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    • Customer Support
    • How was customer support of this store? Do they listen you carefully and Resolve your all doubts?
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Did store inform you about your shipment? Did you able to find when you will receive you item?
    • On Time Delivery
    • Did your receive your item on time? If your receive it on/before time, choose Excellent.
    • Product Packaging
    • How your item was packaged? Was your item was packaged carefully, so it do not get damaged during transportation?
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    • Delivered as Described
    • Did you get your item in same color/spec as it was given on site? Did you receive all accessories too that was shown on the site? Did you get proper invoice of your purchase?
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    • Given all your experience with this store, will you buy again from this store? Will you refer this store to your friends?
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    • Product Review
    • Is there product reviews available on the site that helped you in buying decision? If such reviews are present, what is the quality of these reviews?
    • Product Specs are Proper
    • Store has complete and correct product specification. All important specs of the product are easily visible. No fake information about products.
    • Product Images/Videos
    • Do store has sufficient pictures and videos of the product? Is video and picture quality is good? Do that help in your buying decision?
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    • Payment Experience
    • How easily you were able to place your order? Was there any payment failure? Did you able to pay in single transaction? Do site has all your the payment options available?