How To Create And Add Sticker Packs To Signal Messenger?

Published On Feb 18, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

A lot of people have switched from WhatsApp in India after the changes in the privacy policy of the app. Some of them started using Telegram others went to use Signal and other apps. The number of downloads for Signal messenger grew overnight and it can be said that this app gained a lot of popularity at the time of the WhatsApp boycott in India. Signal messenger has a bit boring user interface as compared to Facebook-owned WhatsApp. Apart from that, there are very limited sticker packs available in the app which spoils the chatting game. To spice up your conversations on Signal and to make the experience more attractive for you, here we have described how you can add sticker packs to the app and can even create your own stickers. ALSO READ: Indian WhatsApp Alternative: How To Use Sandes Android And iOS App?

How to Create Stickers On Signal Messenger?

  1. Create a separate PNG file for stickers without animation
  2. Create a separate APNG file for the animated stickers
  3. Make sure the size of the file doesn't exceed 300KB and the duration of the animation should be less than 3 seconds
  4. Now import the stickers via the signal web. Make sure to keep the dimensions in mind as all the stickers will be converted to 512x512 pixels. Don't forget to resize the edited sticker.
  5. Now open the Signal Desktop application then click on the file, and select the create/upload sticker pack option.
  6. Now, select the edited static and animated stickers.
  7. Assign Emojis to your stickers so they can act as shortcuts for them.
  8. After entering the author name and title of the stickers, they are ready to be used in your chats.
Note: For making the stickers, you need basic level knowledge of editing and images with good background.


In case you want to download already available sticker packs then you can go for a website named This domain is the biggest third-party signal stickers store and you'll get all your favorites in one place. The process is quite easy as you can just select your favorite sticker pack, tap on the 'Add to Signal button' and you are done. In this way, you can add a new flavor to your Signal chats and the app will become more attractive for you. The best part about creating stickers for the app is that you can share the link on social media and with your friends too. Go now, and try adding and creating new sticker packs on Signal Messenger.
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