COD Mobile Pursuit Event Live: Train Your Soldier And Grab Rewards

Published On Mar 30, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

COD Mobile season 2 named Day Of Reckoning has already garnered a lot of hype amongst the gamers. The season is continuously releasing new challenges, modes, skins, and weapons to keep the gamers hooked. The latest challenge in the lineup is the pursuit that was recently introduced in the game. As per the COD Mobile franchise, Pursuit throws a challenge in front of players to give the hardest training to the soldiers and then go on a spree of gaining all that they can. The Pursuit also offers players a chance to lead the way of their Special Ops soldier and plant it in a face-off against Cordis Die. ALSO READ: WhatsApp To Roll Out New Features Like Read Later Mode And More

COD Mobile Pursuit Event

The COD Mobile Pursuit Event includes different accessibilities that help in completing missions and controlling your special ops soldier. Command: In the Pursuit, you will get complete authority over your Warrior Class Special Ops soldier., You can also make your soldier go for operations to bag in-game rewards. One of the most amazing rewards is the Epic Type 25-Sanguine weapon Blueprint. Supersoldier: Earning XPs ensure that your warrior becomes stronger in the game. However, to do that, you also need to play battle royale and multiplayer games. The chances of your soldier to win rewards in the game as its strength increases. The franchise suggests that the players can boost their chances to win rewards with the Vagabond weapon set available in the game. When the players will go in the matches with the Vagabond sets can increase the Warrior XP earned by a whopping 50%.


The COD Mobile Pursuit event is surely going to increase the adrenaline rush in the players. The event will give some of the best in-game rewards. So, the players should take part in the ongoing event as soon as possible.
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