Watch all your favorite web series for free! We’ll tell you how

Published On Nov 24, 2020By Vartika Manchanda

Hot takes can be problematic. But there’s nothing remotely problematic or disagreeable in saying that on-demand streaming service video streaming services are the best thing to happen to the small screen in a long, long time. That’s because the sheer diversity of such channels and their content has elevated storytelling and entertainment to never-before-seen heights. However, there’s a cost to this diversity, quite literally. The over dozen online video streaming channels each sport varying subscription price tags, making it a costly affair if you desire to subscribe to all. This cost is over and above the one, you’ll have to pay for watching regular TV and the high-speed internet fiber connection for streaming the content. That’s precisely the pricey soup that Airtel wants to rescue you from with its Xstream Box, a device that helps you watch your favorite video streaming channels for free. Read on to know-how. What is Airtel Xstream Box? The Airtel Xstream Box is a DTH set-top box that turns your television into a smart TV. It’s one device to do the job of many - DTH, Firestick, Chromecast, and more. How does Airtel Xstream Box Work? The box is powered by an Android 9.0 Pie-based Android TV OS, an operating system that Google has specifically optimized for televisions. This means you can download and enjoy over 5000 apps and games from Google Play, in addition to the pre-installed apps such as Amazon Prime, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, etc. These features combine to give your existing non-smart TV a new lease of life. With the built-in Chromecast, you can even stream your phone straight to the TV without any cables or connectors. In simpler words, it’s a one-stop solution for all your entertainment needs. Can I watch regular TV as well with Airtel Xstream Box? You absolutely can. The Xstream box is like any other DTH set-top box, but with added functionalities. This means you can watch over 500 TV channels in 4K resolution, providing an immersive viewing experience. In fact, with the Airtel Xstream App, you can even watch live TV on your phone in addition to its library of over 10,000 movies and tv shows. What smart features does Airtel Xstream Box offer? Because it’s powered by Android TV OS, the Xstream box offers a host of smart features. For example, it gets Google Assistant-enabled voice search to help you search for your favorite content without having to type everything. You can do this through either your smartphone or Xstream’s voice-enabled remote. The Xstream box also lets you use your smartphone as a remote or wireless gamepad controller as it is Bluetooth-enabled. Just pair the phone to the box and play your favorite games on the big screen. Bring home the Airtel Xstream Box today Subscription-based streaming channels have redefined the way we consume content. Similarly, the Airtel Xstream Box is here to redefine the way you and your family watch content. It combines the best of both worlds, traditional TV and online streaming, to bring a viewership experience that is seamless, simple, and affordable. By subscribing to the Airtel Xstream Box, you get access to over a dozen apps for free. But wait, there’s a proverbial icing on this cake too. You can get all of this for free. Yes! Airtel is giving you the Xstream Box, subscriptions, and more when you get an Airtel Xstream Fiber connection. Basically, with a superfast Wi-Fi connection, you get a bunch of subscriptions and the smart set-top box free, you can browse all the plans here. Check out this video to see what all you can do with the box.
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