Importance Of Auto Clean Feature In Air Conditioners Explained

Published On Jun 08, 2021By Nishit Raghuwanshi Rudra

Some of the features have become a necessity to look out for while going to buy an air conditioner. We all try to make our ACs long-lasting by keeping a check on their maintenance. Modern-day air conditioners come with the auto-clean feature that allows the AC to clears out the impurities accumulated by the AC. No doubt the air conditioners with this feature are available at a higher price as compared to the traditional ones. ALSO READ: What is AntiVOC Filter In An Air Conditioner?

What is Auto Clean Feature In ACs?

Filters in an air conditioner can be considered as one of the most important parts. In case they are not considered, the cooling capacity of an air conditioner can drop to a great extent. It has also been found in research that the ACs which run without cleaning and maintenance lose up to 50% cooling capacity in just six months. To curb this issue, brands like Hitachi, Carrier, BlueStar, and LG feature the auto-clean feature. This feature allows the ACs to clean their own filters with various methods and techniques. A feature introduced in ACs by Hitachi known as iClean includes a brush that moves on the stainless steel plated filter of the AC to remove the dust from it. This procedure gets completed in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes. ACs by BlueStar come with a similar feature named blow clean mode that lets the indoor blower run for more than a couple of minutes after shutting down the AC. This results in auto cleaning and also helps in keeping the indoor coil dry and it also prevents dust accumulation. Other brands also provide the same technology with different names like Carrier that offers the iCleanser mode. On a conclusive note, customers should definitely go for this feature so that they can get a cost-efficient deal as it will make their air conditioners more durable and the cooling capacity of the ACs will also be maintained for a long time.
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