YouTube is testing out new features, seemingly intended to compete against TikTok

Published On Jun 26, 2020By Vartika Manchanda

If you’re not evolving, you’re not growing. Seems to be the mantra that YouTube is following. The short-video platform, TikTok, has clearly made waves by capturing over 500 million users across 150 markets around the world. It has emerged as a content creation & sharing powerhouse and stands unbeatable. Until now. Reportedly, YouTube is testing out an in-app recording feature for short multi-segment videos. Experiments have been started on mobile (IOS & Android) with a small group and are awaiting feedback. Similar to TikTok, these videos will have a maximum length of 15 seconds. A ‘create a video’ option will be made within the application & the user will have to tap or hold the record button & then tap or release to stop recording. This also means that you may no longer be able to record a video exceeding 15 seconds within the YouTube app itself. Instead, you’ll have to shoot it on your phone & upload it from your gallery to post it on YouTube. Currently, Youtube offers one to either go live or to shoot and upload a video on one’s channel. This means most of the content we see on the platform is shot outside of the app. On the other hand, TikTok offers a variety of effects, filters and features for creators to play around with. There has been no mention of the availability of such features in this experiment from YouTube yet. YouTube isn’t the first to make a move against TikTok. Earlier, Facebook & Instagram had launched Lasso and Reels, respectively, to compete against it, but didn’t manage to attract much attention.
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