Top 5 things to Consider When Buying a New Laptop

Published On Jun 12, 2020By admin

Buying a laptop without any consideration would indeed be not the right thing that you are doing. While buying gadgets, you need to remember a few of the things which should be upto your requirements—starting from the budget of the laptop to its dimensions. Also, there are many different types of laptops which are present in the market which you can choose from. So here is a list of things you should keep in mind while buying a laptop:


Laptop Size The Size of the laptop matters, it should be according to your requirement. So while buying, make sure you pick the size that's the right fit for you. So when it comes to Size we mean the dimensions and not the RAM or ROM of a laptop; those are the things that you can upgrade later, but not the Size it remains fixed forever. So choosing wisely is all you can do. You can choose in this varied distension, which is 11.6-inches up to 17.3 inches. If you want your thing to be portability so go for a smaller sized Windows laptop, which is thinner and lighter, but also keep in mind that it might not support the same high-end Intel Core i7 CPUs discrete graphics cards. If you want high-end graphics power, go for larger Size.

Screen quality

Screen quality The next feature to look for is the screen quality, which depends on the number of your screen hours. If your screen view timing is more, get a screen that is comfortable to use. You can also go for a touchscreen, which will make some tasks more comfortable than others, but they are glossy in texture, which is sometimes inconvenient. Undoubtedly not suitable for gaming, watching content, or editing images and video content. Next is you can also go for modern laptops, which gives 4K resolutions, but these will be a bit costly but surely worth it.

Keyboard quality

Keyboard quality So for people who have to write it, and have long typing sessions, get a laptop having a comfortable keyboard. Don't get one which packs in every key. Get the one with the most convenient layout with full-sized keys and some area around the arrow keys. Getting the one you are comfortable at will make your primary task of typing a bit more comfortable.


CPU Next is the memory of the computer that is the CPU. So the need of the hour is to go beyond the Intel's Core-based CPUs. As the Intel Core Processor offers the most dependable administration when it comes to multitasking and multimedia tasks. get Core i7 if you want the best representation from your laptop. If you want the work to be done faster, go for Intel's i9 Core processors, which are more potent than laptops running on i7 Core processors.


RAM RAM is the memory and is used to get the best out of your system. Go for it according to the usage you have like power-user should go for 16GB, while gamers should go for o 32GB to have the best experience. Higher the RAM, the more applications you can run at the same time.
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