What is AntiVOC Filter In An Air Conditioner?

Due to the impurities in the air, antiVOC filter can be said to be one of the most important component to look for in an AC as it purifies the air to a great extent.

AntiVOC filter In AC

ACs have claimed a permanent place in day to day lives of most of the people. Due to the continuously rising temperatures, ACs are the only option on which one can rely to get a cool and relaxing atmosphere in the summer season. However, because of a lot of features, buying an AC or choosing which features you want has become a quite complicated task. Still, there are a few features that cannot be ignored while going for an AC. A feature like that in the list is Anti-VOC filters. Here we are going to discuss the basic definition, and details regarding the working of the Anti-VOC filter.

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What is AntiVOC Filter In An Air Conditioner?

In simple terms, VOC is the abbreviated form of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). These compounds become vapors owing to their high vapor pressure at room temperature. Major sources of VOC are natural gas, gasoline, coal, and wood. The remains of paints, solvents, and glues also act as a catalyst in increasing the concentration of VOCs. Most of the VOCs are dangerous for normal people and highly dangerous for the people with breathing problems like Asthma. Few of them can also have adverse effects on the nervous system, liver, and kidney. To tackle this problem, companies introduced the concept of AntiVOC filters in air conditioners.

AntiVOC filters are basically used to remove these hazardous elements from the air you breathe and in which you sleep. Brands like Carrier offer antiVOC filters in their air conditioners range in India. On the other hand, ACs by BlueStar work on the cold plasma technology that generates a natural bioclimate in the air conditioner. No doubt antiVOC filter has emerged as one of the most important features in the recent years. This has happened due to the increase in the level of air pollution all over the globe.