COD Mobile Developers Teased A New Pistol For Season 3; Know More

Published On Apr 12, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Call Of Duty Mobile has already started teasing the weapons and maps that are going to be a part of the Season 3 update of the game. In the next five days, COD Mobile Season 2 Day Of Reckoning is going to end. Until now, the developers have teased a few features that are going to be a part of the COD Mobile Season 3. The latest tweets from the official handle of COD Mobile show a new pistol that is going to be a part of the upcoming season. ALSO READ: Mi 11X Series To Launch Alongside Mi 11 Ultra On April 23 In India

COD Mobile New Pistol As of now, the developers of COD Mobile have shared a silhouette image of the weapon. As per the COD Modern Warfare players, the gun is most probably the Renetti semi-auto pistol. However, the developers of the game have not announced the name of the pistol officially so last moment changes can be expected at the time of the COD Mobile season 3 launch. Talking about the Renetti pistol in the COD Modern Warfare, it is popular for its close-quarter combats and has a high capacity 15-round magazine. It causes decent damage to the enemies. Speculations are that the pistol will be available in the game with the Akimbo perk that will allow the players to dual-wield the pistol for high damage.

Other Major Updates

Previously, the developers dropped the teaser of the Wine Town Map that is going to be a part of Season 3. It also has a voice-over that was most probably in the voice of Templar or Krueger. The map is set in a winery situated in the Mediterranean. The most amazing part is that this map will be exclusively available for COD Mobile. Not only this, but the franchise has also teased a new weapon named PP19 Bizon SMG. The weapon will offer high fire rate and mobility. In addition to all that, it will have a large magazine too.
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