Shinco TV under 20000 in India 2024

Best Shinco TV under 20000 in India (June 2024)

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TV or televisions can be said to be one of the most evolved products in recent years. There was a time we were used to black and white TVs. However, as of now, you can even get smart TVs that come with different operating systems and offer high-quality streaming. For an LCD TV, you don't even have to pay a lot of money as they are available in the market at affordable prices. When you go for a smart TV, then you have to spend a considerably high amount as compared to normal LCD TVs. For example, The smart TV Xiaomi is available at a price of Rs 39,999 in the market and it offers features like a high refresh rate, Ultra 4K HD display, Android operating system, Google voice assistant, Alexa support.  

Best TV Brands In India

Considering the current scenario, a lot of new brands have started producing TVs and most of them are into smart TVs. The most amazing part is that a lot of smartphone-producing brands have also started producing smart TVs. A few such brands are Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and Realme. Apart from that, brands like Haier, Panasonic, Sony, and others are also trying their best to sustain in the market. Some of the affordable smart TVs available in the market as of now are, Realme Smart TV 43 inch LED Full HD TV, Panasonic VIERA TH-40HS450DX 40 inch LED Full HD TV, Samsung UA32TE40FAK 32 inch LED HD-Ready TV, Motorola 40SAFHDME 40 inch LED Full HD TV, etc. One of the best smart TV is the Mi TV 4X and it is available at a price of Rs 28,999. 

Most of the television brands have shifted their focus towards producing smart TVs and TVs with ultra HD 4K resolution. Smart TVs are need of the hour as it allows the users to watch their favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. Android TV OS is the most commonly used operating system. In terms of display and resolution, smart TVs developed a lot as now you can get different resolutions including Full HD (1920x1080), 4K, and 8K resolution. Some of the high-end smart TVs are Compaq CQ55AOQD 55 inch QLED 4K TV, Thomson 65 OATHPRO 2020 65 inch LED 4K TV, Motorola 65SAUHDM 65 inch LED 4K TV, Samsung UA50TUE60AK 50 inch LED 4K TV, Sony BRAVIA KD-43X7002G 43 inch LED 4K TV, Motorola 55SAUHDMG 55 inch LED 4K TV, etc. The high-end smart TVs from various brands are available between a price range of Rs 36,000 to Rs 80,000 and more. 

What To Consider While Buying A TV In India?

In a TV, there are a few things which one should consider before finally purchasing it. For example, the display size of a TV can be said to be a factor that influences the price to a great extent. Like, a 32 inch smart TV will be available at a normal price but if you wanna buy a 55 inch display TV, then be ready to spend a considerable amount. Moreover, do check the connectivity options available in your TV, for example, nowadays TVs offer multiple HDMI ports, and try opting for a TV that offers HDMI 2.1. In addition to that, if your smart TV has WiFi connectivity and ethernet ports then it is more advantageous. 

OLED displays are also a trend in the market as they allow you to view the deep black shades and darker colors while streaming videos. Another major part of the display is the refresh rate of a TV. There are smart TVs that offer a 60Hz refresh rate and then there are those that offer a 120Hz refresh rate. As of now, consumers can get an entry-level smart TV at a price of Rs 15,000. However, talking about a flagship smart TV, consumers need to spend a price of around Rs 50,000 initially. 

Latest Trends In Television

In case you need an entry-level smart TV, then you don't have a lot of options. If you have a limited budget then you can go for an LCD TV that doesn't have smart TV features. On the contrary, if you are looking for a mid-ranged or a high-end smart TV, then you have to make sure that it has multiple HDMI ports, WiFi connectivity, Android TV OS, and other features. A high refresh rate of TV will help you in playing games smoothly without any tearing issues. 

Brands like VU, Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, etc offer smart TVs in most of the price ranges. So you can have a look at the key specifications of the Smart TVs and go for the most appropriate one according to the required size and budget.

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