Windows 11 release date announced: October 5

Published On Aug 31, 2021By Gaurav Pushola

Being the oldest owl in the software jungle, Windows is a worldwide slang for Operating Systems and now with its latest upgrade, Windows 11, Microsoft is trying to re-establish its magic!

The Idea

After 6 years of releasing Windows 10, Microsoft has finally decided to put a date on the newest version of windows. Windows 11 (stable version) will be available worldwide from October 5. Microsoft will utilize on-device analytics and other variables to determine which devices will receive the upgrade offer first, as it has in the past. As far as the new system concerns, windows 11 will be available pre-loaded on the new eligible systems from the same date.

With the challenge to stick the Gen Z to PCs, Windows 11 is offering numerous upgrades, as it has never done before. Whether it is the improved app store and the new soft rounded-edge design, or Groups and Desktops improving the multi-tasking and adding Teams to the taskbar (a simple yet effective marketing strategy), Microsoft gave it all for the new version to be a success story.

The Plan

With fixed minimum requirements for running the fresh new operating system, Microsoft has stated that it will run on Intel chips manufactured as far as back as 2016. Although with no confirm guarantee that every system will support it, the company is pretty positive for its product because of the huge outspread of Windows 10 as far as 1.3 billion monthly active devices. With centered start button, less jarred system sounds and DirectX12 Ultimate, new updated App Store, and its ability to run android apps, Microsoft is so hopeful that it is said to run Windows 10 till October 2025 only and targeting all systems upgrade to Windows 11 by mid-2022.

In a nutshell, the tech giant has finally played its big move to directly compete with Apple's macOS Big Sur in hopes to retain its overall 'mostly-worldwide-used-operating-system' dominance.

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