refined well, and you can select a good choice then. The price range of refrigerators varies a lot from brand to brand, model to model, feature to features, and many other things. Select your price range first and then narrow down your research as per your needs.
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