LG brings in a “twist” to dual-screen smartphones with LG Wing 5G and it’s nothing like what you have seen before

Most smartphones have a very standard design and look these days. They come with the same screen just differing in their sizes, triple or maybe quad-camera setups so on and so forth. With changing times, a few brands have also come up with foldable phones which aren’t really an innovation per se. We have seen foldable phones prior to the recent launches. Amongst all these brands, LG truly stands out. The brand has always aimed at offering the most innovative designs and it does not shy away from taking those bold steps in doing the same. The brand has once again proved its capabilities with the all-new LG Wing 5G, which is nothing like what we have seen before. Changes are not always welcomed by many especially when we are used to using the same old standard design of a phone, however, LG proves that changes can be exciting, fascinating as well as super practical. 

At a single glance, the LG Wing 5G looks like any other phone, but it quickly unveils a twist to it once you swivel the screen. Again, it’s absolutely amazing and it’s nothing like what we have seen before or we are used to. With time moving so rapidly, it has become an absolute necessity to stay on top of things at all times and in some way or the other, LG has done its part helping with that. LG Wing 5G does just that. The phone’s primary 6.8-inch display swivels sideways towards the top of the phone, giving access to a smaller 3.9-inch screen. The mini display lets you multitask in all kinds of new ways. You can play Netflix videos on the primary display while using the second screen for social media apps such as WhatsApp or Instagram or even just browse the web. You can also use the mini display to order food, read a book while browsing on the bigger screen. The list of possibilities of what one can do with both the screens is endless. 

The integrated octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor is one of the aspects that helps LG Wing 5G deliver and perform the way it does and excel at every task at hand. This is a 5G enabled processor that enures top-notch performance at all times thereby enhancing the user experience to a great extent. 

This innovation is not only for all the multitaskers but all the gamers would also highly appreciate it. With the swivel mechanism, the secondary display works as a map for games like Asphalt 9 while the secondary display also lets you access LG’s Game Mode for enhancing the gaming experience. 
And while the gamers are busy experiencing the best of what LG has to offer, it does not just stop there. For all the camera enthusiasts, the LG Wing 5G features three cameras, and they are designed to take advantage of the phone’s swivel system. The phone flaunts a primary 64MP camera that offers f/1.8 for low-light photos, while the secondary 13MP ultra-wide camera helps cover large areas. The third 12MP camera also offers an ultra-wide field of view, and it provides landscape orientation when you swivel out the display. 

The brand has undoubtedly taken a bold step in bringing in something new for all and the LG Wing 5G is an innovation in itself. The phone is available for purchase on Amazon as well as on Flipkart. Overall, LG never ceases to amaze and the Wing is the recent exhibit of the same.