Woah! Now a Samsung Galaxy S IV?

By - Updated on 19 September, 2012
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Looks like there is just no stopping the gossip mongers on the internet. The most speculated smartphone of the year 2012, i.e. iPhone 5 finally put all the speculations to rest on September 12. The funny thing is the rumours about the fifth generation iPhone started way back when Apple iPhone 4S was launched. The gossip mill went into an overdive for almost an year speculating the changes and new features that Apple iPhone 5 may or may not have seen. It has barely been a few days since iPhone 5 came out, but gossip mongers are now already fixated with Apple's arch-nemesis Samsung. The world is still basking in the amazing Samsung Galaxy S III, but people on the internet have gone ahead to claim that there is a successor in the making.

As funny and ridiculous as it may sound, it is still worth a mention. According to a report in The Korea Times, Samsung is getting ready to unveil Galaxy S IV, and will showcase it at the Mobile World Congress 2013. The Korean daily has gone to the extent of claiming that both, Samsung officials and their local part suppliers have confirmed that they are indeed ready to launch the next generation Samsung Galaxy S smartphone. They further added that Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to go on sale in March 2013. Apparently, a Samsung official also told The Korea Times might sport a 5 inch flexible OLED display, Exynos processors, quad-core chips and will also feature LTE technology. No further details about the specifications and pricing of the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S IV are known yet.  

Source: Androidos

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