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  • 109.7 cc
  • 4 Stroke, CVTi, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, OHC
  • 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
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  • Price of TVS Wego in the above table is in Indian Rupees.
  • The latest price of TVS Wego was obtained on Oct 12, 2015
  • The price is valid in all major cities of India including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Jaipur,NCR and Ahmedabad. Please check instructions at the specific stores for any deviation.
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TVS Wego - Expert Reviews

Overall Review

When I first was suggested to take a ride on Wego, the only think I had was confusion. With so many scooters launched recently, why Wego, and now! But then a job asks for it, you do whatever you are asked for. But believe me, after being much apprehensive, I thoroughly enjoyed this part.

TVS is one of the oldest Indian two wheeler manufacturer and has been around since forever, or so it seems. There were TVS scooters in the Indian two wheeler when all the concentration was on bikes and the scooter segment was literally asleep. This was basically because males could not have rode a scooter, it was too small, so small so as to hurt the male ego, while females were still not as comfortable with riding a geared vehicle, more so a two wheeler. But then TVS brought out the first ever, TVS Scooty. But then in came Honda Activa, much publicized, with great hype surrounding it. And then TVS had to wait for a long, or rather a prolonged time, before it could bang back in the market with Wego. The already burning competition for the best scooter in India was heated up all the more with the launch of TVS Wego. The first that this scoot was ever seen was during the 2010 Auto Expo, with a special aim to help the male egos, which uptil now was riding bikes only. The scooter proves that much thoughts have been put in before designing or building of this scooter. Being a 110 cc scoot, it is way faster and more powerful than what a 110 cc two wheeler is expected to be. The air cooled all-aluminium four stroke digital TDI engine burps out a maximum power of 8 BHP at 7500 RPM, giving a maximum torque of 8 Nm at as high as 5500 RPM. With its all aluminium  engine, which stays low friction, the scooter promises great mileage digits. The front of the scooter seems to welcoming, welcoming with a smile, all to its honest multireflector Halogen bulbs, which would shine with full glare in the nights. The indicator and parking lights, placed below the front corner, are sure to attract with its beautifully leaf-shape. From the side view, it looks pretty heavy, something that none of TVS scooters has been like till date, also there are no graphics on the sides, other than the plain and simple name “Wego”. The rear embarks tail lamps with LED lights, with a pretty look to it.

The fascia, unique in design, triangular shaped, has one dial for speedometer and the other for one for fuel gauge, along with side signals and high beam indicators as well. While talking to looks, TVS brings delicious colors to this Wego, for example, golden beige, black, cappuccino brown, and dark blue. The front and side panels come painted with the body color, however, the rear view mirrors and rear grab rail are left uncolored. Since the chassis is made up of steel, the scooter is sure to have a long life without any maintenance. Front telescopic fork and gas charged shockers at the rear work wonders for the suspension of the scooter. Designers have taken good care of storage space, there is enough under the seat and at the front. The leg space at the front has a new kind of a design, which gives more than needed space, not just for you to stretch legs, but also keep enough stuff. Maintenance free battery, a charging slot for mobile phones and the battery, smart instrumental panel, side stand, low heighted seat, all make a great ride. Now, something about the thing that attracted me the most. Hmmm, probably because of the comfort factor. Wego has its fuel tank at the rear end, with the lid of the tank visible from the outside. This makes sure that the rider does not have to get down for a refueling, though can keep a watch while getting a refueling done. Other than this, there also is a centre stand, which made me as a female rider quite cheerful. Unlike most of the two wheelers, which get a difficult centre stand, this scoot blesses us with an easy and smooth centre smooth, thus enabling riders park their scooter on the centre stand as well. This made me smile and rather happy because of one reason. Now even I can get off my scooter and park it on the centre stand stylishly and proudly feel no less than a strong bodied guy! Makes me feel like John Abraham from “Dhoom”, even though for a stupid reason and for real short while!!


Mileage and Fuel Economy

Quite a handsome digit as for mileage at 44 to 50 kmpl on the crowded and bumpy roads of cities. On highways, it will carry you at 60 to 63 kmpl. As for fuel economy, something that bothers the Indian riders the most, rest assured. This scooter, right from the time of purchase, would never hurt your pockets.



