Top 3 Features Of Refrigerators You Should Consider Before Buying In 2021; Know What’s Inside

Published On May 27, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Refrigerators these days have become one of the most basic amenities. Whether you want your food to last long or want to get chilled drinks and water, a refrigerator manages it all. Initially, there were majority single door refrigerators with a few features only. Thanks to technological advancement, as of now, we have refrigerators that are based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and are smart enough to automatically adjust temperatures and much more. Various refrigerator producers are trying their best to bring new innovations and technologies for the comfort of the customer. Here we will have a brief introduction of the latest technologies used in refrigerators. ALSO READ: How To Turn On Automatic Download Mode On Netflix Android App?

Latest Features Of Refrigerators

Brighter Illumination

features of refrigerator All the refrigerators that have been launched recently include a LED lighting technology to provide better illumination. The LED lighting is highly durable as compared to the basic lighting. The system is based on motion-sensing lights that switch on when someone opens the door and vice versa. In addition to that LED lights produce less heat as compared to the old school bulbs used in traditional refrigerators. This also contributed to keeping the food safe from temperature changes caused by the lighting system.

Advanced Power Backup Technology

features of refrigerators A considerable disadvantage with conventional refrigerators is that they are not energy efficient and cannot connect to inverters. To curb this issue, manufacturers unveiled the smart connect technology that automatically connects the fridge to the home inverter in case of a power failure. Apart from that, some refrigerators come with the Cooling Gel that is released as air in the refrigerator at a time of power failure and it keeps all the food fresh and drinks cool for a longer time. You can also witness the cool wall feature in some of the refrigerators. A cool wall works in such a way that it keeps the fridge cool for long hours during a power failure. Another similar technology is the cool pack that can keep the fridge chilled for around 12 hours.

Uniform Cooling Technology

uniform cooling You would witness inconsistent cooling in old school single door refrigerators. For example, the refrigerator cools more near the freezer as compared to the other parts. As of now, modern day refrigerators work on the uniform cooling technology. It keeps the temperature of the fridge at the same level from top to bottom. Most of the fridges use 360-degree airflow technology to keep the temperature consistent. Others rely on dual fans for the same. The latest one of them is the Ice Beam Door technology that decreases the gap between the compartments of the fridge and helps in cooling the refrigerator 35 times faster than conventional ones.


The above-mentioned technologies have contributed to a great extent to bring modernization and provide comfort to the customers. In the current time, one can find these technologies in various refrigerators. However, customers have to keep it in mind that refrigerators with modern-day technologies will be available at slightly higher prices as compared to the traditional ones with minimum or no smart features.
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