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Royal Enfield Bikes in India 2014

View Royal Enfield Bikes in India. Total 14 Royal Enfield Bikes available in India online. Royal Enfield Bikes are available in Indian markets starting at Rs.85,000. The lowest price model is Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Efi. Most popular Royal Enfield Bikes is priced at Royal Enfield Continental Gt 535. The current top Royal Enfield Bikes in India is Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350. The online price was last updated on 20 Oct, 2014 and is valid across Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune and Kolkotta for online purchases. Lowest online prices for Royal Enfield Bikes are displayed below. Royal Enfield bikes in India are what Harley Davidson bikes are in USA. We Indians take pride in owning a Royal Enfield. Being on the saddle of an Enfield brims the rider with strength. There is no as popular a head turner as Royal Enfield bikes. Though there may be many other smart offerings from other brands, there is nothing as comfortable as this, which offers not just raw, smart, haughty looks but also value for money. Most of the RE bikes prices are at an affordable reach. RE history dates back to as old as 1851, starting from scratch, the base of a motorcycle, that, is a bicycle. First designed a bicycle, then started a business of producing part of bicycles, and gradually graduating to manufacturing bicycles himself, Townsend sure was tasting success with the sturdy frames that he provided to his bicycles. Among all other difficulties that he faced, he soon brought out what could be called a quadricycle, a cycle with four wheels and a motor places conveniently under the seat. Tried and tested by Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland and also had won silver medal for itself. In the year 1901, the first Royal Enfield bike was borne. Few other brands were as well trying to manufacture bikes that would suit the general public, as bikes were supposed to fade out soon as it took a long time to prepare for a bike ride. However, RE was quick to minimize these troubles with coming up with a new model, which changed the biking world scenario. This bike came with a 2 1/4 hp V twin engine, a rather small engine, in the year 1909. This same bike was brought out in a bigger size in 1911 which yet again worked real well. When the World War began, RE bikes were supplied to the British army and RE left no stoned turned to prove its mettle here. RE came up with bikes modelled to carry machine guns and stretcher to make a few tasks easier for the army. Once the war was over, and RE had good enough experience, the company started venturing into larger displacement bikes, 600 cc, then 976 cc and so on. In 1924, RE came up with a four stroke engine bike, the first of its kind. Another “first” was achieved with the first slanting tank bike, a four valve, single cylinder bike, called Bullet. These bikes were immensely bettered with passing time post-war. India got its first Royal Enfield bike in the year 1949, with the launch of a 350 cc Bullet, in partnership with Madras Motors to supply to the Indian Army. Soon, RE started sending parts of the bike, which would later on be assembled in India. By the year 1950, many models of RE were running on the roads, Meteor twin, Clipper, Crusader, Sports Twin, Super Meteor, Constellation and Interceptor. Now that the Indian Army was used to Royal Enfield bikes, they insisted on the bikes being manufactured in India rather than just being assembled here, to which Royal Enfield had to agree realizing the profit that they saw from the Indian two wheeler market. Full production in India started in 1970 under the name Enfield India; by this time, however, the Bullet had seen many changes, many phases of evolution and had become an instant hit in India, the fact being that the company took pains to modify it as per the Indian requirements and climate. The Sherpa, Crusader, Mini Bullet were a few names that were earning exceptional Indian profits. This was a time when India was trying to grow economically and reach the outer world. Sensing the need of the hour, Royal Enfield soon started manufacturing lighter weight machines, Silver Plus, a 50 cc bike, and Explorer were launched in the year 1983. And soon Enfield India was seen experimenting, Deluxe was launched and soon came the world's first diesel bike produced, Taurus Diesel and then came Bullet 500. Royal Enfield, which was by now struggling to stay alive, was taken by Eicher, with which the company got the name Royal Enfield India Company. By now, Enfield bikes had become the most covetted bikes, every youngster wanted to own one. In the year 2002 came the Best Cruiser bike (awarded by BBC Wheels), The Thunderbird, followed by Bullet Electra in 2004, limited edition Machismo 500LB, Classic 500, Classic 350, Bullet 350 UCE, Electra UCE, Bullet 500, Classic Desert Storm, Classic Battle Green.

Popular Royal Enfield Bikes

Royal Enfield bikes are probably the most loved bikes in India. The usage and popularity of Royal Enfield bikes is equal in both the rural and urban areas. It is loved equally among ages, both the aged and the young. Royal Enfield bikes ignite the passion in hearts that make people crave for it, it gives a feel of a hold on power, the thumping of a Royal Enfield shudders those around it. That is how its popularity is. The most popular Royal Enfield bike is the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350.

Expensive Royal Enfield Bikes

With the power that Royal Enfield bikes come, the price at which the bikes are tagged are hardly to be called expensive. The prices might be high, but not excessive. The looks, the strength, the envy, all together has to be a bit pricey. Royal Enfield Continental Gt 535, the currently highest priced Royal Enfield bike, comes for Rs. 1.88 lakh.

Cheap Royal Enfield Bikes

Not cheap, but definitely inexpensive. Or rather, value for money bikes. We call RE bikes inexpensive because the company has tagged all its bikes is all as per what it offers its consumers with its bikes. The huge torque, the based handling, the drool factor, the fuel efficiency, etc., all this when seen in comparison to the price these bikes are offered at, the bikes sure are inexpensive. Royal Enfield Bullet Electra Efi is the lowest priced Royal Enfield bike at Rs.85,000.

Top 5 Royal Enfield Bikes

Tough to call one the best and the other not though, below is a list of top 5 Royal Enfield bikes: Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350, Royal Enfield Classic 350, Royal Enfield Classic Desert Storm 500, Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500, Royal Enfield Classic 500. ....view more
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