Inverter AC: Introduction, How It Works And What Are Its Benefits?

Published On May 31, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Air conditioners have emerged as one of the most important products required by people in the summer season. Nowadays, you can also get an AC with a heater that can provide optimum heat in winters and save you the expenditure of a heater for the same. It is quite clear that an air conditioner dehumidifies a room and makes it cool according to the comfort level of the users. Some of the best air conditioners come with features like auto-cleaning, anti-bacteria filter, dust filter, dehumidifier, and heater. It is quite understood that the air conditioners with these additional features are available at slightly higher prices in the market as compared to the traditional ones. On the basis of type, AC's can be divided into two categories including the windows and split ACs. You can refer to our blog All You Need To Know About AC for more information regarding the above-mentioned features and categorizations. Apart from that, there is one more factor on the basis of which air conditioners are categorized. This factor is an inverter, and the two types of AC include inverter ACs and non-inverter ACs. There is not a lot to discuss about the non-inverter ACs. Here we will discuss about what exactly is an inverter AC and what are its benefits as compared to the non-inverter AC.

What Is Inverter AC?

The AC that is based on the inverter technology is known as inverter AC. It can be sad that these types of air conditioners have better control over the compressor along with the principle of cooling. The most amazing part is that air conditioners based on inverter technology are proven to save more electricity as compared to the traditional air conditioner. IN a non-inverter AC, power consumption is at an all-time high when the compressor is turned on. In the case of inverter AC, the compressor is at an always-on position and it doesn't stop. Due to this, the compressor not needs any additional power. Moreover, the power supply is managed according to the compressor's requirement which results in less power consumption.

Top 5 Advantages Of Having An Inverter AC

Eco friendly

The motor of an inverter AC has a variable speed as compared to the non-invertor one that is fixed. It means that the inverter AC can adjust the power as per the temperature of the room, resulting in lower consumption of energy.

Faster Coooling/Heating

Inverter ACs can quickly heat or cool your room as compared to non-inverter ACs. This happens because, in the initial cooling stage, inverter ACs use more power to reach the desired temperature. After that, then the power input is reduced as soon as they reach the desired temperature.


The smart working of the compressor and adjustable power consumption. Due to this, the compressor does not work at its full capacity all the time. This results in lower energy consumption and a low electricity bill too.


The inverter ACs are not only efficient in cooling, heating, and power consumption but they also have a longer life as compared to the traditional ones.

Low Noise

The compressor motor of the inverter is always on and doesn't frequently change its state. Due to this, there is almost no noise while the AC is working.
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