Krafton Releases A Statement On Data Transfer To Non Indian Servers By Battlegrounds Mobile India

Published On Jun 23, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

In the latest report, it was revealed that Battlegrounds Mobile India is sending the user data to Chinese servers. Data Security can be a major issue because for the same reason the older version of the game, PUBG Mobile, was banned in India in September 2020. The government of India banned the game back then because it had a doubt that the game is sending personal data of Indian users to China. However, this time, Krafton has already issued a statement in concern of the given matter. According to Krafton's statement, sharing data with non-Indian servers serves the purpose of activating certain game features to enhance the gameplay. In the statement, Krafton said that the company is keeping a close eye on the transfer of data and will avoid all the restricted IP addresses before the official launch of the game. ALSO READ: Follow These Rules In Battlegrounds Mobile India To Avoid Getting Banned

Battlegrounds Mobile India Security Policy

Krafton has also said that the brand implementing the industry's best and toughest data security policies to avoid any sort of breach. It is also working on any of the reported loopholes in the early access period so that the game will go clean at the time of official launch. The company is completely aware of the recent situation regarding the data transfer. Just like any other global mobile app or game, Battlegrounds Mobile India is also relying on third-party solutions to offer unique game features. In order to utilize these solutions, the company has shared the game data with these third parties. Moreover, Battlegrounds Mobile India's security policy clearly says that the game will share the data with a third party after getting the consent of the users. No amount of shared data violates any privacy policy of the land.
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