“Hotness” gets redefined here. The color options that TVS Wego comes in are Mercury Grey, Electric Green, Midnight Black, Cappuccino Brown, Sporty White, and Volcano Red. Classic touch to the front (fender and panel, both) with the rear having steel panels. Rear view mirrors and grab rails are colored black, along with the footpegs, levers and muffler of the scooter.


Acceleration and Pick up

A slight acceleration brings you power, power to speed up. TVS Wego has been built to reach 40 kmph in the first acceleration, which would easily help you glide, silently glide at that, in the web of a city. Now that on city roads I was comfortably sashaying through at 40, I well thought it could reach 50 kmph as well. To my wonders, it took the 70 kmph ride just as smoothly, now something where TVS Wego surely deserves three cheers. And for a while, I had courage enough to try 80 kmph as well. 60 kmph in 4 seconds straight impressed me quite a lot! Not only when the rider is alone, but Wego would pick up smoothly even with a pillion.



TVS Wego, if we talk of appearance, can be given the terms like curvy, sharp, bold, etc. Quite different from the old-school design of a scooter. On the outer, it is quite muscular as well as curvy. The metal body looks sharp with the kind of indicators on it. TVS has given some trademark designing pattern to Wego. Like there is air vent. It has been placed below the seat. Unlike other brand of scooters, Wego gets the rough looking air vents with plastic mesh.

As for lights, the leaf shaped front lights are a mighty attraction. It renders a cute look to the scooter. The headlamps of Wego have been comfortably integrated with the handlebar.  The plain and simple looking tail lights have a BMW effect to them, thanks to the inverted optical tubes shaped in a U. Seating of the scooter adds to comfort, which can comfortably accommodate two, is well cushioned and stitched, shouting comfort right away not just for the rider but also the pillion. To add on the pillion's comfort are the rear grab rails and footpegs right where these should have been, not stressing the posture of pillion. The alloy wheels, 12 inched, attract a whooping amount of attention to it and pleases the rider in-a-go, giving it a head-turner look.
Overall, the looks of this scoot will be sure hit with the youth, though might not digested with the aged, though with the comfort it gives, even the old people won't be able to ignore it.


Comfort Feature

Comfort is something that the company has hugely focused on. Let's start with the technologies that TVS Wego has adding to the comfort factor. Staring with the EZ Stand. This TVS patented feature makes it easy to put the scooter on central stand, with it being a spring operated and long kick levered. The other one is yet another patent technology, Body Balance Technology. This technology would render the rider a smooth and balanced steering in traffic laden streets. The long and cushioned seat gives comfort those seated on it, rider or pillion. Front shock absorbers and rear with gas filled spring adds to comfort in a way that the arms of the rider wont ever feel the jerks and bumps on the roads. The large storage space, the glow key ring, the outer tank-lid, mobile-cum-battery charger, etc. make it a luxurious scooter.



With a metal frame, the scooter is deemed strong. Frame is high-rigidity under bone type, measuring 1837 mm in length, 640 mm in breadth, 1115 mm in height. with Ground clearance comfortable  132 mm, and a kerb weight of 108 kg is something that both the genders can easily handle. Five liters of fuel is the capacity which includes the reserve capacity as well. In dire cases of fuel ending during the journey, there is 1.5 liters to travel on before you find the nearest filling station.



Low noise, less friction, durability, keywords of TVS Wego. The four stroke digital TDI engine of Wego is an all-aluminium 110 cc one, to be precise it is 109 cc. It can easily chug 8.1 BHP maximum power at 7500 RPM, and a slightly more than 8 Nm of maximum torque at a respectable 5500 RPM. Self start, however, if self start fails you somehow, opt for kick start. For its low noise feature, while starting it the rider might not even get to know that the engine is already ignited until unless touched, that's how low noise the engine produces. Highly IMPRESSIVE! Accelerating on a highway on Wego is cheerful like never before, taking into consideration the scooter industry of India, probably you wouldn't have expected as much as this. But that's what TVS is all about. Pick-up and acceleration both are smart, without a question. The low noise, or rather the nil noise, gives a gliding feel. And not to forget, the handsome digits of mileage the engine pumps out.

