IQOO presents its 120W Ultra-Fast Charging Innovation

Published On Jul 13, 2020By Vartika Manchanda

Vivo’s sub-brand, IQOO has announced its 120W ultra-fast charging technology. It is estimated to fully charge a 4000mAh battery in just 15 minutes. Despite being faster than most of the rapid charging solutions in the market right now, IQOO’s innovation is still somewhat slower than that of its parent brand Vivo’s 120W Super Flash Technology which was introduced last year. The company argues that its technology can charge a phone from 0% to 50% in less than 5 minutes. IQOO’s Ultra-Fast Charging Technology is using a dual charging chip, which means it takes 120W input and splits them into two 60W and gives out a 97% charging conversion rate. For a seamless experience, the adapter comes powered with a 6C cell array-type structure design, whereas the smartphones with these fast charging feature will come with a super VC liquid cooling technology to control the heating. Although IQOO hasn’t revealed the actual commercial availability of this technology, reports say that the first IQOO smartphone equipped with this Ultra-Fast Charging Innovation might be on the shelves as early as next month, i.e., August. Oppo is kicking off its rapid charging technology as well. They have declared the launch date of their 125W fast charging technology. With their present 65W charging, it takes about 35 minutes to fully charge a 4000mAh battery. With their new charging tech to be launched on 15th July, standing at 125W, it could reduce the charge time by almost half.
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