Intel Haswell Fourth-Generation Processors Launched in India

By - Updated on 27 June, 2013
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Originally unveiled at the Computex event, the fourth generation Intel Haswell processors are officially launched in India at an event organized yesterday in Delhi. Assembled on Intel’s 22nm architecture, the latest chipset family claims to provide up to 50 per cent boost in battery life over its previous generation CPUs. The increased usage of tablet and convertible PCs over conventional laptops and Desktop PCs might be a reason behind the launch of these battery-sustainable processors. User will get 9 hours of battery life in day-to-day usage from some of the Haswell powered notebooks. Not just the battery life, a consumer will notice two to three times increase in machine’s standby time as well.

Intel Haswell

Speaking at the launch event, Leighton Phillips, Director, Product Management & Pricing, Intel Asia-Pacific, said, "Today we deliver on the vision set forth two years ago to reinvent personal computing with the introduction of our fourth-generation Intel Core processors." He further added, "Today's announcement accelerates a new category of 2-in-1 computing devices delivering the best of a notebook and a tablet in amazing new form factors."

Intel 4th Gen Processors

According to Intel, these 4th generation Intel Core processors make use of the first system-on-a-chip for PCs that lets the user to experience a new 2-in-1 design form factors. Besides working on improved battery life and healthier performance, the company has come up with a solution to limit the power requirement at just 6-watts. There will be a visible gain in processing power, speed and graphical performance. User could easily observe up to 15 per cent improvement in processing speed as compared to the preceding generation chipset. Even on graphics front, Haswell CPUs powered machines are ready to set a new milestone as they uses a latest Iris graphics stack that drastically boost the performance and facilitates smooth, lag-free running of high-demanding videos and games.

Intel Haswell Graphics

On the whole, the systems powered by fourth-generation Intel Core processors will have less wake-up time, improved battery backup and promises speedy accomplishment of everyday computing tasks. According to Ghosh, "Improvements have been made keeping in mind the user's needs and requirements of a power efficient, high performance device.” Apple has already proved the benefits of Haswell processors with the launch of new Macbook Air models and similarly, other market leaders such as Asus, Dell and Acer are on their way to hit the market with their Haswell-based gadgets.

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