What Is 4D Airflow In Air Conditioners? Know How It Works

Published On Jun 08, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Understanding the basics of an air conditioner is very necessary before investing your money into it. A traditional AC can also do wonders for you but first, you need to understand the difference between them. AC's are of two types including window ACs and split ACs. Both these ACs are available in different price ranges with different features like smart cooling, auto humid control, fast cooling, Anti-VOC filter, and a lot more. One such key feature is the 4D airflow in ACs with a wider angle and larger fans. Have a look at the introduction and basic working of this feature. ALSO READ: Importance Of Auto Clean Feature In Air Conditioners Explained

What is 4D Airflow In Air Conditioner?

Traditional ACs in the market consist of a 2 way swing blade mainly up and down to distribute the cool air in a particular room. However, nowadays most companies like Carrier, LG, BlueStar, and Hitachi have rolled out air conditioners with 4D airflow that includes up down, and right left movement and it distributes the cooler air in the room in a better way. The 4D airflow in air conditioners is designed with a motorized horizontal and vertical swing utility. It also makes sure that the room gets cool in a uniform way through the omnidirectional airflow mechanism. In terms of this feature's potential, BlueStar can be sadi to be leading the market as the brand provides models that work on even distribution of air in a room. On the other hand, Diakin air conditioners work on the principle of Coanda airflow in which the blades open upwards. With this feature, the cold air never directly hits the people which may be useful for a majority of users. Talking about the Coanda airflow, it offers smooth air conditioning in the room. LG offers a larger fan body in its ACs along with 4D airflow which means that all the corners of the room are equally cool as the front side.
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