While on the city roads, where other than heavy, crazy traffic, one has to face innumerable speed breaker and pot holes (illegal speed breakers), simply not permitting a smooth ride. However, on Wego, it was stress free to bend round the street corners, brake in heavy traffic, and yes, it was effortless and noise free. Even if we ignore power that it gives in the hands of a rider, but then why to ignore, the refined ride gives a smooth feel that would bring you to your destination fresh.

Top speed, somewhere close to 78 kmph, but at this the machine sometimes would feel tired; however, if you want to maintain the “gliding” feel, 68 to 75 kmph is the top speed.



Smart, alloy wheels, one of the major attractions of the scooter, have the measurements at front as 12 inches, 90/90 and the same at the rear, 12 inches, 90/90. The wheels are TVS specials, and run stuck to the ground, which gives good amount of confidence to the rider even when trying to rach or cross 60 kmph.



In-line telescopic suspension at the front and unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic damper at the rear, together conspire to fetch good enough compliments for the scoot. The front would sometimes irritate the rider as the suspension here pretty much shifts the bumps to the handlebars and eventually to the elbows. Hands did feel shivering once in a while on some rough roads. However, this would be wrapped even with the rear suspension. It would feel quite stuck to the ground and stable, thus the front suspension can be ignored for a while. But for sure, a scope for some betterment can be seen.


Handling and Control

On highways, TVS Wego is smooth, attitude had sporty written all over it, solid. A minute lean on a side and the scoot would easily bend on a side. However, a slight deep bend to the left meant the centre stand touching the ground or so would you feel many a times. When at higher speeds, turning was like “butter”, though the within-the-city ride brought many bumps and jerks to the elbow, all because of the front suspension, but well managed by the rear suspension. Braking is planted and smooth, urgent when needed, slow when needed. Secure, one word, when it comes to braking. TVS ensures a confident ride.



There is a reason for this scooter winning the “Scooter of the year 2011” title. Among the many, the few to be mentioned for sure are:

1. The external refueling option. Since the tank lid is located on the outer chassis, no more is the need to get up for refueling.
2. EZ centre stand. This makes parking the scoot on the centre stand real easy.
3. Glow ring: The keyhole has a glow to it.
4. Storage: The under-the-seat storage space has the capacity to eat in a full sized helmet.
5. Utility box at the front.
6. Comfort factor.
7. Though this is optional, but one under-the-seat mobile charger could be really helpful sometimes. Also, this mobile charger can also be used to charge the battery.



Not many, but still, a few can be listed:

1. Instrument panel seems quite unimpressive.
2. Could have used a bit more of styling.
3. Front suspension: Inability to give a totally smooth ride. Elbows, sometimes, when there is a sudden and huge pot hole, would feel the effect as well as the handle bar.
4. Brakes: There is some minor squeaking sound while braking.


TVS Wego - User Reviews

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TVS Wego - Price history

TVS Wego - Specifications

General Features
  • Model name tvs wego
  • Bike type Scooters
  • Colors available Volcano Red, Cappuccino Brown, Midnight Black, Mercury Grey, Electric Green, Sporty White
  • Starting Kick and self Start
  • Frame High Rigidity Under Bone Type
  • Tyre size Front :-90/90 - 12", Rear :-90/90 - 12"
  • Engine type 4 Stroke, CVTi, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, OHC
  • Bore 53 mm
  • Compression ratio 9.3:1
  • Displacement 109.7 cc
  • Ignition Digital IDI With Ignition Map Technology
  • Maximum Power 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
  • Maximum Torque 8 Nm @ 5500 rpm
  • Stroke 49 mm
Drive Train
  • Gear box Automatic
Fuel Efficiency
  • Fuel Economy 62 Kmpl
  • Fuel Capacity 5 Ltrs
  • Fuel Reserve 1.5 Ltrs
  • Fuel Type Petrol
  • Rear Suspension Unit swing with spring loaded hydraulic dampe
  • Rear Brake Front and Rear 130mm Drum
  • Ground Clearance 150 mm
  • Wheel base 1275 mm
  • Wheel type Front :-12 inch, Rear :-12 inch
  • Length 1834 mm
  • Saddle height 770 mm
  • Width 640 mm
  • Curb weight 108 Kgs

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