Sony announces PS5 Showcase Event for September 16

Published On Sep 14, 2020By Vartika Manchanda

Sony has declared a ‘Playstation 5 Showcase’ event for Wednesday 16th Sep at 1 pm PDT. For India, this will be 17th Sep 1:30 pm IST. On record, Sony has said that the event will entail a discussion over the PS5 launch titles and other PS5 games. However, some are believing it to be a cover, and Sony in fact is going to reveal the launch date, prices, and availability of the PS5. Why this might be true? Well, looking back, Sony held a PS5 event in June. Post that, Microsoft organized an event for Xbox and introduced the Xbox X series as well as an affordable advanced console, Xbox S Series. The pre-order for both the X series and S series kick-start next week. Sony wouldn’t want to sit back and wait. PS5 was expected to launch in November, right alongside Xbox Series. Now, Sony might follow the suit and open up pre-orders for the PS5. Moreover, there already has been an event to look at over 27 PS5 games and another event for games seems redundant. So, this seems like a cover-up to first talk about the games and by the end of the event, they might reveal the price point and the global availability of the PS5.    
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