Different Fast Cooling Technologies In Air Conditioners Explained

Published On Jun 08, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Air conditioners have come a long way from being a cooling box to a full-fledged machine packed with amazing features. Recently launched ACs come with technologies like auto humid control, auto cleaner, antiVOC filters, and a lot more to mention. Fast cooling technologies in air conditioners are also a necessary feature that one should not miss on. Various brands offer different types of fast cooling technologies in their air conditioners. The main purpose of this feature is to cool out the room in the minimum time possible. ALSO READ: Inverter AC, Introduction, How It Works And What Are Its Benefits?

Fast Cooling Technologies In Air Conditioners

Different air conditioners have fast cooling technologies advertised with different names. Air conditioners by LG come with a technology named Himalaya Cool that tries to replicate the aura of a hill station with the temperature and cooling. The air conditioners by Lg come with a dedicated HCOOL button on the remote to activate the Himalaya cool mode. After the mode is activated, the air conditioner throws super cool air at a considerably high speed for a period of 30 minutes. The most amazing part about the LG ACs is that it provides faster cooling without increasing the energy consumption. The low energy consumption thing is a boon for the people who don't want a heavy load on their pockets in the name of an electricity bill. On the other hand, a brand like Daikin consists of a Power Chill mode with a dual flap. It rapidly cools the room within 20 minutes. Users have to make sure that air conditioners with faster cooling technology will be available at a slightly higher price as compared to conventional air conditioners. Moreover, the faster cooling technology can be seen in mid ranged air conditioners which is a benefit for the people who are looking for affordable alternatives.
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