Android and iOS Welcome A Spruced Up Google Drive

By - Updated on 11 September, 2012
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Google's file storage and synchronization service, which is famously known as Google Drive has been around since April, 2012 but hadn't quite lived up to the expectations associated with its brand name. But things may change soon since Google has issued a new update for the Drive mobile application for Android and iOS. The latest update brings document editing into the scene, allowing iOS-based handset owners to edit documents, an advantage that Android users had right from Google Drive's launch. Also iPhone and iPad users will also be able to see changes made by others in real-time, while Android users will just get to view and add comments. Further on, other updates are related to presentations that allow both OS-based users to view presentations stored on Google Drive, and the convenience is further enhanced with the option to swipe through slides, full-screen mode, and speaker notes.

The Android app adds another bunch of other features, which include proper folder support, browse folder content by file type, comments and pinch to zoom in the document editor. Whereas the iOS application will now be able to let its users to create and move folders. Though at first Google Drive was nowhere being as impressive and convenient as Dropbox, this update might help Google score better among today's tech-enthusiasts. Other than the aforementioned improvements, Google Drive now also allows its users to store photographs and videos straight from their phone into their Drive accounts. Google is also working its way towards providing native editing and real-time collaboration for Google spreadsheets. Having said that, now all we can do is wait and watch!

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