Google takes down 2500 China-linked Youtube channels over disinformation concerns

Published On Aug 06, 2020By Vartika Manchanda

Google declared it has removed over 2500 YouTube channels associated with China. This move has been made as an attempt to filter out disinformation from the platform. Google said that the channels were removed “as a part of their investigation into coordinated influence operations linked to China." The removal happened over months, from April to June. The Alphabet-owned tech company, in a quarterly bulletin on disinformation operations, said that the channels generally posted “spammy, non-political content”, but a subset did cover politics. Specific channels were not flagged off in the bulletin. However, a link was drawn between the videos and similar activities observed by Twitter. They also compared them to the disinformation campaign recognized by Graphika back in April. Chinese Embassy in the U.S. is yet to comment. Earlier, they have denied such allegations of spreading disinformation.
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